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Mouse Pads
Best Mouse Mats

A mouse mat is not only a bright accessory to liven your computer desk. Choose the right one and it will make your computer-related activities easier, more comfortable, and, what's more important, healthier. Make the best choice with our selection of mouse mats.

Best Gaming Keyboards
Are you looking for a decent gaming keyboard that would hand you victory? The one that would last for hundreds of gaming hours? Behold, seeker, your quest is now complete. Check out our shortlist and let your competitive spirit take the reins with your new gaming keyboard!
Best Mechanical Keyboards for Exciting Gaming Experience
Whether you’re looking for a new keyboard to make your work in an office more convenient or want to feel great response every time you play your favourite game on your PC, one of the best mechanical keyboards represented in our review will definitely come to your liking. Just look through the 5 models we’ve picked out for you and make the right choice.
Best Gaming Mice

Gamers need a lot: high-performance hardware and a good widescreen monitor but a gaming mouse is also a crucial element of any gaming PC. A mouse device for a common user and the one for a gamer differ a lot. We've tested many of them and shortlisted 5 best gaming mouse devices!

Best Wireless Mice

Having the same operating principle as an ordinary PC mouse, wireless mouse devices communicate with the controlled hardware via a radio or Bluetooth transmitter. We have selected 5 of the best models available for ordering online and analyzed them in our review to help you choose the most suitable option.