Kitchen Appliances

Juicers & Blenders

Countertop Blenders
Best Countertop Blenders to Make Healthy Drinks
Serving delicious restaurant drinks, smoothies and low-fat desserts has become an easy task with the brand-new countertop blenders! These extremely useful devices are able to crush ice into snow and nuts into powder just in a few seconds. We present you the review of the most productive and efficient countertop blenders available on the market today.
Best Juicers

Juicers bring all the vitamins and nutrients from fruit and vegetables directly inside your body in liquid form. Fresh juices are useful, nourishing, hydrating and full of nutrients. Check the best Juicer we've selected for you to enjoy fresh healthy juice both in summer and winter.

Hand Blenders
Best Hand Blenders to Cook With Ease
Do you want to make soup in just 30 seconds? Or a cocktail in 15 seconds? Nowadays, the market is full of handheld blenders. In order to select the appropriate one, we suggest you look through our immersion blender review and choose the best one!
Citrus Juicers
Best Citrus Juicers

Citrus juicers are useful kitchen appliances allowing you to easily squeeze juice from oranges, grapefruit, lemons, etc. Citrus fruit are known for their richness in vitamin C and are the best natural protection against flu and cold. So, go ahead and pick one of the best electric citrus juicers!

Coffee, Tea & Espresso

Coffee Grinders
Best Coffee Grinders to Enjoy Freshly Ground Coffee

The process of making coffee is like a ritual for every person addicted to this drink. And the first thing to do is grinding the beans with the help of a coffee grinder. This is a review of the best and most popular coffee grinders on the market, so that you can choose the most suitable one.

Coffee Machines
Best Coffee Machines

Brewing coffee may be just an ordinary morning ritual or a sacred action with a precise technology. Both ways can be done with the right coffee maker which will meet all your requirements. We have gathered for you the best 5 coffee makers available on the market.

Best Thermoses

A chilly morning, you are sitting at the riverside, far from all the fuss the world imposes on you. You are sharing a blanket with that one person, your significant other. What is missing? A hot cup of tea or coffee! And with one of our best thermoses, the picture will be perfect!

Food Preparation

Meat Grinders
Best Meat Grinders for Home-Made Mince and More

Those consumers who'd like to control what kind of meat or food goes into the stuffing and vary recipes according to their needs, opt for meat grinders. Meat grinders will not only let you produce the desired ground meat, but also keep your diet healthy. Choose the one to suit you best!

Hand Mixers
Best Hand Mixers for Easy Cooking
Sometimes it is not convenient to bake various dishes without a hand mixer that whisks, stirs, and beats food ingredients. But what device to choose? We have reviewed quite a number of hand mixers and made a shortlist of 5 best to help you make your pick.
Deep Fryers
Best Deep Fryers

If you crave for the French Fries or another crispy fried food, a deep fryer will be a great investment. Read our review and choose the best model according to your needs.

Bread Makers
Best Bread Makers To Bake Bread At Home

Bread is delicious. The bread you've made yourself is even better. If you like baking and want to enjoy tasty bread or pastry, you need to get a bread maker. Check our brand-new comparison of 5 best bread machines.

Air Fryers
Best Air Fryers to Stick to Healthy Diet

Eating a lot of fried food causes obesity and health troubles, but you can fry, roast and bake with nearly no cholesterol at all thanks to air fryers. These appliances do all the cooking by means of circulating hot air only. We prepared an air fryer review to help you make your best pick!

Rice Cookers
Best Rice Cookers

If you like rice, you should certainly purchase a rice cooker. This is a really wonderful device. Now, the rice will be flawless, tasty and fluffy. That is why we recommend you to look through our review of the best rice cookers.

Stand Mixers
Best Stand Mixers

Save yourself the trouble of hand mixing ingredients. Hand over this messy work to a multitasking stand mixer. For this review, we have handpicked the most popular stand mixer as of today so that you could find a suitable model for your needs.

