Best Wine Aerators to Reveal Unique Wine Flavours in the UK

Review & Comparison, Last Update November 26, 2018
Any real wine connoisseur or enthusiast knows about the importance of aeration to develop the wine flavour to the maximum. A wine aerator is a special device that will help air filter into the wine to improve the taste of this generous drink and expand its bouquet and aroma. Below, we’ve selected five top-rated wine aerators which will make your wine much more delicious. ...Read more ...Read less
BEST 2018

This product boasts a hassle-free design with a large chamber and without any aeration holes on the sides to prevent leaking, dripping, and overflowing.


It will take some time to get the hang of a bit complicated assembly. 


Zazzol offers multistage aeration to saturate your wine with oxygen three times more efficiently as you pour. The patented design not only enriches the wine flavour and aroma but also reduces the astringent and bitter taste by breaking the tannins. As a result, your good wine will have perfect taste every time.

detailed parameters

Red and white wines


Patented 3 stage aeration design for more effective aeration


Multi-purpose gift box, Elegant aerator stand


The device features a special inner oval tube to saturate the wine with air. Hence, you'll be able to feel all the delicacy of the taste in just a few seconds after you uncork the bottle. 


Since the item is made of glass, it requires some extra care to prevent damages.


Designed in a whimsical shape, the Soiree Wine Aerator is suitable for aerating all red and white wine varietals. It's a really great option for domestic use to serve a variety of wines during a wine tasting party or impress your guests with an unmatched flavour of an aged wine during dinner and a great idea for a gift as well.

detailed parameters

Red and white wine 


A special 5-rim gasket to fit almost any wine bottle 


Drying rack/ stand 


In the package, you will find a metal strainer filtering away the sediment from the red wine to pour a clean and oxygen-saturated drink into your glass.  


The whole assembly is a bit flimsy. 


Shaped like a wine glass, the Hotder HD01 looks very symbolic and will be an amazing present for any true wine lover. Moreover, it is delivered with an elegant stand and a stylish black velvet carrying pouch. Such set is a perfect idea for a wedding, Christmas, or anniversary gift.

detailed parameters

Red and white wines 


A built-in filter will remove the wine sediment


Carrying pouch, Stand


Every single detail in this model is made of non-toxic food-grade materials. A low-carbon stainless steel aerator ring and BPA-free plastic spout will in no way change the unique taste of your drink. 


For efficient aeration, it is necessary to pour at a certain angle.


The OUNONA Instant stands out for one of the most compact designs, ensuring easy storage and excellent portability. From now on, you can enjoy the best taste of your favourite wine and share it with your loved ones anywhere, whether you go for a picnic with friends or plan a romantic dinner with your partner somewhere near the river bank at sunset.

detailed parameters

Red and white wines 


A spout is designed for dripless pouring 


Storage base


Thanks to a detachable stainless steel rod, you can quickly chill your wine whenever you wish. Simply cool it in a freezer and insert it into the bottle together with an aerator.


It might fall out of the bottle with screw-on stoppers. 


The Chef Caron offers the all-in-one functionality you won't find in the majority of other models. The device is designed to serve as a wine pourer, aerator, and even a chiller. It will come in handy for any collector of aged wines as well as for the use in a small restaurant serving exclusive wines.

detailed parameters

Red and white wines 


 Triple-wall stainless steel freezer tube, Double-spout acrylic pourer


2 bonus wine eBooks 

Zazzol ZWA-101

Multi-stage Aeration for Faster and Better Results

From the times of Ancient Greece and Rome, wine has been known as the drink of the gods. It was a symbol of fertility, immortality, and divinity and had cultural, religious, and social importance across the centuries. This generous drink requires due storage conditions to preserve its qualities and appropriate glassware to let you fully enjoy its delicate taste. Yet, to release the wine taste and aroma to the maximum, it is essential to let it “breathe” and get saturated with oxygen. This is exactly what the Zazzol wine aerator is meant for.

Made of high-quality FDA approved materials, this accessory is designed to enhance your wine drinking experience. It will decant and aerate your favourite Bordeaux or aged Cabernet in a matter of seconds without the need to wait for hours, leaving the wine to oxidize in the open bottle or a decanter. Simply attach the Zazzol aerator to the bottleneck and start pouring right into the glass once you uncork the bottle.

This model stands out for a unique inner structure ensuring a three-stage aeration process. At the first stage, you pour the wine on the umbrella-shaped sprayer that allows for top and bottom air exposure. Then the wine gets onto a drizzle plate with 32 holes that separate the wine into tiny droplets, forcing the air through them. Finally, the wine gets into a lower chamber forming a kind of a vortex to be further saturated with air and then it passes through an aeration tube into your glass. Voila! You can enjoy an excellent taste and rich aroma of this generous drink.

