Best White Noise Machines for Sound Sleep in the UK

Review & Comparison, Last Update April 27, 2024
Are you struggling with anxiety, insomnia, or general restlessness at night? If so, don’t rush for pills or potions. Try white noise sound therapy instead. Get one of the best white noise machines and enjoy restful night’s sleep. They have no side-effects and can bring only benefits to your overall well-being. ...Read more ...Read less
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Power Supply

Thanks to the large upward facing speaker, this sleep machine distributes high fidelity sound all over your room. So, you can place it just anywhere in your room.


It has no nature sounds.


The LectroFan is a highly-customizable and loud white noise machine. It's a premium option for those who want the best of the best. It's an international model that is supplied with US, UK, and EU adapters.

detailed parameters

20 sounds (10 fan sounds and 10 white noise sounds)


Sounds and noises selector, Volume buttons, Power on/off


60 minutes with auto shut off 

Power Supply

USB port


5.6 х 11.2 х 11.2 cm


1 year limited


The device offers as many as 30 volume levels (115 dB max) and automatically remembers your last selected option. The same goes for the sounds.


No plug adaptor in the package.


This sleep machine has a good-quality speaker that produces crisp and realistic sound without scratching noises. Great sound quality and an impressive choice of sounds make it a good option for adults and kids alike.

detailed parameters

20 sounds (6 white noise sounds, 4 nature sounds, 6 fan sounds, and 4 scene sounds)


Sound selection buttons, Volume buttons, Power on/off


1, 2, 4, 7 hours with auto shut off 

Power Supply

5V power adapter or USB port 


6 x 10 x 10 cm 


18 months


You can insert your earphones into a 3.5mm headphone jack and fully indulge yourself into the relaxing sound therapy. 


The sound quality leaves more to be desired.


Omork offers a very affordable machine that can help people improve the quality of their sleep. Even if you aren’t sure whether white noise therapy will help, you pay small money for your “experiment”.

detailed parameters

24 sounds (8 modes with 3 types of sounds each)


Sound option button, Volume dial


30, 60 minutes with auto shut off

Power Supply

USB port or 4 x AA batteries (not included)


7 х 19.5 х 19.5 cm


45-day money-back and 18-month warranty


Owing to low-profile design and 500-gram weight, the machine can go even into a purse. Travellers will also like that it can work both with a standard plug and with four regular AA batteries.


The sound choice is rather limited. 


If you often travel and want to mask external noise wherever you are, this sound generator is very much up to the job. It won’t add much weight nor will it take up much space in your luggage, which is crucial for people who prefer to travel light.

detailed parameters

6 sounds (white noise, thunder, ocean, rain, summer night, brook)


Sound option button, Volume buttons, Power on/off


15, 30, 60 minutes with auto shut off 

Power Supply

Power adapter or 4 x AA batteries (not included)


3 x 16.2 x 13.5 cm


3 years


This white noise maker can be powered via three different ways - a 5 V power adapter, a USB charging port, or 4 AA batteries.


The lowest volume setting is still a little loud.


This sound machine is especially great for new parents as the combination of white noise and two lullabies can help infants fall asleep quicker and mask noises that might awake them during the naptime.

detailed parameters

10 sounds (white noise, rain, bird, brook, lullaby 1, lullaby 2, ocean, typhoon, thunder, brown noise)


LCD display current time, Hour/minute selector, Sound selection dial, Volume buttons, Power on/off


15, 30, 60, 90 minutes or a full night 

Power Supply

5V power adapter, USB port, or 4 x AA batteries (not included)


4.5 х 15 х 15 cm


30 days


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LectroFan ASM1007-G

Compact and Powerful

LectroFan is our top pick because it deftly combines a wealth of features in a very compact body and doesn't cost a fortune. Smaller than average models it generates white noise louder than many bigger machines do, and is able to effectively mask such night disrupters as barking dogs, crying babies, and snoring spouses. The remarkable feature of this white noise machine is that it automatically adjusts its volume according to the ambient sounds, so you can always have it at a comfortable level. Another feature people like about it is a wide range of white noise and fan sounds it produces. With a variety of 10 levels of white noise and 10 fan sounds - all of them being unique and non-repeating - this machine can be used as part of many therapy treatments.

  • White noise ranges from white to pink to brown. Many users find the deeper variations more soothing and relaxing, since they sound more like rain than TV static.
  • 10 different fan sounds include both soft and industrial variations. You’ll definitely find the one to cater to your taste.

