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Review & Comparison, Last Update May 20, 2024
Sooner or later, your eyesight starts getting worse, which results in your ability to focus on objects and see fine details. Reading glasses can be a way out. They help you bring close images into focus and let you live a full life again! ...Read more ...Read less
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Best For
Magnification Strength
Frame Material

The spring hinges provide the most comfortable and correct fit. Aspheric lenses are scratch-resistant. The set includes tint glasses for reading in daylight.


The holders are a bit wobbly. 


This is a fantastic set for the price. It includes 4 pairs of coloured glasses that will spice up your style. Great for keeping a spare pair at work, in the car, and at home.

detailed parameters
Best For


Magnification Strength

+ 2.00 

(also available in +0.50, +1.00, +1.25, +1.50, +1.75, +2.00, +2.25, +2.50, +2.75, +3.00, +3.50, +4.00)


Lens width: 2.05 in

Lens height: 1.1 in

Frame width: 5.3 in

Frame height: 1.3 in

Bridge (DBL): 0.5 in

Temple length: 5.1 in

Frame Material



4 x glasses


Lifetime breakage warranty on frame and lenses


These are extremely compact glasses, as they can be folded down and put into a crush-resistant carrying case (included in the set). 


You need some time to get used to the folding mechanism.


An excellent kit of three compact glasses that are very comfortable to carry with you in your handbag or pocket. They have a foldable design and come with a protective case.

detailed parameters
Best For


Magnification Strength


(also available in +0.75, +1.00, +1.25, +1.50, +1.75, +2.00, +2.25, +2.50, +2.75, +3.00, +3.50, +4.00, +4.50, +5.00, +5.50, +6.00)


Lens width: 2 in

Lens height: 1.2 in

Frame: 5.3 in

Arms: 5.4 in

Frame Material



3 x glasses

3 x protective cases

3 x cleaning cloths


Amazon's 30-day return policy


The lenses of Loopies are anti-glare and scratch-resistant for the comfortable reading experience in any light conditions. 


You can't wear them one-handed.


Loopies are stylish and comfortable folding reading glasses. They can stay around a neck, which makes them a perfect choice for those who constantly take their glasses on and off.

detailed parameters
Best For


Magnification Strength

+ 1.00

(also available in +1.25, +1.50, +1.75, +2.00, +3.00, +3.50)


Lens width: 2 in

Lens height: 1.2 in

Bridge: 4.3 in

Frame Material



1 х glasses

1 х case


Amazon's 30-day return policy


These fashion reading glasses are super lightweight and slim, thus, they will be ultimately comfortable on your face.


Lenses are good only for looking straight ahead.


These are pretty budget-friendly glasses for reading. They can be used as an extra pair of glasses to carry around. Great for keeping at work or in your glovebox. It's offered in a wide range of different designs.

detailed parameters
Best For


Magnification Strength


(also available in 0.00, +0.75, +1.00, +1.50, 2.00, 2.50, 3.00, 3.50, 4.00)


lens width: 2 in

Lens height: 1.1 in

Frame Material



1 x glasses


Amazon's 30-day return policy


A curved nose bridge will provide a tight and comfortable fit. Full-sized lenses ensure a wide angle of vision.


The plastic frame is a little flimsy.


The Morefaz stylish retro glasses with large lenses will be convenient not only for reading but also for watching TV and doing some household chores. Thanks to a tight fit, they won't fall off your head.

detailed parameters
Best For


Magnification Strength

+ 1.00

(also available in +0.50, +0.75, +1.50, +2.00, +2.5, +3.00, +3.50, +4.00)


Lens width : 2.2 in

Lens height: 1.6 in

Frame Material



1 x glasses


Amazon's 30-day return policy


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Eyekepper R012-Mix-ES

Amazing Set of 4!

The Eyekepper R012-Mix-ES is a brilliant set of glasses. The set includes as many as 4 classic-shaped specs that will look good on any face. Thanks to spring-hinged temples, they are very comfortable to wear. There are 4 different-coloured glasses in the kit to merge in with your outfits. Every pair looks very stylish, and there are even tinted reading glasses for UV protection in the set. They look very sharp with the slightly tinted lenses that, nevertheless, don't alter colour perception at all.