Review of Zazzol ZWA-101 Wine Aerator Decanter

Designed With Every Tiny Detail in Mind

At a glance, the Zazzol wine accessory resembles an exquisite wine glass with a luxury aluminium ring in the middle. Such design is implemented for a good reason. It ensures convenient and hassle-free use of the aerator. A wider opening and deep chamber prevent spills, overflow, and splashes when pouring in a hurry. There are no aeration holes on the sides of the bowl, hence, there will be no dripping in case you accidentally cover the holes with your fingers. And there will be no neck fitting problems since you will hold the aerator over the glass.

Zazzol ZWA-101 Wine Aerator Decanter in the use

The Best Gift for a Wine Expert

Zazzol comes complete with a stylish easy-to-fit stand for convenient storage and a beautiful velvety travel pouch. The whole set is delivered in an elegant presentation box making a perfect idea for a memorable gift for any wine expert, collector, sommelier, or simply an avid wine lover. The Zazzol aerator is a premium accessory for prestige wines.

Detailed review of Zazzol ZWA-101 Wine Aerator Decanter

Additional Info



Soiree bottle-top

Best For

Soiree bottle-top Wine Decanter & Aerator is the newest model of wine aerators. It can be used for both red and white wine, which appears to be one of the advantages of this device. The aerator is attached directly to a bottle, so you don't need to hold it with your second hand. The air saturates wine when it's passing through a special oval inner tube. As a result, the taste of wine is improved by air bubbles that fill it gently and easily. 

Review of Soiree bottle-top Wine Decanter & Aerator


This item comes with a special 5-ring gasket, which is able to fit almost any wine bottle. Some owners might find this device unusual because it looks a bit bulky when attached to a bottle, so if you want to fill the glass properly, you will have to turn the bottle upside down. Nevertheless, it is the process when you can get the effect that will allow you to enjoy a deep taste and amazing fragrance of your favourite wine. 

Soiree bottle-top Wine Decanter & Aerator in the use


The package of Soiree bottle-top Wine Decanter & Aerator includes a stand which can also be used as a dryer after you wash the aerator under the running water. The device is made of tempered borosilicate glass, but still, we recommend you to handle the aerator quite carefully. This model will satisfy both common users and professional sommeliers since it aerates any wine in a few seconds due to its patented design. 

Detailed review of Soiree bottle-top Wine Decanter & Aerator

Soiree Bottle Top Wine Aerating Pourer

Hotder HD01

Stylish and Functional Helper

Every wine connoisseur knows that the aeration process helps soften the wine and break through its tannic, bitter taste. Traditionally, decanters were used to aerate the wine. However, decanting is time-taking and cumbersome. The Magic Decanter from Hotder will let you aerate your wine in seconds while you pour it from the bottle. And your wine will have the same or even better taste than after hours of decanting.

Designed to let your wine open up and soften right out of the bottle, the Horder aerator features pretty simple design and is very easy to use without requiring any extra skill or too much effort. The aerator looks like a wine glass enclosed in a bigger goblet with a tube inside. If you don’t believe it works, try it once and you will see how it changes the wine taste, flavour, and aroma. You will immediately feel the difference between the aerated and non-aerated wine. The Hotder significantly speeds up the aeration by using the Bernoulli effect to infuse the wine with an optimal amount of oxygen and enhance the wine’s flavour, giving you a nice smooth finish.

Made of acrylic, the accessory is solid and durable, allowing you to wash it in a dishwasher. For your ultimate convenience, this model comes with a special no-drip stand where you can put the aerator when not in use or right after aeration to prevent spilling and hard-to-clean stains on your tablecloth.

As simple and functional as it is, the Hotder aerator is a stylish modern accessory that will look great on your kitchen or home bar tabletop. Moreover, the set includes a nice carry bag and comes packed in a beautiful presentation box allowing you to make a pleasant gift for a wine lover in your life.

Review of Hotder HD01 Wine Aerator Decanter

Red Wines Best Friend

A handy option that sets the Hotder apart from other models is a mesh filter. It is put on top of the aerator to avoid bottle cork or wine sediment getting into your glass. Every fan of red wines will really appreciate the benefit of this little item since red wines, especially the aged ones, are prone to sedimentation.

Hotder HD01 Wine Aerator Decanter in the use

Find a Perfect Match for Your Favourite Wine

The general rule is that red wines pair with meat and white wines match fish. Yet, with a whole myriad of existing wine flavours and varietals, choosing the best pair to your favourite wine might be a challenging task. Below, we offer some foods ideally matching the most popular wines.

