Product Comparison: Logitech MX518 vs Logitech G400

General Specifications
About the Product
The beloved MX518 inspired legions of fans around the world to ask Logitech G to bring it out of retirement. And we heard you. We pulled the original tools from the Vault and meticulously restored them—right down to the original glossy keyplate. Then we made it even better, fully loaded with the latest innovations in gaming technology so you can rule the game.
Logitech Gaming Mouse G400 gives you rock-solid performance for when your sights are set on victory. A 3600 dpi optical sensor provides precision targeting and pinpoint accuracy, while in-game dpi switching lets you change the mouse's tracking characteristics to match the situation.
Key Specs
16000 dpi
3600 dpi
Sensor Type
Number of Buttons
What customers say about "Key Specs"
Logitech MX518 Optical Gaming Mouse
  • Comfort is excellent, though lefties will not enjoy this mouse or I suspect even be able to use it.
  • The sensitivity controls are excellent though I find the top level to be overkill, even when working on a triple-monitor setup.
  • I also like the global scroll option you get for the mouse because often you find that middle button won't scroll through your weapons.
  • Since getting this mouse my gaming skill has zoomed - in conjunction with a good mouse mat this is very accurate, fits my hand beautifully and is very comfortable to use.
  • The multiple choice of settings and sensitivity levels are very use full and makes quite a difference to the effectivness of use when gaming.
  • The main problem is the finish of the mouse body which is in a shiny plastic. I found my hand sticking to it even when not sweaty.
Logitech G400 Optical Gaming Mouse
  • The high resolution is perfect for me for either gaming or quickly clicking on tiny links on my screen!
  • This is an excellent mouse that has withstood the test of time. The simplicity of the design combined with the comfortable shape and impressive performance ensures that I never go looking for a new mouse.
  • The scroll wheel it's self is very nice, not too loud though not silent (IMO better than silent) and has obvious stopping locations and "bumps" as you scroll.
  • The side buttons are nice, but I often click them accidentally, which sucks when I'm using a web browser. To be fair, that's probably just me being clumsy, and Logitech's software lets you disable them
Size & Weight
5.1 in.
1.69 in.
2.9 in.
2.87 in.
1.69 in.
5.2 in.
3.56 oz.
4.83 oz.
What customers say about "Size & Weight"
Logitech MX518 Optical Gaming Mouse
  • Some people have said that if you have big hands it is not comfortable, well that is not entirely true. I have big hands and I find the mouse extremely comfortable.
  • Feels great in hand very comfy.Thumb buttons are well placed with no loud sounds on press.
  • This mouse is great if you have big hands as it is quite large and very comfortable. The bottons are good and configurable using the software provided.
  • It's fits easy in the hand and is reliable and accurate when guiding the cursor around the screen.
  • The mouse is quite large and may be difficult to use for people with small hands or children. It is also heavier than most, although you get used to the weight quickly.
  • The only problem I have with it is it's weight to me in my opinion is it's very heavy. But I am getting used to it only after 2 days of use.
Logitech G400 Optical Gaming Mouse
  • The mouse is a teeny tiny bit big for my hand, reaching the second side button is a bit of a stretch and I have either regular sized or borderline large hands.
  • The shape of this mouse is great. He has decently big hands and it fits very well in them. It is not too big or too small, and with the contours in this mouse's body, it is comfortable in his hand.
  • It fits my hand perfectly making it very comfortable and the wired connection.
  • Very comfortable and fits in my hands perfectly. It's not as flashy as the newer mouses nowadays, but this is all about comfort, durability, and looking good.
  • My hands aren't overly large but it would feel even more comfortable if the mouse was slightly bigger.
  • Works well, but it's a bit big for my hands though and I have large hands. If you're looking for a palm grip mouse this is it, however good luck trying to claw this thing.
Connection Type
Cord Length
6.56 feet
6.56 feet
What customers say about "Connection"
Logitech MX518 Optical Gaming Mouse
  • The software is simple to understand and setup, though I haven't tried it because the factory settings are just as reliable.
  • When it moves across my wooden desk, it glides across, with barely any effort at all.
Logitech G400 Optical Gaming Mouse
  • IT is sharp fast and precise even on the not the best surface of old desk. IN this respect is even better then a laser mouse form Microsoft I use at work.
Mouse Type
Body Material
Plastic, Soft-Touch coating
Plastic, Soft-Touch coating
Number of Programmable Buttons
On-the-fly dpi switching, Lightweight construction, Onboard memory profiles, HERO 16K SENSOR, 32-BIT ARM PROCESSOR
Easy-to-program Logitech Gaming Software, Hardware Adjustable, Full-speed USB communicates
What customers say about "Features"
Logitech MX518 Optical Gaming Mouse
  • Comfortable enough to use all day and really moulds to your hand. Buttons on the side and top are useful on the desktop and brilliant for gaming.
  • I'd heard good things about this mouse, and so far it's measured up to expectations. It's nice and smooth, comfortable to hold, feels sturdily constructed and has buttons in all the right places.
  • It's also nice that it isn't cordless - I hate the weight of batteries and messing around with Bluetooth connections - just plug it in and go.
  • Though the low dpi and questionable design might put people off, I've found this mouse to be incredibly durable. After five brutal years of gaming, this mouse still holds its own in a gunfight.
  • The cable is a little short (1.2 meters I think) if you have your pc on the opposite side to your hand.
Logitech G400 Optical Gaming Mouse
  • Adjusting the speeds is really handy too as switching between old games in steam, some are too fast and others too slow.
  • The default sensitivity is too high, but you can change that with the buttons or through Logitech's software.
  • The side buttons are default for going back a page and forward a page, so they are a plus in your browsing reunites as well.
  • The on the fly sensitivity adjustment is great perfect to quickly ajusting it for sniping after using an assault rifle.
  • The ability to change the sensitivity on the mouse is excellent and the mouse generally fit my hand well.
Power Source
Warranty / Certifications
Manufacturer Warranty
2 year(s)
2 year(s)
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51.99 $

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