Product Comparison: Bounty Hunter QSI-PL vs Bounty Hunter Tracker IV (TK4 )

General Specifications
Bounty Hunter
Bounty Hunter
TK4 Tracker IV
About the Product
The Bounty Hunter Quick Silver brings Digital metal detecting to the low cost category. The 20 cm open-frame waterproof searchcoil will detect coins up to 18 cm deep. The Quicksilver features 4-Segment LCD display, 3 levels of discrimination, 3-tone audio target identification, and a 1/4" headphone jack.
The Tracker IV will detect all kinds of metal from iron relics, coins and household items to precious metals like silver and gold. The 8 inch searchcoil is completely submersible; can be used for detecting in shallow water.
Key Specs
Circuitry Type
Operation Mode
All-Metal and Discriminate
All-Metal and Discriminate
Search Coil Type
Search Coil Size
Adjustment Length
44" to 51"
45" to 52"
What customers say about "Key Specs"
Bounty Hunter QSI-PL
  • This was easy to understand and operate. I bought this as a gift for my father in law.
  • Simple to operate and seems to do the basic functions very well.
  • This detector is very easy to assemble, adjustable length, comfortable grips, very sensitive and precise.
  • Very straightforward indicators and an adjustable length pole.
  • The length adjustment is very short. This upset me very much because I was expecting something completely different.
Bounty Hunter Tracker IV (TK4 ) Metal Detector
  • This is tried and tested technology and will give you a fantastic start in detecting but will also stay with you way beyond the novice level.
  • I have found many coins and trash. So i am very happy with it.
  • Nice metal detector, takes some some skill learning to interpret the beeps. Better spec when compared to other detectors.
  • Great metal detector. A very good entry level for the beginner very easy to use!
  • Pretty easy to put together, though I'm a little concerned about, as someone mentioned, the lower stem to search coil intersection is plastic, with a knurled knob.
Size & Weight
28.5 in.
28.2 in.
10.2 in.
10 in.
6.2 in.
6.2 in.
2 lbs.
3.7 lbs.
What customers say about "Size & Weight"
Bounty Hunter QSI-PL
  • Light weight and user-friendly. I have found a few things with this, nothing super cool yet, but at least it's working and good on target.
  • I will say that it's light weight, easy to use. It can discriminate between coins and junk.
  • All I can say is that it is light weight, easy to use, and so much fun! It is never wrong.
  • It loves adventure so this is perfect. Light weight, not too heavy for him. Seems to work really well.
  • It turned out that for me this small size has to constantly bend over when I am looking for something.
Bounty Hunter Tracker IV (TK4 ) Metal Detector
  • Very easy to set up. Lightweight and easy to hold and carry. Great beginners metal detector.
  • I very pleased with it ,on the beach for a couple off hours and found plenty of coins. It's a good beginners detector its very easy to use and very light on the arm.
  • Nice metal detector, Lightweight, handle extends to fit your size, can easily set the angle of the coil, and the set up is easy and fast.
  • Very lightweight and adjustable. Works as advertised. It seems to be made cheap, but the components work great.
  • It's a great size, but it's so heavy that a senior can't treasure hunt away with it.
Operation Frequency
6.6 kHz
6.7 kHz
Detection Modes
Coins, All-Metal, Iron
All Metal, Discriminate
Detection Depth
Coins: up to 7 in.
Coins: up to 8 in., Big objects: up to 24 in.
Ground Balance
3 adjustments
What customers say about "Detection"
Bounty Hunter QSI-PL
  • We found a bunch of modern coins so far, and surprised at the small size of metallic 'trash' items/ foil we found. Works great for the price.
  • Works great. Seems to be able to detect a coin easily at 6 inches in the ground, possible more.
  • The unit detected a thin piece of candy wrapper with foil and registered Al on the display.
  • Does poor job of detecting small metal objects such as a dime.
  • This thing can't even detect a nail 2" underground. My 8 year old is very discouraged.
Bounty Hunter Tracker IV (TK4 ) Metal Detector
  • Brilliant detector only used a couple of times but has found items at around 6 inch deep.
  • Not had a chance to use it properly but in the garden seems to be very good found lots of coins placed at depths 10 " to 3" no problem.
  • Great little metal detector. Took my 8 year old out and he found 1 pound and a few 5 pence pieces. Also found items at depths of at least 20 cm.
  • I'm mainly using 'disc' mode as i have been in high trash areas. Last week i found a queen victoria commemorative medal which i think is my best find to date.
  • Sometimes difficult to get the sensitivity right, but it worked well on the beach - found lots of bottle tops but no treasure yet.
LCD display without backlit
Audio Identification
Target Depth Indicator
Digital Target ID
Water Resistance
Waterproof coil
Waterproof coil
4-segment digital target identification, Push-button discrimination control, One-touch sensitivity control
Built-in Speaker, Disc/notch control, Comfort Hand-grip, Padded Armrest
What customers say about "Features"
Bounty Hunter QSI-PL
  • A picture of where the treasure approximately is under the coil. It may save a lot of avoidable digging.
  • I put the audio into my earbuds but its right channel only and kinda loud.
  • The ease of use and digital display indicating the type of object detected allowed me to get up to speed quickly.
  • In using the detector it seemed very erratic it its identification of metal.
  • The identifying indicator fluctuates way too much and is undependable even with new batteries.
Bounty Hunter Tracker IV (TK4 ) Metal Detector
  • The two 9v Duracell batteries seem to last well so far and this machine can detect more then 6 inches down.
  • The ‘Tone’ mode will help me (and you) find only the better stuff and leave the ring pulls and rusty iton out of it altogether but it takes some practice.
  • The visual indicator is pretty much useless but it gets the job done in telling you there's metal in the ground.
  • It is not waterproof. One quick short sharp shower caught on a beach, caused the speaker to fail.
  • The beeper noise is extremely quiet even at maximum volume. I should have taken headphones.
Double 9V battery
Double 9V battery
Battery Indicator
Warranty / Certifications
Manufacturer warranty
5 year(s)
5 year(s)
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