Slow Cooker
Best Slow Cookers for the Best Stews
Don’t fancy going out every evening to have a tea, but have no energy for cooking at home after a hard working day in the office? Then a slow cooker is definitely a solution for you. The food cooked in a slow cooker has a richer buffet of tastes.
Food Processors
Best Food Processors to Help You in Your Kitchen

Have you ever registered how much time you spend on cooking? Would you like to change this routine? Not a problem! With the help of a food processor, you'll be able to handle most of the tasks with great ease! Mixing, shredding, slicing - food processors can do these and much more. We've gathered for you the best food processors on this shortlist.

Halogen Oven
Best Halogen Ovens
Are you one of those people who'd like to follow a healthy diet but hates spending hours cooking? With halogen oven in your kitchen, both simple and dainty meals will be made in no time. Look through 5 best halogen ovens and make your pick!
Popcorn Poppers
Best Popcorn Poppers
Popcorn is a quick and yummy treat for a large party or a pleasant chill with your loved ones. Are you raving about an unmatched popcorn flavour? Then simply choose one of the Popcorn Poppers reviewed below to make an awesome popcorn at home.
Electric Burners
Best Electric Burners
Electric Burners are popular appliances used in different situations. It is great to have a portable burner at work, in your RV, for camping or even at home when you simply need some extra cooking plate. Wherever you are you can cook a fresh meal! Just choose the model to your liking!

Grill & Toast

Best Toasters to Cook Fast and Tasty Breakfast

What's the most popular breakfast today? Toasts! Several slices of hot crispy bread give you enough energy for the next several hours. However, making toasts requires a toaster and choosing the right one isn't as easy as you may think. Our comprehensive review will help you get the best toaster!

Electric Skillets
Best Electric Skillets

If you like spending time in a cozy little bungalow by a lake or in the mountains, you still want to eat different delicious food. And spending money on a large stove makes no sense since you can use a small and handy electric skillet. We have chosen 5 best electric frying pans for you.

Microwave Ovens
Best Microwave Ovens

It is impossible to imagine a modern kitchen without a microwave oven. This simple appliance makes cooking really quick. That is why we have selected 5 best microwave ovens so that you can make your pick.

Toaster Ovens
Best Toaster Ovens
A toaster oven is a versatile appliance that can replace a full-sized conventional oven and a microwave. With its help, you can bake, broil, toast, and defrost dishes. But a toaster oven uses a lot less energy! We have selected 5 different toaster ovens to make your choice easier.
Electric Griddles
Best Electric Griddles
Flavoured grilled veggies and juicy barbeque are not going to be a delicacy of summer season only if you have a decent electric griddle. And though, the griddle might not produce that mouth-watering smell of smoke, it will surely make your diet way healthier by reducing the content of grease in fatty meals by times. Besides, don’t you really like an idea of having picnics indoors whenever you’re up to having one? We’ve selected some of the most popular electric griddles available on the market to narrow down your choice and help you choose among the best.
Induction Cooktops
Best Induction Cooktops
If you need a portable energy-efficient kitchen appliance, try cooking on an induction cooktop! Owing to innovative technologies and a sophisticated design, you will cook your favourite meals faster and easier than ever!

Refrigerators & Freezers

Best Compact Refrigerators

Have no opportunity to set a conventional fridge? It's not a big deal! A compact fridges offers the same functions but doesn’t take as much space. In our review you’ll find the best cooling units to suit your daily needs.

Best Beverage Refrigerators
If you need to keep wine or other drinks in a due condition, a beverage refrigerator is certainly an appliance you need. Look through our review of the best beverage refrigerators and make your choice!

Other Kitchen Electro Appliances

Yogurt Makers
Best Yoghurt Makers
If you take care of your health and adhere to a healthy diet, then a yoghurt maker can become your best assistant. Designed to produce only natural dairy products, it can help make the health care process much easier while also adding a bunch of fantastic tastes to your everyday menu. This comprehensive review on the yoghurt makers should help you choose the best one for your family needs.
Kitchen & Food Scale
Best Kitchen and Food Scales

Kitchen scales are irreplaceable in any kitchen. Having got a set of scales at hand, all your meals are going to come out perfect on the first try! Take a look at our selection of the best 5 kitchen scales on the market and make the right choice.

Food Dehydrators
Best Food Dehydrators

Want to enjoy the natural taste and aroma of your favourite fruit and veggies summer and winter alike? A food dehydrator will not only dry your food but also keep minerals and vitamins. Among dozens of products available, we have chosen the best Food Dehydrators for you!