Overall, all readers look stylish and are very well-made. The frames are pretty sturdy and the legs and hinges are also of very good quality. They are fitted with durable screws, hence, they can withstand various daily elements. The manufacturer is confident in the quality of the glasses and provides generous lifetime after-sale service for specs (both a frame and lenses). If any problem happens, you can contact the seller to solve your problem until satisfaction. You always can get a refund! Southern Seas is a company with the policy to provide a first class service to their customers.

Review of Eyekepper R012-Mix-ES Reading Glasses

Suit Everyone

The readers are not only beautiful, they are also very good optically. The lenses are clear and feature magnification from +0.50 up to +4.00. If your eyesight gets a bit worse, you can get the next grade in the same design. The set comes at an exceptional price. And having 4 glasses means that you can bring one pair to your office, leave another in your car, and have a few in different parts of your house.

The glasses look amazing. The frames have a light, airy effect at the bottom, making the glasses look almost rimless. This type is especially great for those who want to minimize the width of the top of their face. And since the frame is pretty narrow, the glasses will also perfectly suit people with a square face. They will soften the angles, thus, making a face look longer. The set includes 4 glasses of different design and colour, so you will definitely find "your very pair" that will suit your skin tone and eye colour.

If you want fashionable men's and women's reading glasses that will be always at hand, get these. You can't really go wrong at this price!

Eyekepper R012-Mix-ES Reading Glasses in the use
Last updated price £15.99
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Southern Seas Folding

Great Alternative to Standard-sized Glasses

Traditional glasses are too bulky and constantly tend to fall out of your pockets? The 3 PRS Southern Seas folding reading glasses are a way out! They fold amazingly small to fit into a tiny but strong protective case, so they’re ready to go anywhere with you. The case is crush-resistant and stylishly zippered. It's about the size of 2 matchboxes, so it can easily slip into your pocket or a small handbag. This lovely case will surely help you avoid scratched lenses.

When unfolded, the glasses are surprisingly robust. The lenses are clear and magnification appears to be very accurate. Note that the glass lenses are available in 16 different strengths (from +0.75 to +6.00) to fit every reading need. The best part is that the kit includes 3 pairs of these fantastic glasses, so you'll have a reserve pair to leave in your glovebox, garage, office, etc.

The glasses are very sleek and subtle. They have a minimalist design and will almost disappear on your face, blending into your overall style. They can be an excellent choice for those people who don't like bulky rims or similar options. They are almost invisible!

Review of Southern Seas Folding Reading Glasses with Case

Attention to Details

The frame is 13.5 cm wide, and the temples are 13.6 cm long. The glasses might feel a bit weird at first, but you'll quickly get used to them. The glasses are ideal for diamond-shaped faces, as they can play up a narrow forehead and jawline. Their oval frame can accentuate your cheekbones and delicate features.

The frame and hinges are sturdy, and the lenses don't tend to fall out when you clean them. By the way, each pair of specs comes with a micro-fibre cleaning cloth. So, if your specs get dirty, you can easily and quickly wipe them clean with a gentle cleaning cloth. Overall, these neat and compact little glasses are excellent, particularly for the price. If you're one of those who often misplace their reading glasses, Southern Seas set of 3 pairs of folding glasses is your choice. Get them and you'll never get stuck trying to read menus in restaurants or labels in department stores anymore.

Southern Seas Folding Reading Glasses with Case in the use
Last updated price £16.49
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Loopies LTORL1

Always at Hand

After the very first use of the Loopies glasses, many customers don't even think of getting any others. What's so special about these glasses? They allow you to remove them and not worry about misplacing them. Due to the centre magnet and the flexible neck loop, they will stay around your neck. You can undo the Loopies at the front and keep them under your jacket when you go out. The magnetic catch is very strong. It works similarly to a door lock - you have to align both parts before inserting one into the other. The rubber neck hold is also very firm and will sit comfortably around your neck. The glasses won't wobble when you walk or run like standard readers attached to chains or strings. That's the beauty of these magnetic glasses. Plus, thanks to a flexible neck loop, they can be folded down into the protective case.

The Loopies really look like glasses on expensive shelves in opticians. They have adjustable arms to fit any head size and shape. Both women and men will feel comfortable wearing them. The glasses are lightweight and sturdy. For reading specs, their lenses are exceptional. They are anti-glare, scratch-resistant, and boasts UVA Protection and Blue Ray Protection. They are available in 8 different magnification strengths (from +1.00 to +3.50). The manufacturer also offers a lot of stylish frame colours to choose from. You can get Sky Blue, Tortoise Shell, Red, Transparent Grey, Grey, or Black options to highlight your own individual style. A great product for someone who needs a quick access to reading specs.

