Comparison of Home Printers That Make Our Lives Colourful

Best Home Printers That Make Our Lives Colourful

One can hardly overrate usefulness of having a printer at home. Be it a simple recipe, image or document to take with you to the meeting, a home printer will come in handy. Some printers also scan and copy. We offer you our assistance in choosing a printer from the great variety on the market!

Comparison of Photo Printers for Lab-quality Pics

Best Photo Printers for Lab-quality Pics

Photo printers are colour printers designed primarily for printing photos. The vast majority of these colour printers use inkjet and dye-sublimation printing technologies and may offer additional features. We've selected the best models on the market to help you make the best choice.
Comparison of Wireless Printers

Best Wireless Printers

This review will help you to choose such an important office or studio tool for working with your documents as a wireless printer. Our choice of the top 5 models is based on performance, features and functionality of the printers to help you choose the best one.
Comparison of All-in-One Printers

Best All-in-One Printers

Today pricey multifunction printers are far back in the past. It’s ridiculous to hear that this fantastic blend of a copier, scanner, printer and fax is absolutely dirt cheap. Get familiar with these best all-in-one inkjet printers and pick the one you need!

Comparison of CD & DVD Printers

Best CD & DVD Printers

You wonder how to create a special label and customize your CD or DVD? Now, some printers handle this task easily! Just scroll down and select the best CD/DVD printer!
Comparison of Inkjet Printers

Best Inkjet Printers

Are you looking for a printing device to meet your home office requirements but cannot choose among the variety of models represented on the market? Look through our review of the best inkjet printers and make your pick!

Comparison of Colour Laser Printers

Best Colour Laser Printers

Looking for a device to print out pictures, postcards or posters? When it's about the combination of high quality, speed, and low running costs, a colour laser printer is what you need. Look through our review of the best colour laser printers and choose the one!

Comparison of Mobile Printers

Best Mobile Printers

Modern life demands perpetual mobility from all of us. Being on travel, we need our phones and computers all the time to be connected to the global infosphere. For the ultimate mobility, we recommend adding a mobile printer to your mobile office.
Comparison of Canon Printers

Best Canon Printers

Canon is currently one of the most famous printer brands all over the world, so if you're in the market for a new printer, this is definitely a brand to consider. For this review, we have narrowed down the best Canon printers for any printing need and budget. Here, you can find both multifunctional devices packed with novelty features and dedicated, single-function printers intended mainly for producing photos.
Comparison of Portable Photo Printers

Best Portable Photo Printers

Although smartphones and other mobile devices with cameras have given us the ability to carry our pictures with us wherever we go, sometimes it would be nice to be able to have a physical copy of a great photo that you wish to share with your friends and family. At times like these, a portable photo printer is a great idea. Read on for our reviews of five of the best portable photo printers available!
Comparison of Epson Printers for Home and Office Use

Best Epson Printers for Home and Office Use

Epson offers a wide variety of printers for work and home use. They are high-quality, easy-to-use, sleek-looking, and, best of all, they deliver ultimately clear, crisp, and detailed prints. No matter whether you need a simple printer for your dorm room or a sophisticated all-in-one device for your home office, in this review, you'll find the best Epson printers for your needs.
Comparison of Thermal Printers

Best Thermal Printers

If you are running your own business, a device for convenient and prompt printing receipts for your customers will do a great service. Look through our best receipt printers review and find the one that fits the bill!