Electric Kettles

Comparison of Electric Kettles

Best Electric Kettles

Today it's hard to image a kitchen without an electric kettle. Using an electric kettle, one can boil water in a matter of two-three minutes, thus saving yourself a lot of time. For this article, we've selected the top five models presented on the market, so it should be easy for you to make the right choice!
Comparison of Glass Kettles

Best Glass Kettles

Seek an electric kettle that will be both functional and stylish? If so, glass kettles make a worthy choice in this concern. All-glass housing often illuminated from the inside looks classy and excels in terms of hygiene and durability. So, check out our choice of the best glass kettles and pick one for your kitchen.
Comparison of Travel Kettles

Best Travel Kettles

Travel kettles make sure that you can start your day with a nice cuppa even when you're not at home. The best travel kettles come featuring the same features that standard kettles incorporate but in a much more compact package.