Review of Loopies LTORL1 Magnetic Reading Glasses

Useful Tricks for Those Wearing Glasses

  • If you apply a fluorescent paint (just a thin line) on your glasses case, you'll easily find it in a dark room.
  • Avoid wiping the lenses of your glasses with your shirt’s sleeve, as it might leave tiny scratches. The best way to dry-clean your glasses is to use a microfiber cloth. It neither scratches lenses nor accumulates grime.
  • Never use cleansers containing alcohol, ammonia, vinegar, or bleach to clean your spectacles. They might damage the protective coating of the lenses. It's better to use a dishwashing liquid.
  • To prevent your glasses from clouding with a change of temperature, you should just apply some liquid or hard soap on the lenses before going out.
  • If you lose some screws, you can simply use a toothpick as a temporary solution. At first, connect the frame and the arm, next insert the toothpick, and then break off the excess material.
  • Avoid using your readers as a hairband, since their frame may lose its shape.
  • Drivers shouldn't leave glasses on the dashboard. Direct sunlight will heat the lenses and, as a result, they can lose their shape or even pop.
Loopies LTORL1 Magnetic Reading Glasses in the use
Last updated price £19.45
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4sold slim 2016

Nice Comfy Glasses

The pair of Slim Reading Glasses from 4sold is a classic model that will look perfect on both women and men! They are exactly as described - slim and very lightweight. The specs are available in classic black colour as well as in lots of fun designs and bright colours. Thus, you can get several pairs and experiment with your style without spending too much money. The glasses provide a comfortable fit and can suit any head. They won't slip down like cheap models.

4sold engineers have paid close attention to the most common problems of reading specs: flimsy springs, wobbly screws, and poor-quality arms. As a result, these readers turned out extremely solid and efficient. They do a great job, ensuring crisp and clear vision. The manufacturer offers the models with the magnification from +0.00 to +6.00 so that every customer can choose the one according to their needs. We would like to note that the glasses with zero magnification use non-prescription lenses. They can be worn just for style or for some other reasons. People who don’t need magnification might wear these glasses for glare protection as an extra help to stay comfortable at the computer all day or wind protection if a fan or an air conditioning system at their work overdry their eyes. For sure, these slim reading specs will help you end up with headaches and strain on your eyes!

Review of 4sold slim 2016 Slim Reading Glasses

Makeup Tips for Girls Wearing Glasses

Go for deep burgundy or sparkly navy liner instead of black.

Black liner might be too heavy for girls with glasses, but a deep burgundy or sparkly navy liner can make you look good, no matter what skin tone or hair colour you have got. These hues will brighten up your eyes and give you a cool look.

Get a tinted moisturizer to hide red marks that specs often leave behind on your nose.

Apply a moisturizer all over your face and focus on the area around your nose. This way, you will prevent those annoying little red marks on the bridge of your nose. Different BB creams can also help you get rid of reddening of the skin.

Use an eyelash curler.

It will help you keep your lashes from hitting the lenses of your readers. Prior to applying your mascara, take a curler and focus on the roots of your lashes. Tilt your head back, holding the curler so it's sitting almost against your cheek, and give a couple pulses at the roots of your lashes without clamping it too tight. Then, lift the curler from your cheek at an angle, repositioning it to the middle point of your lashes. Finally, clamp the curler along the length of your lashes for an insane curl.

Don't go heavy on the mascara on the tips of your lashes.

Apply a coat of mascara from root to tip, but focus just on the roots with the second coat. Otherwise, the tips of your lashes might fall straight again and hit the glass.

Use a creamy waterproof formula.

A creamy waterproof formula can prevent a mascara from flaking off on lenses. It also contains some hydrating ingredients, so your lashes will become healthier and less brittle and flaky.

Always remove excess foundation.

Makeup might come off onto your frames, so always use a makeup sponge to remove excess foundation. Pay specific attention to the bridge of your nose and your cheeks (where your glasses rest).

Stick to neutral tones.