  1. The light-bodied and full of savoury depth Pinot Noir tastes great with earthy flavours found in dishes with mushrooms and truffles.
  2. Silky white Chardonnay is especially delicious with fatty fish like salmon or red trout and seafood in rich creamy sauces.
  3. Dry sparkling wines like brut Champagne are perfect with salty foods.
  4. Cabernet and Bordeaux-style blends are fabulous with juicy steaks and chops, be it beef, veal, or lamb.
  5. When it comes to cheese, all types of cheese, from salty DorBlu and Parmigiano to creamy Brie and Camembert, they pair well with dry rose wines.
  6. Sweet sparkling wines like Moscato d’Asti will emphasize the taste of fruit and desserts.
Detailed review of Hotder HD01 Wine Aerator Decanter


OUNONA Instant

Double the Value of Your Wine Instantly

If you want to enjoy the unique wine bouquet right from the first sip, opt for the ONOUNA aerator. The first thing you will like about this model is a sleek and very compact design, which allows you to take it wherever you go. The accessory will easily fit even into your pocket and is great for outings with family and friends, to enjoy picnics, travels, or romantic dinners outdoors. While bowl-like models are commonly put on top of the glass, the ONOUNA belongs to the spout pourers attached right to the bottleneck. Such construction makes this model a handy wine accessory for restaurants and bars where a waiter or barman will quickly attach it to the bottle when needed.

Thanks to an ergonomically shaped stopper, the aerator snuggly fits any bottle size and allows drip and leak-free pouring. Meanwhile, a specific spout design prevents dripping after pouring. Based on aerology and bionic principles, the ONOUNA is very easy to use and smartly combines decanting and aerating functions. To get maximum efficient aeration, simply ensure the right tilt angle (from 45 to 60 degrees) while pouring. This way, you will let more intense air through the inlet on a stainless steel ring for better wine saturation with oxygen. The set also includes a small stand that will hold your aerator when not in use.

Review of OUNONA Instant Wine Aerator

Safe for You and for the Wine

Elegantly designed to refine your wine drinking experience, the ONOUNA wine accessory is made of high-quality materials safe both for you and for the wine. This is a food-grade PMMA material for a spout, first-class stainless steel for the ring, and a BPA free plastic for a stopper. All materials are non-toxic and emit no compounds that might be harmful to your health or change the wine taste. Besides, thanks to premium materials used in manufacturing, the aerator is durable, damage resistant, and is easy to clean by simply rinsing it in a hot water.

OUNONA Instant Wine Aerator in the use

Wine Health Benefits

Though wine is an alcoholic drink, it offers a number of health benefits, especially when it comes to red wines. Of course, those benefits only refer to really good wines made from all-natural ingredients and come from moderate wine consumption. Mostly, health factors improvement is maintained by resveratrol, a compound produced by the skins of the red grape to combat bacteria and fungi and protect from UV radiation. Resveratrol can reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and heart attacks, protect against cancer, and help treat acne. Besides, it raises the level of omega-3 fatty acids in the blood. The procyanidins found in red wines promote the health of blood vessels and reduce the pressure.

To enjoy not only the wine taste but also health benefits, women are recommended to drink one glass of wine per day while men can drink two average glasses. And, of course, we mean adults only.

Detailed review of OUNONA Instant Wine Aerator


Chef Caron Wine Pourer, Aerator

Chill, Aerate, Pour

Designed for chefs and barmen, the Chef Caron is a high-quality professional wine accessory that can also be used at home. This model is much more than an aerator and offers the functional versatility of all-in-one products. Let’s have a closer look.

In the package, you will find a stainless steel chill rod and an acrylic pour spout aerator with a silicone stopper in the middle. Hence, the accessory combines wine pourer, aerator, and chiller functions allowing you not only to intensify the flavours and rich aroma of your wine but also to pour it chilled to perfection right out of the bottle. Chill the wand in the fridge, screw it to the pourer, and insert it into the bottle. When you pour, the wine will flow through two holes on the aerator end and get into the pourer with a separator inside and a double-spout. Pouring might seem slow, yet such design ensures efficient wine chilling to the optimal temperature and its simultaneous aeration.

It’s worth saying that you will have a full control over the temperature of wine in your glass. The final drink temperature will depend on how cold you have your freezer and how quickly you use the chill rod. The white wines taste better when they are chilled while red wines require only slight cooling.

The pourer fits tightly into the bottleneck eliminating any possibility of leakage or spills while the spout is designed to provide 100% drip-free pouring. So, you can forget about unpleasant wine stains on your tablecloth or carpets.

Review of Chef Caron Wine Pourer, Aerator & Iceless Chiller

Nice Little Bonus

The Chef Caron comes with two bonus eBooks that will be sent to your email after purchase. One of them contains handy and useful instructions on how to taste and drink wine in a proper way while the other is a complete guide on how to get the best of your wine. 