The Lectrofan noise generator also allows you to set a sleep timer. You can program the machine to play continuously all night long or set the timer in 60-min increments. As we've mentioned earlier, the audio tracks are non-repeating which makes it an especially great addition for those people who easily get distracted by changing sounds. Perhaps the only thing which slightly mars this white noise machine is that it doesn't produce natural sounds. If this is crucial for you, we recommend you to turn your eyes towards other models listed in this review.

Review of LectroFan ASM1007-G White Noise Machine

Minimalistic Design

Minimalistic design is one other strong advantage of this white noise machine. It looks neat, and it has a straightforward, three-button interface so that changing noise and volume settings is easy even in the dark. The unit takes up very little room on a bedside table, and is small enough to go into your suitcase or backpack. Plus, it can be used with an AC wall power adapter or a USB cable, which makes it even more appealing for travel use. As a nice touch, the machine comes with adapter plugs for US, EU, and UK. This means that you won’t even need to buy adapters additionally if you’re going overseas. Compared to most other white noise machines, it uses just a fraction of the electricity. If you’re trying to save money on electricity bills, you’ll definitely like this highly-customisable white noise machine.

LectroFan ASM1007-G White Noise Machine in the use

Additional Info

User Manual

Last updated price £49.95
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Avantek WN-1A

Extremely Versatile

The AVANTEK Sleep White Noise Machine is a super multipurpose machine for use in bedroom, nursery, office, spa, or anywhere else you’d like to create a peaceful environment. The compact design and USB charging availability make it the device very travel-friendly and portable. However, these are not the only things that make this machine so versatile. It’s the wide range of sounds that make it suitable just for any occasion. This machine boasts white noise, fan, and ambient sounds.

  • Six white noise options vary from deep to more intense sounds. The deeper variations are good for babies, while intense noise is perfect for those who want more weight at the higher frequencies in order to mask unwanted noise like loud snoring, for example.
  • Six fan options sound quite authentic. They also range from gentle fans up to loud industrial types. Many users find the fan noises the easiest to fall asleep.
  • Eight nature sounds include waves, streams, rain, wind, birds, crickets, campfire, and clock. The streams, ocean waves, birds, crickets, rain, and campfire sounds are very soothing, while wind and clock are not that relaxing.

This sound generator has a good-quality speaker that produces crisp and realistic sound without scratching noises. 

Review of Avantek WN-1A White Noise Machine

Smart Extras

A slight flaw is that users have to press “back” or “forward” button to find the sound they want. However, as soon as you find your perfect “melody”, you won’t need to waste your time going through all sounds once again. The machine does automatically remember your last selected sound. The same goes for volume. The device offers as many as 30 volume levels (115 dB max), so you’ll surely find the right setting for you.

One more nifty feature this device has is the user-friendly auto-off timer. According to your preference, you can set it from 1 hour to a maximum of 7 hours. The sound will gradually fade away without disturbing you as the time runs out. The manufacturer has really thought over every detail to provide you with a relaxing night's rest. In all, great sound quality, an impressive choice of sounds and easy controls make it a good option for adults and kids alike.

Avantek WN-1A White Noise Machine in the use
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OMorc Sleep

Great Value

If you need a budget-friendly noise generator and want to get the most for the money you’re shelling out for, the Sleep Therapy System by OMORC is the stellar option. For £20, you can get a small but mighty noise machine that offers you as many as 24 soothing sounds. The device has 8 working modes including White Noise, Home Application, Zoo Sound, Matrix, Hawaii Waves, New York Morning, Tokyo Temple Rain, London Storm. Each mode in its turn has 3 different types of natural sounds. You might think that operating the device is a bit confusing, but actually, it has only 2 buttons for sound selection. A quick press of the button allows you to change mode one by one, while long press for 3 seconds will turn on/off the chosen mode. The green LED light indicates the mode you select. The intuitive control panel also has a volume knob at the bottom, allowing you to easily find the preferred level.

A slight drawback is that the machine has no timer. Instead, you can choose a continuous play or 2 timing modes - 30 minutes or 60 minutes. Typically, this time is quite enough to lull you into a sound sleep. 

Review of OMorc Sleep White Noise Machine

Super Portable!

