Product Comparison: Razer Abyssus V2 (RZ01-01900100-R3) vs Razer Deathadder Elite (RZ01-02010100-R3)

General Specifications
Abyssus V2 (RZ01-01900100-R3)
DeathAdder Elite (RZ01-02010100-R3U1)
About the Product
Whether you’re taking the first step into the competitive world of gaming, or simply looking for a mouse that surpasses the mediocrity of what you’ve been used to, the Razer Abyssus promises to deliver all that you expect. Join the thousands of gamers worldwide that set themselves apart with the Razer advantage. Choose the Razer Abyssus, enter the big league.
Designing a gaming mouse to meet the exacting demands of the esports elite, takes cutting edge technology, coupled with incredible ergonomics, and extended durability. The Razer DeathAdder Elite features the world’s most advanced optical sensor, the all-new Razer Mechanical Mouse Switches as well as the stellar ergonomics that the top esports professionals worldwide swear by, so you’ll have unsurpassable accuracy and speed to dominate the playing field.
Key Specs
7200 dpi
16000 dpi
Sensor Type
Number of Buttons
What customers say about "Key Specs"
Razer Abyssus V2 (RZ01-01900100-R3) Ambidextrous Ergonomic Gaming Mouse
  • The Texture of the mouse is quite nice, nothing outstanding but not feeling cheap like some of the other mouses I have had, using a textured rubber on the sides for better grip.
  • If you want a good mouse that is pretty light, comfortable and matches your setup's colour scheme then this mouse might be for you.
  • Nice mouse, comfortable to use, and has the desired effect of more accuracy and sensitivity in first person shoot-up in sniping mode. Symmetrical allowing use in either hand.
  • This is my first ever razer gaming mouse an i must say they have me hooked straight away,this mouse is great very comfortable.
  • The mouse is great. If it seems on the expensive side of things, it's worth it. If you want a good gaming mouse but don't want extra buttons, you can't go wrong with it.
Razer Deathadder Elite (RZ01-02010100-R3) Esports Gaming Mouse
  • I purchased this mouse to replace an older DeathAdder, and the DPI buttons are fantastic. It's easier to change the sensitivity on the fly in games like Overwatch where I'm switching characters on a regular basis.
  • Its a really great mouse. the wide range of DPI enables me to choose from different sensitivity settings
  • I especially love how I'm able to decrease or increase the dpi on the fly at the touch of a button and how I can customize any button on the mouse.
  • This is the best mouse for gaming and everyday use. The optical sensor is fast and accurate. I love that Razer adding the DPI sensitivity buttons just below the scroll wheel. Changing the DPI before gaming or while photo editing is easier than ever!
  • Still have calibration bug (i have calibration but after restart high lod. Alltime need recalibrate after restart) and ugly dpi buttons. Pros never change dpi in game.
  • The mouse is okay. Nice shape over all. My issue was that 800 dpi on this mouse did not feel the same. It was way faster than other mice. Be careful.
Size & Weight
1.46 in.
2.7 in.
2.48 in.
1.7 in.
4.51 in.
5 in.
2.75 oz.
4.6 oz.
What customers say about "Size & Weight"
Razer Abyssus V2 (RZ01-01900100-R3) Ambidextrous Ergonomic Gaming Mouse
  • The size of it is excellent, the grip is too as well as on the mouse wheel.
  • There is a weight inside this mouse if u take it out mouse weights around 70g. Which is great for fps games, it lacks side buttons tho but if u can live without them it's good.
  • It fits in my hand, and is also comfy to use. The only downfall on this is that it only has 3 buttons, but i don't really use them on my old mouse so it isn't that important to me.
  • Very happy with this mouse, I use the fingertip grip and this mouse is a great size for that, as it is a tad smaller than other gaming mice.
  • My biggest gripe is the weight of the mouse, it weighs very little and while this may be better for some who like lighter feeling mice.
Razer Deathadder Elite (RZ01-02010100-R3) Esports Gaming Mouse
  • Perfect size for anyone with medium size hands, quick response time and very accurate for FPS.
  • Perfect size to fit bigger hands, ergonomic shape, grippy scroll wheel and mouse side's for sweaty nerd hands.
  • So this mouse is surprisingly massive but I like it the bigger size makes it less portable but it makes it more comfortable even with my fairly small hands
  • Perfect weight balance and great size fits my hand and I believe will fit any hand comfortably.
  • It takes a little getting used to because of the size but I really like
Connection Type
Cord Length
6.89 feet
7 feet
What customers say about "Connection"
Razer Deathadder Elite (RZ01-02010100-R3) Esports Gaming Mouse
  • Super comfortable mouse with a durable cloth covered cord.
  • Mouse is nice and smooth, comes with a good length usb cord
  • The cord is shockingly thin and flexible and doesn’t get hooked on anything.
  • The cord is tethered (like a shoelace) and fairly long and the mouse doesn't feel cheaply made or awkward or anything.
  • The cord ripped apart very easily, even with the extreme care I put into my electronics. First the cord's outer covering began, seemingly, shredding apart. Then, the mouse would not work unless plugged into the USB port at certain angles.
Mouse Type
Body Material
Rubber Side Grips, Matte Plastic
Plastic, Rubber Side Grips
Number of Programmable Buttons
Razer Chroma™ lighting, Comfortable ergonomic design, Compatible with Xbox One
Razer Chroma™ lighting, Up to 450 IPS / 50 g acceleration, Razer Mechanical Mouse switches, Main buttons: 50 million clicks, The World’s Most Advanced Optical Sensor
What customers say about "Features"
Razer Abyssus V2 (RZ01-01900100-R3) Ambidextrous Ergonomic Gaming Mouse
  • Great mouse, nice clicks, great sensor, software is a clusterf*ck tho so much stuff u have install just to use it.
  • Brilliant mouse for the money. Rubber grip feels good, all buttons are responsive and feel just right, scroll wheel is really nice too, the lights are pretty good, pretty bright, quick dpi change button is a nice touch.
  • The mouse moves really smoothly, and the wire is really flexible and doesn't catch on anything if your setup is a little awkward.
  • This is the best mouse I have ever used! I like it how simple it is, it doesn't have any buttons on the side which I hate. I use it daily to play games, I can highly recommend this one!
  • Well made with good quality materials. Lighting is a nice touch and can be personalised with the software included. Reaponsive. Very good product.
Razer Deathadder Elite (RZ01-02010100-R3) Esports Gaming Mouse
  • The newer generations have a nice rubber siding that helps with grip while maintaining the great comfort of before.
  • The rubber on the sides helps with grip, the buttons are a definitive click, and the adjustable DPI setting is ridiculous and goes up to 15,000 so anyone can set it to be whatever they want through Razer Synapse.
  • Such s great looking mouse with perfect DPI buttons and extra programmable buttons on the left side.
  • Two programmable thumb buttons perfect for you league of legends players D/F. Can be set to super sensitive and paired with the mouse pad it's really precise.
  • This is my preferred mouse for playing anything other than MMOs. Excellent performance in FPS games and the RGB lighting has colors accurate to what you see in the software.
Power Source
Warranty / Certifications
Manufacturer Warranty
2 year(s)
2 year(s)
Other Information
49.99 $

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