Chef Caron Wine Pourer, Aerator & Iceless Chiller in the use

Some Interesting, Odd, and Amusing Facts About Wine

  1. Wine is made in almost any country in the world and is considered one of the most popular drinks after tea, coffee, and beer.
  2. The dark green wine bottle normally used for wines today was invented in England by Sir Kenelm Digby at the beginning of the XVII century.
  3. Sommeliers consider the smell the most important sense in wine drinking.
  4. The custom of clanging glasses when drinking came from the ancient Rome.
  5. In old Egypt, only pharaohs had a privilege to store the wine until it is mature.
  6. The oldest bottle of wine is dated 325 A.D. and was found inside one of the Roman sarcophaguses in Germany.
  7. In the world, there are 10 000 varieties of wine grapes.
  8. A wine made from a single year’s grape harvest is called vintage wine while blends of wines from two or more years are called non-vintage.
  9. Though serving temperature of red wines is higher than that of whites, when a red wine is too warm it loses its fruit flavours.
  10. Red wines gain their deep colour during grape skins fermentation. Meanwhile, white wines are fermented without the skins.
Detailed review of Chef Caron Wine Pourer, Aerator & Iceless Chiller


What Is a Wine Aerator?

Wine aeration is exposing the wine to air to trigger the oxidation and evaporation processes. It is a simple and easy method using wine saturation with oxygen not only to open the unmatched bouquet of diverse wine flavours but also to reduce undesirable compounds such as sulphites.

For efficient aeration, you can simply let the wine stand in the uncorked bottle or a decanter for 4-5 hours. Yet, if you want to accelerate and facilitate the process you can opt for a wine aerator. It is a special device which is designed to increase wine exposure to oxygen to promote maximum aeration in a few seconds. Thanks to its construction, the wine aerator can enhance and improve taste characteristics of any sort of wine - no matter whether it's a regular wine from the supermarket or an exclusive bottle from a specialized shop or individual collection.

A bottle of good wine makes a perfect match to many scrumptious dishes. One of them is pasta. Linguini with shrimps, mussels or smoked salmon will taste delicious with a bottle of white dry wine while creamy Lasagna or spaghetti Bolognese are served with a glass of red wine. With a pasta maker, you can make fresh soft pasta at home and experiment with shapes, try new recipes, and create your own tasty combinations.

What Features to Compare

While choosing the wine aerator, try to figure out what it is Best For. The device can be designed only for red wine, or vice versa, for white. Some manufacturers make aerators that suit both types and can be used for some other alcoholic drinks as well. 

It is also important to pay attention to such criterion as Usability. Thoroughly check design and functional details before purchasing.  The device should be convenient to use and easy to clean. It should perfectly fit different bottles and ensure drip-free pouring without leakage. 

If you want to be fully satisfied with your aerator, don’t forget about nice and handy Extras. Sometimes, along with its basic functions, an aerator offers some additional features. It might come fitted with various accessories and double as a freezer to chill your wine and keep it cool. The set can also include a stylish stand that will not only serve for convenient device storage but also will add to your kitchen design. 


Q: Is aeration that important?
A: Well, the best way to answer this question is to uncork a bottle of wine and to taste it first non-aerated and then aerated. Even if you are not an avid wine lover, you will definitely feel the difference. Due to oxygen exposure, the wine will become softer and reveal its full bouquet of aromas. No matter if you drink a glass of wine every day or on occasions, the aeration will let you get the best of the wine every time.

Q: Do I really need a wine aerator?
A: It depends on when you are going to drink your wine. If you have a couple of hours to open a bottle and wait until the wine is saturated with oxygen, you can use a decanter. Yet, if you want to taste the wine straight away, an aerator will be of great help. It will infuse the wine with air while you pour. Moreover, today, many wine experts claim that aerators ensure not only quicker but also more efficient aeration than decanters.

Q: What are the main wine aerator types?
A: On the market, you can find handheld and in bottle or stopper models. The first category includes accessories resembling wine glasses that you should hold over a glass or any other vessel. They often come with a stand and a screen to remove sediments. They are perfect for wine serving areas, bars, and restaurants. The in-bottle accessories look like bottle stoppers with a spout on the top. These are the most convenient aerators fitting directly into the bottle. They are small in size allowing you to take an aerator with you to the restaurant or dinner party.

Q: Which types of wine require aeration?
A: Normally, aeration is required for the wines which contain a lot of tannins causing a harsh bitter taste. These are young or full-bodied dry red wines prone to sedimentation. Dry whites will also benefit from aeration and taste more delicious. However, you should refrain from aerating sweet and fruity wines since they are not high in tannins and won’t benefit from aeration.

Q: Is there any difference between decanting and aeration?
A: Decanting implies pouring the wine out of the bottle into another vessel and leaving it there to “breathe”. Traditionally, aeration involved decanting, yet, with a wine aerator at hand, you can do it at a fraction of the time.


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