Electric Can Openers
Best Electric Can Openers

If you think that opening cans is a problem, you surely need to take a closer look at electric can openers that can quickly and effortlessly remove a lid from a bottle or can. Hopefully, we have selected 5 best electric can openers to simplify your choice!

Vacuum Sealer
Best Vacuum Sealers

If you want to extend the shelf life of food, a vacuum sealer is an appliance you surely need. Thanks to a vacuum sealer, you wouldn't need to worry about the quality of your food. In this review, you will find the most popular vacuum sealers, purchased worldwide.

Pasta Makers
Best Pasta Makers
If you adhere to healthy food, you will surely need a pasta maker. This kitchen appliance will let you prepare delicious, homemade pasta of any shape and size and absolutely free of harmful additives. Consider our review of 5 best pasta makers available on the market.
Cooking Thermometer
Best Cooking Thermometers

Temperature is one of the most important criteria during cooking. A thermometer is something that can save your culinary experiment from failure. Our top-5 cooking thermometer review will help you  pick the perfect one!

Ice Makers
Best Ice Makers

People associate ice cubes with holidays and summer. Having purchased an ice maker, you will always have an opportunity to bring conviviality to your life. This review will help you make the right choice of an ice maker device.

Water Boiler
Best Water Boilers
We all live fast and often have no spare minute to make a mug of tea. Not anymore, if you have a water boiler. Capable of boiling water in less than a minute, it will save you time in the mornings and give you an opportunity to enjoy your cuppa time.
Ice Cream Makers
Best Ice Cream Makers

Homemade ice cream is a real cold pleasure that tastes awesome! With a high-quality ice cream maker, you can make exceptionally delicious soft and creamy frozen treats. What more is there to say? Look at our ice cream maker review and make your pick!

Electric Kettles
Best Electric Kettles for Your Comfort

Today, it's hard to imagine a kitchen in which there is no electric kettle. Using an electric kettle helps boil water easily and unbelievably quickly, saving you plenty of time. If you haven't bought a kettle yet or you want to upgrade the old one, choose your best pick from our review.

Smoothie Makers
Best Smoothie Makers
In the modern world, wholesome food is becoming a priority for many people. And a smoothie is one of the attributes of a healthy diet. Our best Smoothie Makers review will help you make a step towards a healthy lifestyle. Go ahead!
Soda Makers
Best Soda Makers for Carbonating Drinks at Home
Stop drinking those canned and bottled sparkling drinks packed with calories of excessively sweet corn syrup. Make a step toward a healthier alternative by using a soda maker. This simple machine will let you experiment with ingredients and mix the whole variety of bubble-infused drinks at home. And you will always know what you consume. In our review, we've compared 5 top-rated soda makers to help you choose the best model for your household.
Cotton Candy Makers
Best Cotton Candy Makers
If you adore cotton candy and look for a machine to prepare it at home, you can get one from our shortlist of the best candy makers available and create a carnival atmosphere for your kids and yourself every day.
Panini Presses
Best Panini Presses
Would you like to treat your loved ones with fantastic family meals? If so, we'd recommend you to get a panini press and prepare delicious panini with all kinds of fillings just as often as you like. It will be love at first bite! Look at our panini press review and make your pick!
Fondue Sets
Best Fondue Sets
Bring your friends or family together to have a chat over a melted meal prepared in a fondue set. Below we've selected the best fondue sets available, so go ahead, choose the one that suits better and organise the best-ever fondue parties!
Countertop Dishwashers
Best Integrated Dishwashers for Your Kitchen
Forget about wasting your time on cleaning dirty dishes and trust a dishwasher to do this work! Thanks to such an excellent appliance, you can have a tea or coffee hour with your family or friends, while a dishwasher will do this unpleasant household chore for you. In this review, we'd like to introduce the five best integrated dishwashers to you. Not only are they high-class and quite efficient, they can also blend with almost any kitchen interior!

Water Coolers & Filters

Water Filters
Best Water Filters
It's important to drink fresh water every day as it's the source of life. Doctors recommend using a water filter to get pure water safe for human health. We have reviewed 5 best water filters to help you choose the right model!