Desktops & Monitors

Best Computer Monitors

Any personal computer requires a monitor and if you want to enjoy watching videos, editing images, or browsing your favourite websites, you should pick a really fantastic display. Read our cutting-edge PC monitor review and make the right choice!

Best Gaming Monitors

Every gamer loves games for the feeling of participation. And how to better feel yourself a full-fledged participant than by immersing into a high-quality image. This is what gaming monitors are made for. We will help you choose one from our best gaming monitor review.

Best Gaming PCs

In our Gaming PC review we offer a brief guide to help you choose a computer for enjoying video games. We highlighted the most important features that make a Gaming PC stand out among the rest while enriching the gaming experience and adding to gaming functionality.

Best All-in-One PCs
If you want to have a high-performing yet compact PC, you should think of getting one of the best all-in-one desktops. These PCs contain all the hardware in the monitor itself, so they require little space and no tiresome assembly. Check our best all-in-one desktop review!

Computer Components

Best Solid State Drives

It is impossible to imagine a modern gaming or multimedia PC without an SSD drive. The most important advantages of SSDs are high performance, minimum power consumption and a high rate of read/write. Here is the list of the most popular solid-state drives, which you can buy.

Best M.2 Solid State Drives
Are you looking to upgrade the overall speed of the data performance on your computer? If so, you should take a look at purchasing a new m.2 Solid State Drive to replace the slower hard drive in your system. Read our reviews of five of the best m.2 SSDs available.
Best Gaming Motherboards
Do you enjoy putting together the ultimate gaming PC? If you are a hardcore gamer who wants the latest in gaming computer technology, then take a look at our reviews of five of the best gaming motherboards to give your gaming PC the upgrade it deserves.
Graphics Cards
Best Graphics Cards

The majority of PC users know that any PC needs a specialized component for displaying a picture on the screen and this component is called a graphics card. A powerful graphics card is a must-have for playing PC games and watching high-res videos. Check our reviews so you can pick the best graphics card for your computer!

RAM Memory
Best DDR4 RAM Kits to Upgrade Your PC
When it comes to partial upgrading a PC instead of purchasing a completely new one, the RAM update is the first thing to come to mind. The newest DDR4 RAM kits are better in many ways than their predecessors and we are here to try and help you choose the one satisfying your specific requirements.

Computer Accessories

Computer Glasses
Best Computer Glasses
Blurred vision, redness, dry eyes, headache, dizziness... but there is no way we'll stop using our computers, is there? Thankfully, we have computer glasses! With one of these 5 below, nothing will stand between you and your productivity! Try them.
USB Cables
Best USB-C Cables
As progress marches on, different devices get tougher and tougher to connect. Hower, a USB C cable is starting to overtake the industry as the golden standard and can be used for many different gadgets.

Drives & Storage

External Hard Drives
Best External Hard Drives
Want to have all your music library or movies collection or photos always at hand, even if you travel a lot and your notebook's HDD is unable to accommodate it? Want to be able to use it, when visiting a friend? You can do it easily with an external hard disk drive! Such mobile solution enables you to achieve all these goals! Since there are numerous external HDDs available on the market, we compared a group of such devices with the most up-to-date features to help you choose the optimal product.
Best Portable Hard Drives

Have no idea where to store gigabytes of your data? That's simple - a portable hard drive! Thanks to this small device, you will be able to store and play your favourite movies, enjoy music, keep all your photos, and so on. We have selected 5 best portable hard drives, so go ahead and pick one!

USB Hubs
Best USB Hubs
Sometimes you need to plug several devices into USB ports but your computer or laptop has just a couple of them. Therefore, you need to use a small and portable USB hub with multiple USB ports as well as various memory cards. We have tested lots of USB hubs and shortlisted just 5 best of them!
Best USB-C Hubs to Improve Your Laptop Performance
Recently purchased a new laptop that features nothing but USB Type-C ports but all of your devices come with older interfaces? No need to worry, all you have to do is purchase one of the best USB-C hubs reviewed below and you'll be able to connect any one of your older devices to your new laptop with absolute ease.
External CD/DVD Drives
Best External CD/DVD Drives

Fewer laptops are produced with CD drives nowadays, but we sometimes still need them. In this case, external drives come to help us. In this review, we offer you a shortlist of five best external CD/DVD drives to help you choose what you need for yourself.