One more feature that makes this white noise machine so appealing for users is its variable charging options. You can connect it to the AC adapter, your mobile device, laptop, or power bank, using the included USB cable. Or you can insert 4 AA batteries in the slot and take this little battery-powered machine on the go. This means that even if you’re staying at the campsite far away from home, you can still get a restful night’s sleep using this machine. Plus, you can insert your earphones into a 3.5mm headphone jack and fully indulge yourself into the relaxing sounds. This feature is especially useful if you’re not alone in the tent.

The only thing to mention is that neither AC adapter nor AA batteries are included in the set, meaning you’ll need to spend a few more pounds on them. However, we believe this is a minor issue considering how affordable the machine is.

Overall, this machine is a sensible option if you have insomnia and want to improve the quality of your sleep. Even if you aren’t sure whether white noise therapy will help you, you pay small money for your “experiment”.

OMorc Sleep White Noise Machine in the use
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HoMedics SS-2029-EU

The Simpler, the Better

HoMedics offers a good white noise maker that costs three or even four times less than sophisticated models. But as with most electronic devices, the pricier machines have numerous bells and whistles while inexpensive units are much simpler. This is true for SoundSpa Rejuvenate Machine as well. It’s a pretty basic model that will cater to those customers who aren’t especially picky about variation in the white noise. The thing is that this sound generator has only one white noise function. Besides the white noise, it can also produce five other soothing sounds including Ocean, Rain, Thunder, Summer Night, and Brook. These sounds are fantastic not only for sleep but also for calming activities like meditation, reading, relaxing, or doing yoga. For this reason, the machine is quite popular in SPA salons. Indeed, it’s quite intense, portable, easy to use, and low-priced. These are probably the main points in its favour that makes it so appealing for users.

Review of HoMedics SS-2029-EU SoundSpa Rejuvenate Machine

Design Peculiarities

The machine is produced from plastic that makes it look a bit cheap yet ensures the extremely light weight of the whole device. Being just half a kilo, it won’t take much weight and space in your luggage, which is especially crucial for people who prefer travel light. Travellers will also like its ability to work with the standard plug or with four AA batteries. The 180-cm A/C power cable allows you to place it quite far from your bed; at full volume from 4 standard AA batteries, you can get about 100 hours of operation. The unit can run continuously or automatically switch off after 15, 30, or 60 minutes. The white noise generator is very easy to use with big individual buttons for every sound and simple volume controls.

As we have mentioned above, the machine looks a bit cheap but it doesn't mean that it’s poorly-constructed. Indeed, it feels robust and produces decent-quality audio. Of course, it’s no match for advanced machines, but for £20 you surely get more than expected. So, if you are on a tighter budget and need a simple machine to mask external noise, this one is very much up to the job.

HoMedics SS-2029-EU SoundSpa Rejuvenate Machine in the use

Additional Info


Last updated price £29.99
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Excellent for Babies

The KEDSUM Portable White Noise Machine is fairly popular among Amazon users not without the reason. It offers good functionality and can be used just anywhere - in bedrooms, baby nurseries, college dorms, offices, hotel rooms, hospitals, day care centres, or any other environment with disruptive noises. Aesthetically it might look pretty basic, but sound quality and noise option are what totally sold us. The machine offers 10 types of calming sounds, not just the static white noise. The noise selection includes White Noise, Brown Noise, Rain, Ocean, Thunder, Typhoon, Bird, Brook, and two Lullabies. The White Noise along with Lullabies makes the device an absolute game-changer for new parents. So, if you still don’t know what to bring to a baby shower party as a present, look no further.

Owing to the sleep timer, you can set the machine to turn off after 15, 30, 60, or 90 minutes. Setting a timer as well as selecting the sound or adjusting the volume is a hassle-free process. You simply need to turn a dial to choose your preferable "get to sleep" noise and then adjust the volume by pressing “+” or “-” volume buttons. The only gripe is that the lowest volume setting is still a little loud. However, you can fix that problem by covering the speakers with a piece of cloth.

Also, keep in mind that:

  • it’s not recommended to place the unit closer than 30 cm to your bed. The best use range for adults is 60-180 cm;
  • the recommended distance for children and seniors makes at least 1 meter.
Review of KEDSUM KDFB075A White Noise Machine

So Flexible

The unit is powered via three different channels - a 5 V power adapter, a USB charging port, or 4 AA batteries. The box includes a micro USB cable which is compatible with smartphone chargers and PC ports. But if you want to plug it into the power supply network, you should get a USB adaptor additionally.

