MP3 Players
Best MP3 Players to Enjoy Music on the Go
An MP3 player is a must-have gadget for those who like listening to music on the go. This portable sound playback device allows you to store tons of music and enjoy it via your headphones practically in any place any time you want. Check our review with the best 5 portable music player models to choose the most suitable one.
Wireless Headphones
Best Wireless Headphones for TV
Headphones have always topped the list of devices that have to be wireless. So it is not surprising that eventually they've become such. In this review we focus on wireless headphones for TV, which will be an indispensable gadget for anyone fond of bedtime television viewing.
Best Wireless Headphones

Wherever you go, listening to music can make your travelling much more enjoyable. Get yourself a wireless headband and never leave your favourite playlist behind. We've reviewed the best 5 wireless headphones available on offer so that you can choose those that suit your needs and lifestyle best.

Best Soundbars

Is there any simple way to enhance the sound of your TV set and turn your living room into a cinema? Yes! Sound bars are compact speaker systems that can make your TV sound much better. Read our brand-new review of the best soundbars and take your pick.

Best Soundbars Under £100
A soundbar under 100 pounds is not the same as speakers under 100 pounds. These devices are able to produce great sound without customising, tweaking, and fiddling with them. The best soundbar under 100 pounds is basically any model that's also compact and loud yet crisp even when loud.
Karaoke Machines
Best Karaoke Machines

If you love singing but are timid to do it in public places, you need to have a karaoke machine at home! With one of our best karaoke machines reviewed in this article, you'll become the karaoke king in the circle of your friends and relatives and all of your parties will be great.

Stereo Receivers
Best Stereo Receivers
Are you a screen fan and appreciate high-quality HD video? Maybe you are a music lover and value a rich and deep sound as well? If so, go through our selection of the best stereo receivers and choose the model that will give you powerful emotions and unforgettable experience!
Powered Subwoofers
Best Powered Subwoofers for Pure and Deep Bass
Do you think you have an ear for some deep pure bass sound? The audio system manufacturers have prepared numerous solutions for the low frequencies lacking in your sound system. We are talking about powered subwoofers, and we have 5 best options for you to choose from.
Wireless Earbuds
Best True Wireless Earbuds
Wireless earbuds are all the rage today. Not only are they more convenient for on the go use due to the lack of tangling cords but also they boast a long battery life and can provide endless music listening experience playing your favourite tracks for up to 5-6 hours straight. The best true wireless earbuds also come with handy cases making it way easier to take them with you wherever you go.
Best Wireless Earbuds to Never Part With Your Favorite Music
Wireless earbuds provide the full convenience of regular earbuds plus the wireless (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi) pairing with your source digital device. For our review, we have picked the 5 best models and highlighted the most important features to help you choose the optimal model.

Best Earphones

Generally, we are satisfied with original earphones coming with various gadgets and take them for granted. But there is always a chance that the sound can be better. Here is the guide on how to choose the right headset and get more from music you love!

Outdoor Speakers
Best Outdoor Speakers
If you want to liven up a picnic, barbeque, or pool party, or just a neighbourhood gathering, a set of good outdoor speakers is a solution. No matter what the weather is, they can deliver high-quality music to keep your guests entertained. So, if you ready to rock this summer, get one of the following top-rated speakers.
Over-ear Headphones
Best Over-ear Headphones
A nice pair of overhead headphones can turn any music track into a rich and vibrant tune that is almost indistinguishable from a studio recording. To make the search of the right model easier for you we have gathered the best over ear headphones available on the market today in our reviews.
Car Subwoofers
Best Subwoofers for Car

If your car stereo system doesn't boom, you definitely lack the right subwoofer. This piece of equipment really makes any audio system play loud and low. To decide on the best car sub, all you need is just to look through this review!

Best Record Players
Are you eager to listen to your favorite music in the best quality possible? It doesn't matter whether you're an expert in sound equipment or an amateur who just wants to bring something new into their collection of audio devices. We have selected five best models of turntables available on the market; we hope this review will help you find what you need and you will soon become a happy owner of a new music player.
Best Boomboxes
Everybody knows that there's no party without music and there is still no better way to bring that music to a party than with a boombox. This little music box is capable of playing music like real sound blasters. We've chosen some of the best boomboxes out there so you could pick the one that will fit your kind of party.
Studio Monitors
Best Studio Monitors
Any studio musician who often records music can tell you of the importance of having a good quality studio monitor. If you are in need of a studio monitor for recording and producing music in a studio, then take a look at our reviews of five of the best studio monitors available.
Smart Speakers
Best Smart Speakers
Voice assistants have greatly helped in making much of the technology that we now have in our homes easier to use. If you are wanting to get the best out of using a voice assistant, then you should pick up a set of assistant speakers. Read on for our picks of the top 5 models and find the best assistant speakers for integrating all of your home devices.