Don't use too much eye makeup to prevent your eyes looking too heavy in glasses. Still, if you prefer to wear shadow, try to use neutral shades that won't look overwhelming through your lenses.

Apply concealer under your eyes.

This will prevent your eyes from looking sunken in. Also, the lenses of your glasses can even further magnify the dark circles under your eyes and make them more obvious. So, it's a good idea to use an under-eye brightening concealer.

Shape your brows.

Brows can frame your face for a complete look. Don't think that your glasses may hide them. To make your brows standout, use a brow mascara to slightly darken them.

4sold slim 2016 Slim Reading Glasses in the use
Last updated price £2.99
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Morefaz Retro Black

Spice up Your Style

The Original Vintage Retro funky reading glasses are extremely trendy and are offered in a variety of fashionable styles (more than 30!) for both men and women. They look almost like famous RayBans yet come at an extremely affordable price. They are well-made and have a lovely fit. They feature a large frame that might visually make large face smaller and even flatter facial features. And since they have full-sized lenses, you're less likely to peer over the glasses. Needless to say, they also ensure a pretty large field of view. These specs are very good optically. You can choose from a variety of strengths (from +0.50 to +4.00) to suit your needs. The glasses are good not only for reading but also for watching TV or working on a computer. So, these retro-style readers are a versatile solution that will help you sharpen your vision and see the world around you clearly. The manufacturer guarantees a quick delivery and supplies the glasses well-packed. Need a very stylish pair of reading specs with speedy delivery?

Review of Morefaz Retro Black Vintage Reading Glasses

How to Care for Eyeglasses

To make your glasses last as long as possible, you should maintain them properly. That's why we have prepared some tips on how to take care of your glasses.

  • Always rinse your eyeglasses with water before wiping them, since tiny dust particles can settle on lenses. If you wipe the dust or dirt on dry lenses, this can be abrasive.
  • If you need to use some chemicals, try use cleansers or sprays that are made especially for eyeglass lenses. Don't use household cleaners because they often contain ammonia which might tear off the lens coating.
  • Allow your specs to air dry. This is a great way to keep small particles from getting onto your lens. If you don't have an opportunity to air dry your glasses, wipe them down with a soft lint-free cloth at least.
  • Never ever use paper towels or napkins to dry your lenses. They have a textured surface and can scratch the lenses. Also, keep away from using the tail of your shirt. The fibres in the fabric can not only scratch the lenses but also transfer dirt to your lenses.
  • When cleaning, grip the bridge of the glasses firmly. This will prevent accidental bending of the frame.
  • Store your glasses properly when you're not wearing them. A good carry case will keep dust and dirt away from your glasses as well as protect them from getting scratched or broken.
  • You shouldn't lay your glasses lens down. This will also lead to scratches.
  • Wash your glasses daily to maintain lenses in good condition. If your glasses are always clean, you won't need to strain your eyes in order see through smudges and dirt.
Morefaz Retro Black Vintage Reading Glasses in the use
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What Are Reading Glasses?

What is the advantage of reading glasses over regular glasses? Do I need reading glasses? These are the most popular questions people ask when they begin to experience difficulties and discomfort while reading. As we get older, our eyesight gets worse and it’s just a question of "when" we will have to wear prescription glasses! People over 40 usually see distant objects far better than the near ones, the condition called hypermetropia.

Sometimes, reading can be not only a pleasure but also a necessity. For example, you may need to read some information on the labels or study the menu in a cafe. A solution to this problem is using readers (reading glasses) that can bring close images into focus!

In this review, we would like to tell you about the best models available on the market. But you may also be interested in our review on the best computer glasses which will come in handy for people having to spend long hours working at a computer.

What Features to Compare

Magnification Strength

Before purchasing reading glasses, you should go deep into some specifications. First of all, you need to visit an eye doctor so that he or she tests your eyesight. Depending on the results, you'll know for sure what magnification strength you need. Yet, if you don't have enough time to visit your ophthalmologist, consider these basic standards. If you are:

- 40 years old, +1 lenses will be enough.

- 45 years old, it's better to pick the glasses with +1.5 lenses.

- 50 years old, you should opt for the reading glasses fitted with +2 lenses.

- 55 years old, +2.5 lenses are the best choice.

- 60 years old, look for glasses with +3 lenses.

- 65 years old, +3.5 lenses are the perfect option.