All things considered, it’s a decent sound machine that can help you achieve deep sleep wherever you are. It’s especially great for new parents as the combination of white noise and two lullabies can help infants fall asleep quicker and mask noises that might awake them during the naptime.

KEDSUM KDFB075A White Noise Machine in the use
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Comparison of White Noise Machines for Sound Sleep

What Is a White Noise Machine?

If you have trouble falling asleep because of noises coming out from the outside, you've come in the right place. A white noise machine (also known as a sleep-aid or nap machine) can become a solution. White noise machines make it easier to fall asleep and have a restful sleep throughout the whole night by enveloping the room with a random sound character, which may sound like wind, water, rain etc. By imitating sounds and noises of nature, sleep machines mask ambient sounds and help our brains to relax. Most white noise machines can generate their own noises akin to those you may hear in hospitals, as well as allow for choosing from a range of other sounds.

White noise machines are not expensive and very easy to use. Most of them come already preset and require no adjustments. According to manufacturers, making changes to the volume of the white noise machine is not desirable until you get used to it which might take you a couple of weeks. As your ears become more used to it, you can then start increasing it to add more privacy to your environment. White noise machines provide many benefits and can be used as part of therapies directed on treating such conditions as lack of sleep, anxiety, stress, and tinnitus.

In this review we provide five white noise machines from different manufactures and with different price tags. This should help you find a model that will fit your needs best.

Insomnia can be a real problem. However, this condition is affected not only by the ambient sounds. Make sure that it isn't your mattress or pillow that cause it. And if they are, consider reading our reviews on the memory toppers and body pillows for improving a night sleep.

What Features to Compare

When looking for the best white noise machine, you should consider the following aspects:

Sound and Controls

Despite the name of white noise machines, most of these devices are also able to produce various audios including sounds of nature, imitation of city life, etc. Different sounds serve different purposes, so before choosing an appliance, think of why you need it. If you experience troubles dozing off, the machine with a couple of audio tracks will suffice.

By the way, more and more parents are choosing sleep appliances with a few sounds to calm down their newborns. If you need a machine to mainly help you meditate or concentrate on your studying/work, you’ll probably be interested in a device that boasts more sounds. As for machine controls, they are pretty simple no matter which model you choose. All white noise devices have volume controls (can be a button, a dial, or a switch), and some also feature sound richness adjustment function. Also, some models emit a soothing light and can double as a night light.


Whether to choose a machine with or without a timer depends on the purpose of your purchase and problems you have to overcome. If you need a machine to work only until you fall asleep, timer function will come in handy. However, if you or your family members are light sleepers and tend to wake up in the middle of the night, this feature might be unnecessary as you’ll probably want an appliance to work until the morning.

Size and Power Supply

These two features determine whether you will be able to take your white noise machine with you. The market is full of models ranging in size, so it’ll be easy for you to choose a standard-sized device for home use only or a portable one to take to the office, for example. As for the power source, the majority of white noise machines work from your wall socket but there are exceptions equipped with rechargeable or non-rechargeable batteries that allow you to take them anywhere you need.

Did you know?

50 Shades of Noise

To begin with, we would like to shed some light on the white noise. In technical terms, the white noise can be described as the sound with the amplitude that is constant throughout the audible frequency range. But in simple terms, white noise is just the perfect sound to mask background noise. The genuine white noise sounds similar to steam escaping from the boiler or radio/TV ‘static’ noise. It might be not very pleasant on your ears, since it contains a lot of high-frequency energy. Your brain can interpret this sound as a steady hiss. But “white noise” has already become a colloquial term for a various range of constant, unchanging sounds. Nature sounds, machinery noises, and ambient soundscapes can be described as a white noise today.

However, there are many other "colours" of sound. There's also pink, red, violet, grey, and even brown noise. They have a specific spectral density and are used in acoustics, engineering, physics, and other spheres of our life.

Pink noise is a variation of white noise. It has higher frequencies that are somewhat muted. This noise is even more soothing than white noise.

Brown noise is basically a pink noise but with even more muting of high frequencies. Strong winds or waves crashing on the shoreline produce a brown noise.

