Product Comparison: Yamaha RX-S601D vs Marantz NR1506

General Specifications
About the Product
The RX-S601D is a slim and compact 5.1-channel Network AV Receiver offers a DAB/DAB+ tuner for digital broadcasts, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Built-In compatibility.
If you (or more likely, your partner) don't want big, imposing cabinets in your living room, then consider the slim-line NR1506 AV Receiver. Because, although it is super-slim it packs the same punch as its bigger brothers, delivering ear-cracking, five-channel surround sound from 85W per channel and decoded Dolby True HD and DTS-HD audio.
Key Specs
Number of Channels
Watts Per Channel RMS
60 Watts
50 Watts
Total Harmonic Distortion
0.09 %
0.08 %
Signal/Noise Ratio
108 dB
98 dB
What customers say about "Key Specs"
Yamaha RX-S601D AV Reciever - Silver
  • Sound performance is good. This model brings a lovely warm, natural and detailed sound, an altogether enchanting presence.
  • Audio visually it presents you a warm, vibrant and colourful picture accompanied with an active, accurate and engaging soundtrack.
  • Fits nicely in our slim bedroom cabinet and provides great surround sound coverage.
  • Small enough to fit in almost any cabinet. Great sound.
  • Sound is full, clear, and easy on these old ears.
Marantz NR1506 Slim Design Network AV Receiver
  • Marantz, coupled with bare-wired Wharfedale Diamond 220s, takes it in its stride - nimbly handling everything from the hard rock of Y&T to Art Pepper's jazz sax and orchestral Lord of the Rings soundtracks
  • Really like it - nice sound for stereo pure direct and good audyssey setup for 5.1 speakers.
  • It is not a powerhouse but it boasts very nice, smooth and even musical sound, nice features and flexibility.
  • Superb machine - best clarity of sound i've heard at this price range - you wont be disappointed.
  • The sound is clear and balanced and the 5.1 works beautifully making movies come alive far more than the Pioneer did.
Size & Weight
4.38 in.
4.1 in.
17.3 in.
17.3 in.
12.88 in.
14.4 in.
17.2 lbs.
18.1 lbs.
Receiver Type
A/V Receiver
A/V Receiver
Satellite Radio Tuner
Number Of FM Presets
Minimum Impedance
6 Ohms
4 Ohms
Frequency Response
10 - 100000 Hz
10 - 100000 Hz
MusicCast, Wireless music streaming, 4K Ultra HD Full Support, DAB/DAB+ Tuner, DSP Parameter Adjustment, Works with Apple AirPlay, Spotify Connect
Full Specification 4K Ultra HD Compatibility, ECO Mode, Audyssey Bronze Built In, Color Coded Speaker Terminals
What customers say about "Features"
Yamaha RX-S601D AV Reciever - Silver
  • This amp is only 5.1 which suits my requirements perfectly. This amplifier looks nice, is well built and performs very well
  • Blu-Ray displays the same level in terms of both picture & sound quality. It does seem particularly adept with music.
  • Highly recommended, absolutely exceeds my expectations. In conjunction with Apple devices and Sony TV and Blueray a super device.
  • Bought this about two months ago and it works fab with our 4K TV
  • We get full 4K streaming from the PS4 and Virgin Mediabox
Marantz NR1506 Slim Design Network AV Receiver
  • If you need only 5.1 - and arguably unless you live in a palace it will probably suffice - do yourself a favour and pick up this beauty
  • Spotify Connect works flawlessly too.
  • It sounds amazing - I have it hooked up to a pair of vintage KEF Egg speakers and it sounds sweet.
  • It automatically selects an appropriate sound mode for whatever source it gets, so you can pretty much plug it into the TV and forget about it.
  • The best thing - you can rename all of the inputs! I absolutely love it.
Speaker Connection Type
Ethernet Port(s)
Wireless Connection
Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
Wireless Multi-Room Audio
6x HDMI, Ethernet, Digital Optical, 2x Digital Coaxial, 3x Composite Video, 4x Analog Audio, Antenna, USB
Ethernet, Digital Coaxial, Digital Optical, IR Remote, 6x HDMI, 3x Analog RCA, 3x Component Video, 5x Speakers, USB
HDMI, Composite Video, Subwoofer, 5x Speakers, Phones 6.3mm
Analog RCA, 2x Subwoofer, Component Video, HDMI, Phones 6.3mm
What customers say about "Connectivity"
Yamaha RX-S601D AV Reciever - Silver
  • Connectivity is excellent, setup is a doodle.
  • Wireless. Yamaha dependability. I have bought many Yamaha receivers back to the 70's and none has ever failed.
  • Powering a Definitive Technology 5.1 sound bar over a 65" samsung TV. Inputs are Sony Blue ray, Dish box, and media server.
  • Switching between various HDMI components is simple.
  • Picked for the good selection of inputs, the DACs, and modest power. Mostly use to listen from cable tv (hdmi), bluray (hdmi), airplay (wifi), fm radio, and internet radio.
Marantz NR1506 Slim Design Network AV Receiver
  • Bluetooth connection is usually instantaneous when selected on the remote after you've paired the devices using the on-screen commands.
  • This Marant is the cornerstone of my gaming hub - it is connected to my XBox One, PS4, PS3 and WiiU.
  • I use it via headphones - brilliant musicality through my Philips Fidelio X2 cans, listening to Amazon Prime music.
  • My main video source is a FireTV 4K plugged directly into one of the HDMI inputs. Sound quality is great, setup is simple and it's invisible in use.
  • The 2 wi-fi aerials at the rear ensure that it will pick up even the weakest signal, and being able to use air-play and the built in Spotify is an nice feature.
Warranty / Certifications
Manufacturer Warranty
2 year(s)
1 year(s)
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