External Blu-Ray Drives
Best External Blu-Ray Drives
An external Blu-ray drive is a portable storage device for writing and reading data on such modern high-capacity media as Blu-ray discs and DVD/CD discs. With a simple USB connection to your PC/laptop, these compact devices offer great mobility. Be sure to check out these 5 best external Blu-ray drives we've selected for you.

External SSD
Best External SSDs
Need to add some storage to your computer? Want to enjoy the highest data transfer rates? Then, get a solid-state external hard drive, which is compact, lightweight, yet unbelievably reliable and fast. Read our external solid-state drive review and keep up with the cutting-edge technologies!

Keyboards, Mice & Accessories

Mouse Pads
Best Mouse Mats

A mouse mat is not only a bright accessory to liven your computer desk. Choose the right one and it will make your computer-related activities easier, more comfortable, and, what's more important, healthier. Make the best choice with our selection of mouse mats.

Best Gaming Keyboards
Are you looking for a decent gaming keyboard that would hand you victory? The one that would last for hundreds of gaming hours? Behold, seeker, your quest is now complete. Check out our shortlist and let your competitive spirit take the reins with your new gaming keyboard!
Best Mechanical Keyboards for Exciting Gaming Experience
Whether you’re looking for a new keyboard to make your work in an office more convenient or want to feel great response every time you play your favourite game on your PC, one of the best mechanical keyboards represented in our review will definitely come to your liking. Just look through the 5 models we’ve picked out for you and make the right choice.
Best Gaming Mice

Gamers need a lot: high-performance hardware and a good wide-screen monitor but a gaming mouse is also a crucial element of any gaming PC. A mouse device for a common user and the one for a gamer differ a lot. We've tested many of them and shortlisted 5 best gaming mouse devices!

Best Wireless Mice

Having the same operating principle as an ordinary PC mouse, wireless mouse devices communicate with the controlled hardware via a radio or Bluetooth transmitter. We have selected 5 best models available for ordering online and analyzed them in our review to help you choose the most suitable option.

Computer Furniture

Gaming Chairs
Best Gaming Chairs
An attempt to use an ordinary office chair for playing console or PC games is a rather bad idea. It's not intended for long gaming hours, thus, you'll experience discomfort and even back pain after a while. That's why we propose you to consider this gaming chairs review! We have rounded up the best chairs on the market that have an ergonomic design and can bring you endless hours of comfort.
Best DXRacer Gaming Chairs
Picked up a powerful gaming rig and got yourself a couple of badass peripherals? Then it is definitely time to compliment and finish that setup with one of the best DXRacer gaming chairs.
Monitor Stands
Best Monitor Stands
Need a secure table mount for your LCD screen or maybe a convenient, good-looking monitor riser for the proper notebook or TV position on your desk? Don't look around, we have the best monitor stands review for you right here.

Webcams, Headsets & Microphones

Best Headphones for Music Enthusiasts and Adventurers

If you enjoy music and can't live without your favourite tracks on the go, you should definitely buy headphones. They are used with home audio systems, computers, players, smartphones and other portable devices. We have compared 5 best headphones available online, so make your best pick!

Best Betron Headphones
Are you looking for a pair of portable headphones that are lightweight but produce amazing sound? If so, then you should definitely get a pair of Betron Headphones. Read on for our reviews of five models and find the best Betron headphones for your lifestyle.
Gaming Headsets
Best Gaming Headsets

There are a lot of different video games that people play all around. We have selected the most popular Gaming headsets for you. If you prefer to spend your time playing games, this review will help you choose the best headset.

Best WebCams

A webcam is a device that can erase borders and shorten the distance between people. Not only can you communicate with the people from abroad, but actually see them in front of you on the screen. Thus, we’ve made this review to help you find a perfect fit for your needs and budget.

Computer Speakers
Best Computer Speakers for Awesome Sound Quality

If you wish to enjoy listening to music, watching your favourite film or fully immerse in the atmosphere of a computer game, a good sound is really important. You and your computer deserve the best speakers, and to help you choose we have made this Computer Speaker review!

USB Microphones
Best USB Microphones

Need a microphone to use at home but can't afford a professional one? We can offer a solution. With high-quality specifications and usability, a USB microphone will meet your requirements. Read on for our reviews of five USB microphones to help you find the best USB microphone for your needs.