However, note that unsuitable lenses can lead to worsening of your eyesight and even cause headaches.

Dimensions and Material

Further attention should be paid to the external characteristics of glasses. Naturally, everyone wants glasses to be not only efficient but also stylish. Therefore, it's important to consider their size, colour, and shape. Note that the material the glasses are made of affects their weight and durability. Modern glasses are mainly made of plastic or metal. Plastic models are usually lighter and cheaper. However, the glasses made of metal boast greater durability.

What's in the Box

And finally, don't forget to check what comes in a package. Most glasses are shipped with additional accessories such as a soft cloth for cleaning or a protective case. Cases keep glasses safe and allow you to throw them into your bag without worrying about scratches.

Did you know?

  • Eagles have much better eyesight than people. They can spot a rabbit from 1,600 meters away!
  • Eyes are one of the most complex organs in our body. The muscles that move our eyes are also of the strongest muscles in the muscular system if we consider the job they do.
  • One eyeball weighs around 28 grams.
  • The first impressions are the most lasting. And do you know that the right glasses frame can even flatter your facial features?
  • Sir Elton John loved unique glasses. His glasses collection includes more than 25,000 pairs of specs.
  • The first vision aid was invented in 1000 AD and was called a reading stone. It was a small glass sphere that was used for magnifying.
  • However, the first wearable glasses were created in Italy in 1284. They consisted of glass lenses and heavy frames made of wood, leather, or copper. These glasses could be worn on the nose or held up manually.
  • As for the first sunglasses, they date back to 12th century. In China, people wore flat crystals of smoky quartz in order to reduce the glare from the sun.
  • Benjamin Franklin is not only the founding father of the United States of America. He also invented bifocals in 1784. He was both myopic and hypermetropic, so he wanted to avoid switching his glasses all the time. That's why he created these special lenses, bifocals.
  • Bats are not blind. Though, they use sound waves to detect objects. That's because they have a highly-developed sonar system that works together with their eyes.
  • 3-D imaging was invented in 1838 by Sir Charles Wheatstone.
  • According to different studies, about 50% of the world’s population should wear prescription glasses or corrective lenses.
  • Famous Ray-ban aviator sunglasses were designed for pilots of the US military, hence the name ‘aviators".
  • Despite the name "glasses", glasses aren’t necessarily made of glass! Nowadays, lenses are made of high-quality plastics that is usually treated to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. Actually, these lenses are lighter, thinner, and more durable than glass models.
  • Earlier ‘medical’ remedies were very strange. People believed that gold earrings could improve your eyesight.
  • The first modern contact lenses were created in 1949, but they became well known only in the 70’s.
  • People who wore glasses were considered as geeks and dweebs.
  • If you want to soften your jawline, opt for round or oval frames with upward curves. To soften your angular features, look for round frames. And vice versa, if you want to sharpen your soft features, choose a rectangular frame.

Popular Myths

Wearing glasses can make you ‘dependent’ on them.

False! The ‘dependence’ just means that you've got used to wearing your eyeglasses and see everything clearly. However, that doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to function without glasses at all.

Taking a break from wearing eyeglasses is good for your eyes.

Like we have just mentioned, wearing glasses doesn’t make your eyes dependent. So if you are prescribed glasses, it's better to use them all the time. They will never cause eye problems or weaken your eyesight. And if you take a break from wearing glasses, you’ll only strain your eyes.

Wearing someone else’s glasses can damage your eyes.

Another popular misconception is that using someone else’s glasses might damage your eyes. Even if you wear some glasses which have a different prescription than yours for a week or two, your eyes won’t 'change’. Though, that doesn't go for children under the age of 8. If they wear 'wrong' glasses for a while, they may get amblyopia, commonly known as ‘lazy eye’.

Eating carrots will improve your vision.

It’s true that carrot is rich in Vitamin A that is good for your eyes, however, it can't prevent or fix nearsightedness or farsightedness. Carrots, as well as dark-green leafy vegetables, can just protect your eyes from cataracts and age-related macular degeneration.

Wearing sunglasses is the best way to protect your eyes from the sun.

Not all dark-shading glasses can keep your eyes safe from harmful UV rays. The glasses should have UV-blocking agents. When buying sunglasses, make sure that they feature the proper UV protection. Note that even some clear-prescription lenses come with UV-blocking coating.