White Noise Machines vs. White Noise Sleep Apps

You probably know that there are numerous apps for mobile devices, which are designed to improve your sleep quality. The main pro of using these apps is their convenience. You can just download one of them, turn it on, and leave your phone by the bedside. The matter of minutes! And no extra equipment and additional costs to worry about. But do you know that apps usually use low-quality sounds that might annoy you instead of soothing? So, if you’ve already tried one of white noise apps and it hasn’t worked for you, it’s not the reason to refuse using a white noise machine.

Some people also consider earplugs as an alternative to white noise machines and apps. Actually, earplugs can block out annoying sounds but they can’t bring the health benefits of using white noise machines. Moreover, the earplugs might lead to earwax buildup and hearing loss or tinnitus, consequently.

Benefits of White Noise Machines

The benefits of white noise generators are numerous:

They mask loudness from the outside. They can even mute the sounds of car alarms, loud parties, and traffic.

Your partner’s snoring and other nocturnal noises won’t keep you awake.

They produce a consistent sound, so sudden jarring noises have minimum chances to wake you up.

Who Needs a White Noise Generator?

  • Babies. Infants are notorious for being light sleepers - even the sudden quiet sound can disturb their sleep. So, a white noise machine can help you guard your baby's sleep.
  • A white noise maker can help if you or your partner snores. It’s like the glue that can hold your relationship together and prevent irritation as well as insomnia.
  • If you suffer from tinnitus, you’ll be glad to know that the high-quality sound machine can mask it or even eliminate completely.
  • Surprisingly, but a white noise machine helps people with dizziness and vertigo. It somehow eases condition associated with inner ear disorders.
  • People with ADD and ADHD can also benefit from using a white noise machine. It will switch their attention from the smallest things that often distract them.
  • Students. Really, a sound machine can help them concentrate on their studies rather than on too noisy roommates. Students need to relax and the white noise can bring that.
  • Travellers. Sleeping when you’re far away from home might be a daunting task. Elevators, people in the hallway, loud bars... By packing a sound machine into your suitcase, you really do yourself a favour and provide yourself with a good night's sleep.
  • If you work in an office, you probably know how distracting office noise is. A desktop sound machine can help you focus on what matters and get things done. It's also an effective solution for improving your privacy in the office.
  • Pets are too sensitive to different loud sounds and can even experience anxiety, just like people. So, if you care about your furry friend and want it to sleep better and feel more relaxed, get a white noise machine.


Q: Is using a white noise machine safe for my baby?

A: Although there haven’t been much research on how white noise influences infants, new parents tend to use this appliance more and more often to calm their babies. What studies say is that the sound of a rushing air produced by these devices is the same as the one a baby heard in his/her mother’s womb, and that’s the reason of its positive effect on kids. Moreover, there are special white noise machines for children that are able to play different tracks including lullabies.

Q: How loud should I turn my noise conditioner on?

A: The volume of an audio produced by a sleep machine must be loud enough to block disturbing noises. At the same time, you should feel no discomfort while a device works. It may take you some time to find the volume that meets your requirements. However, if you’re not sure what loudness you need, pay attention to the models with automatically adjustable volume.

Q: Which sound is better to use if I have troubles falling asleep?

A: It is believed that white noise is a unique sound since it helps almost any person fall asleep and have refreshing rest. Nevertheless, chances are that the sounds of nature, for example, can be a great sleep aid for you too. So, choosing an audio for sleep is a matter of preference.

Q: Are sound machines efficient in handling street/road noise?

A: In general, these devices are capable of drawing out almost any kind of noise, and street sounds aren’t an exception. But if the source of disturbing noise is too close and loud, it might be difficult to mask it.

Q: Can a white noise machine cause addiction?

A: Well, addiction is a rather strong word. Perhaps, habit sounds better. Of course, if you are used to falling asleep with a white noise machine every night, it will be difficult to get rid of this part of daily routine. Anyway, using a sound conditioner to doze off is much safer than smoking.

Q: How will using a white noise machine every night affect my electricity bills?

A: Since sound machines require little power, they don’t consume much energy. Thus, you will hardly notice a rise in your electricity bills even if you use an appliance regularly.

Q: Are sound conditioners equipped with an alarm clock? If no, will it block the sound of mine?

A: As a rule, white noise machines don’t offer an alarm clock function. If you’re afraid you'll oversleep and be late for school or work, just put your alarm clock nearby to be sure it will wake you up. And make it louder, just to be on a safe side.


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