Product Comparison: Denon AH-D7200 vs Audio-Technica ATH-W5000

General Specifications
About the Product
AH-D7200 is Denon’s new reference headphone, drawing on more than 50 years’ experience in headphone design and development. Over five decades we have refined our expertise in making extraordinary-sounding headphones so comfortable you’ll just want to keep on listening.
Lose yourself in the experience of amazingly rich, high-fidelity sound. Equipped with striped ebony housing for superb acoustic characteristics, the ATH-W5000 dynamic headphones achieve new levels of audiophile sound quality and listening comfort.
Key Specs
105 dB
102 dB
Min. Frequency Range
5 Hz
5 Hz
Max. Frequency Range
55 kHz
45 kHz
25 Ω
40 Ω
What customers say about "Key Specs"
Denon AH-D7200 Headphone
  • They are very nice lush sounding headphone which captures nuance and details in music which many won't highlight.
  • These sound lovely, deep and expansive slightly lacking in the treble but such a nice sound compared to other more neutral headphones.
  • Excellent sound. I much prefer their sound to that of my Z1Rs.
  • The perfection of sound, for music and movies. Highly recommend.
  • For me their balance wasn't open enough and for want of a better word sound dull and too rolled off in the high treble.
Audio-Technica ATH-W5000 Raffinato Series High-Fidelity Closed-Back Headphones
  • Well looks and fit are all great but what about the sound? I can tell that sound is amazing as well.
  • There is a level of detail and transparency I just didn't get with other headphones I've owned.
  • They're excellent for my main taste of rock music with great separation and balance with bass being there but not overpowering.
  • Great headphones. A lot of air. Chic bass. Highs flawlessly clean and picky.
  • They produce a terrible audio quality like canned wasps.
Size & Weight
10.63 in.
16.93 in.
7.87 in.
11.61 in.
3.94 in.
6.89 in.
13.58 oz.
11.99 oz.
What customers say about "Size & Weight"
Denon AH-D7200 Headphone
  • They are big and heavy. But the cohesion of voice and instruments is really at the very top, so I can ignore their weight.
  • They weigh almost 400g. For the sound, they produce, I think they lighter than it cold be.
  • This is some big headphones, but it's easy to sit with them for all day.
  • Headband is a bit hard on the crown of the head so they are uncomfortable.
  • Headphones with their size are not suitable for everyday mobile use.
Audio-Technica ATH-W5000 Raffinato Series High-Fidelity Closed-Back Headphones
  • This headphones goes onto your head despite the apparent bulk.
  • They sit comfortably without any undue weight or pressure.
  • They're so comfortable and light so it's worth the grand price tag.
  • Landing is impeccable. The weight of the headphones is not felt on the head.
  • A worthy competitor in the world of sound. Very decent shape of the headphones and a nice size and weight.
Driver Diameter
1.97 in.
2.09 in.
Detachable Cable
Cable Length
9.84 ft.
9.84 ft.
In-Line Remote
Headband Material
Aluminum / Leather
Plastic / Soft foam
Unique FreeEdge Driver Technology, Real wood earcups, Ultra-high-quality connection, Extraordinary wearing comfort, Luxurious craftmanship, Perfect adjustment to fit every head
Striped ebony housing, A-T’s ultra-comfortable total ear fitting design, Permendur magnetic circuit, High-quality 8N-OFC voice coils, Lightweight magnesium alloy frame, Double Air Damping System, 3D Wing Support, Y-cable
What customers say about "Features"
Denon AH-D7200 Headphone
  • They look incredible so overall i'm more than happy with my purchase.
  • They are very comfortable to wear and provides great suond.
  • With the way these sound and are built I honestly don’t think I’ll be looking for another headphone for a while.
  • Its a fine headphone and probably the best all-rounder closed back I've heard.
  • I can’t imagine that Denon makes money at all, especially when comparing the sound quality of KH and the materials used.
Audio-Technica ATH-W5000 Raffinato Series High-Fidelity Closed-Back Headphones
  • These headphones are perfectly able to do Hi Res, can handle a Chord Hugo 2 DAC/Headphone amp with ease.
  • Leather ear pads are pleasing. Do not sweat. No discomfort.
  • Comfortable design (if you adjust the headband and choose a fit) - ideal for home use. Beautiful design.
  • Noise isolation almost none. The sound is like open headphones.
  • Not the most convenient design of the headband - by default, the headphones do not fit well with the upper part of the cups, which causes tonal disbalance.
Warranty / Certifications
Manufacturer Warranty
1 year(s)
1 year(s)
Other Information
999.99 $
1199.95 $

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