Q: How to choose a proper magnification strength? What number reading glasses do I need?
A: As we age, our eyesight is getting worse and we find ourselves holding books closer and closer. When this happens, you need to opt for magnifying glasses. Many department stores post a special reading chart to help you determine the right magnification for you. However, you can choose the magnification you need even without this chart. For this, you should:

  1. Take your age and subtract 35, next put a decimal point between the numbers of the remainder. Then round this number up to the closest .25 increment. For example, a 47-year-old person should subtract 35 and get 12. Place the decimal point to get 1.2 and then round it up to 1.25.
  2. Go to the nearest store and put on the reading glasses with the calculated magnification. Take a book and hold it at your normal reading distance, generally from 30 to 45 cm.
  3. Does the text appear clear to you or not? If not, go for the next stronger magnification power.
  4. Continue testing glasses until text appears clear and easily readable.

Of course, off-the-shelf glasses can't perfectly correct your prescription, and it's better to have them slightly weaker rather than stronger.

Q: Why glasses leave indents on the sides of my nose?
A: If the nose pads are too tight or not correctly adjusted, all pressure goes on your nose instead of being evenly distributed. This issue can be easily solved with proper adjustments (usually done by professionals).

Q: What are the warning signs that I might need glasses?
A: The most common signs that you have a vision problem is that:

  • You began to sit closer to the TV or hold a book too close;
  • You sometimes use your fingers to follow the text while reading;
  • You squint and tilt your head to see better;
  • You suffer from frequent eye rubbing and excessive tearing;
  • You experience sensitivity to light;
  • You suffer from headaches or tired eyes.

Q: Why do glasses leave an ache behind my ears?
A: If the arms are bent too tight around your ears, this might cause unbearable ache behind your ears and indents around your nose. Just loosen the arms a bit. 

Q: If the lenses in my glasses are scratched, can I get them polished or should I get new lenses?
A: Unfortunately, it's not possible to polish lenses and preserve their power. So, if you have your glasses scratched, you need to replace their lenses. We recommend you to always keep glasses in a protective case when they are not in use. This will help you keep your lenses pristine for a longer period.

Q: How to choose the right shape of glasses for my face?
A: There are some simple tips that can help you choose the right glasses for you:

  • Top of the glasses frame should follow the line of your eyebrows.
  • Avoid having too much eyebrow above or below the frames. Eyes should sit at the centre of the frames.
  • If you have wide-spaced eyes, choose glasses with a thick or prominent bridge.
  • If you have close-set eyes, go for frames with decorations on the outer edge. They will make your eyes look further apart from each other. Avoid using light-coloured frames with a dark nosepiece, as they will draw attention to the centre of your face.
  • Select frames with a low bridge or a wide keyhole if you have a big nose. They will minimise the pinching effect.
  • Avoid round reading glasses if you have round face. Choose angular shapes to lend your face definition.

Q: How to save my vision?
A: Here is the list of some simple steps to keep your eyes healthy and/or prevent vision loss:

Organize your workspace wisely and look away from your computer screen. Experts recommend keeping screens at a distance at least an arm’s length from your eyes. Also, don't forget to take your time to blink. Follow the 20/20/20 rule - every 20 minutes, look 20 feet (6 meters) away from the computer screen for 20 seconds so that you could blink naturally.

  • Wear sunglasses. UV blocking sunglasses prevent the development of cataracts and retinal damage. They can also protect your eyelid skin and prevent wrinkles and skin cancer around the eyes.
  • Don't smoke. Studies show that smoking causes many adverse health effects, including AMD (age-related macular degeneration) and cataracts.
  • Eat a full rainbow of fruit and vegetables. Good vision starts with the food on your plate. Numerous studies show that vitamins C and E, lutein, zeaxanthin, zinc, omega-3 fatty acids can reduce the risk of eye problems. So, eat more fruit and vegetables, oily fish, eggs, and nuts.
  • Take your time and enjoy a cup of tea. It's a well-known fact that green tea contains antioxidants, like vitamins C and E, zeaxanthin, and lutein that will protect you from AMD and cataracts.
  • Visit your eye doctor. All of us need to have our eyes checked at least once a year. A comprehensive eye check-up might find diseases that have no symptoms at all. Most serious eye conditions can be successfully treated if diagnosed timely.


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