Product Comparison: TeckNet M002 vs TeckNet M003

General Specifications
About the Product
Enjoy all the reliability and accuracy of a corded mouse, the freedom and comfort of a wireless with the amazing TeckNet M002. This simple mouse is designed with ease-of-use and user comfort in mind.
TeckNet new version M003 is designed to ultra-portable with a pocket-ready, extra-small figure which is much better than the previous generation. Enjoy all the reliability and accuracy of a corded mouse and the freedom and comfort of a wireless with the amazing TeckNet M003.
Key Specs
4800 dpi
2600 dpi
Sensor Type
Number of Buttons
What customers say about "Key Specs"
TeckNet M002 Wireless Mouse
  • Cursor accuracy is good, I've had no problems with it, or the sensor misreading and the cursor moving in a wobbly and erratic manner.
  • Great buttons, fairly quiet click wheel (unlike on that other mouse), nice sensor.
  • The sensor on it is good and works on most surfaces.
  • For a regular optical sensor, the DPI is very good and you can feel that.
  • The sensor must be faulty because the cursor rarely responds to the mouse movement as expected.
TeckNet M003 Wireless Mouse
  • The mouse is light and loves its brilliant sensor.
  • Cost less than a tenner and has with three modes of DPI.
  • The extra DPI range is very, very handy.
  • Adjustable Dpi is nice but realistically you will use the highest resolution.
  • It's harder than usual to extract the nano-receiver and the DPI setting never stays where you left it.
Size & Weight
1.63 in.
1.56 in.
4.23 in.
4.17 in.
2.61 in.
2.68 in.
2.72 oz.
3.04 oz.
What customers say about "Size & Weight"
TeckNet M002 Wireless Mouse
  • It's small and light, travel size.
  • This mouse fits my hand very well and is comfortable for long periods of use.
  • Good size for desktop use.
  • Good size means it fits perfectly in the hand.
  • There's only one thing about this mouse that MAY be a problem for some, and that is its size.
TeckNet M003 Wireless Mouse
  • The size of the mouse is appropriate.
  • It’s the perfect size for travelling. I also use this as my everyday mouse.
  • The size and grip are just fine for this mouse and it does what you'll expect.
  • It's not portable laptop mouse tiny, but it is certainly smaller than average.
  • Good mouse. Good size to fit palm and precision is decent.
Connection Type
49.21 feet
49.21 feet
What customers say about "Connection"
TeckNet M002 Wireless Mouse
  • No issues with connectivity or tracking. Just plug and play.
  • Instant recognition on first connection (W10 OS).
  • The wireless connection was quick and simple, and it hasn't needed to be reconnected since getting it, two and a half weeks ago.
  • Obviously, you need to make sure the Bluetooth is switched on your PC/laptop/mac, but the mouse detects and connects all on its own.
  • However, after only a few days it loses connectivity with the nano receiver.
TeckNet M003 Wireless Mouse
  • Connecting the cordless mouse seemed a almost to easy to be true but it works beautifully.
  • Just sits on the desktop no wires needed.
  • It’s also perfect when connecting to multiple monitors.
  • It connects instantly and I haven't noticed any lag at all.
  • Great desing, connection and signal.
Mouse Type
Body Material
Rubber Side Grips, Plastic
Rubber Side Grips, Plastic
Number of Programmable Buttons
TeckNet 2.4G Wireless Gaming Technology, 30-Month Long Battery Life, Battery level indicator, Ultra-Durable Build (8-million-click), Plug-and-Forget Nano Receiver
TeckNet TruWave technology, TeckNet 2.4G Wireless Gaming Technology, 24-Month Long Battery Life, Battery level indicator, Ultra-Durable Build (6-million-click)
What customers say about "Features"
TeckNet M002 Wireless Mouse
  • I also like the energy saving features, so after several seconds if inaction it instantly drops to a semi-low power state.
  • Another simple feature that's extremely helpful, is the little storage space for the USB Bluetooth dongle.
  • The adjustable dpi button is a cool feature, especially if you ever need to change resolution.
  • The mouse is comfortable to use and has some great features, like changeable dpi and auto sleep.
  • It features 2 buttons on the side that allow users to go back a page or forward, what a godsend!
TeckNet M003 Wireless Mouse
  • There is a DPI button above the scroll wheel, when you press this it instantly changes how fast or slow the mouse moves across the screen.
  • Has a handy feature where you can select the DPI depending on what your doing.
  • Battery life and auto off feature along with power switch make it so I rarely need to change batteries.
  • Automatic switch off is a great feature and means that the battery really does last for ages.
  • Well featured, user friendly and easy to configure.
Power Source
1 AA Battery
2 AAA Batteries
Warranty / Certifications
Manufacturer Warranty
1 year(s)
1 year(s)
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