External Hard Drives

Best External Hard Drives for Mac

Anyone who uses a Mac computer knows that the included internal hard drive tends to fill up quickly. The best solution, especially for those using a portable Mac, is an external hard drive. Read on for our reviews of five of the best external hard drives for Macs.

Best External Hard Drives

Want to have all your music library or movies collection or photos always at hand, even if you travel a lot and your notebook's HDD is unable to accommodate it? Want to be able to use it, when visiting a friend? You can do it easily with an external hard disk drive! Such mobile solution enables you to achieve all these goals! Since there are numerous external HDDs available on the market, we compared a group of such devices with the most up-to-date features to help you choose the optimal product.

Best Portable Hard Drives

Have no idea where to store gigabytes of your data? That's simple - a portable hard drive! Thanks to this small device, you will be able to store and play your favourite movies, enjoy music, keep all your photos, and so on. We have selected 5 best portable hard drives, so go ahead and pick one!

Best Xbox One External Hard Drives

Do you wish that your XBox One had more storage space for games and movies that you download from the XBox Games Store? The solution to this is pretty easy - just add an external hard drive to the system! Read on for our reviews of five of the best XBox One External Hard Drives.

Best PS4 External Hard Drives

It's great that the PlayStation 4 comes with internal storage, but most PS4 owners find that they quickly run out of storage space. The best solution for this, of course, is to add an external hard drive. Read our reviews of five of the best external hard drives for the PS4 to find the best one for you!