Wifi Range Extenders

Comparison of Wi-Fi Extenders

Best Wi-Fi Extenders

Want to have Wi-Fi in a yard next to your house? Or your phone doesn’t show all 4 bars on the second floor of your house? Then grab a Wi-Fi extender and expand the boundaries of your wireless router's signal.

Comparison of Wi-Fi Boosters

Best Wi-Fi Boosters

Wireless networking and Internet access have been an absolute boon within the last decade. Being able to use the internet with a mobile device from anywhere in your home is one of the modern conveniences we enjoy. However, those of us who require a little more wireless signal strength than what most wireless routers provide could use something like a Wi-Fi booster. Read our reviews for five of the best wi-fi boosters available.
Comparison of Wi-Fi Repeaters

Best Wi-Fi Repeaters

Need a stable and speedy internet connection but your router seems to be not up to the task? Check out our best Wi-Fi repeaters reviews to find the one that will boost your signal over an optimal distance.