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Using an ordinary office chair for playing console or PC games is a rather bad idea. Because it's not intended for long gaming sessions, more likely than not, after sitting in it for some time you'll experience discomfort and even backache. To avoid that, it's best to invest in a special gaming chair! We have rounded up the best chairs on the market that have an ergonomic design and can bring you endless hours of comfort.
Comparison of DXRacer Gaming Chairs

Best DXRacer Gaming Chairs

Picked up a powerful gaming rig and got yourself a couple of badass peripherals? Then it is definitely time to compliment and finish that setup with one of the best DXRacer gaming chairs.
Comparison of X Rocker Gaming Chairs to Play for Hours and Not Tire

Best X Rocker Gaming Chairs to Play for Hours and Not Tire

When you spend a lot of time in front of the monitor it makes sense that you might look beyond usual office chairs. X Rocker Gaming Chairs are both functional and comfortable. These features alone will make one of them a perfect addition to your gaming system.