Product Comparison: Minelab X-TERRA 305 vs Fisher F22

General Specifications
Fisher Labs
About the Product
When value for money really matters, then the X-TERRA 305 is best in class! The X-TERRA 305 is the solid no-nonsense introduction to the new generation Minelab X-TERRA Series.
The F22 is a fully weatherproof, easy to use turn-on-and-go metal detector. It has superfast retune speed with excellent target separation and easy to use Discrimination, Sensitivity, Notch and Pinpoint features. Fe-Tone adjustable iron audio allows you to set the volume of ferrous targets lower than the volume of non-ferrous targets for increased clarity on desirable targets.
Key Specs
Circuitry Type
All Terrain
Operation Mode
All-Metal and Discriminate
Search Coil Type
Search Coil Size
Adjustment Length
48" to 56"
Fixed length
What customers say about "Key Specs"
Minelab X-TERRA 305 Universal Detector
  • This is a beast of a machine. It has a larger coil which is nice for a casual detecting adventure.
  • Love that the coil is a decent size, and it was super easy to put together.
  • Really easy to assemble, nice quality , super lite,and the metal detector super accurate.
  • This is a very good metal detector. Good quality with lots of good settings.
  • The search coil does not stay in one position no matter how tight I have it. It still flops around.
Fisher F22 Weatherproof All-Purpose Metal Detector
  • The coil is waterproof and the control head is water resistant. It has a VDI readout and a depth indicator.
  • The coil is cool for its design, i think its more practical then a circle one, it is alil small but they do sell one bigger but its really expensive.
  • Also, the coil is waterproof - I went down to the creek and scanned along the creek bed, underwater, etc., and it worked beautifully.
  • The oval coil threw me off on the pinpointing at first, but I worked it out. It does everything I expected it to do.
  • This was our families 2nd metal detector. It's the first one we've used for anything other than detecting nails in wood.
Size & Weight
24 in.
22 in.
11.4 in.
8 in.
3.2 in.
5 in.
2.9 lbs.
2.3 lbs.
What customers say about "Size & Weight"
Minelab X-TERRA 305 Universal Detector
  • So far it seems to work well, it's light weight, and my son was able to figure it out pretty quickly.
  • This metal detector I have to say is great I love that its light weight so you can use it for a long period of time.
  • The accuracy was on point and worked awesome. It was easy to assemble and light weight to use.
  • I love how light weight this metal detector is and how easy it is to use.
  • Love the metal detector. My son wanted to start metal detecting. Perfect for beginners. Light weight and easy to use.
Fisher F22 Weatherproof All-Purpose Metal Detector
  • It is very light weight, it only requires 2 AA batteries, and the VDI readout makes it easy to determine what you are about to find.
  • Works well and is light weight.
  • I like the light weight, and only 2 batteries.
  • It is very light weight but does not feel cheap! T
Operation Frequency
7.5 and 18.75 kHz
7.69 kHz
Detection Modes
Coins, Relics, Jewelry, Beach, Pinpoint
Jewelry, Coins, Artifact, Custom
Detection Depth
Up to 10”
Coins: up to 9 in., Big objects: 24 in.
10 adjustments
10 adjustments
Ground Balance
Preset Ground Balance
What customers say about "Detection"
Minelab X-TERRA 305 Universal Detector
  • This thing is pretty easy to use. I found it to be quite accurate both location and depth wise.
  • It has a lot of cool features.. a waterproof coil and pin point searching.
  • The pinpoint mode works extremely well to pinpoint exactly where the metal is.
  • The pinpoint function is accurate and very easy to use.
  • Assembly was simple. Very lightweight. Works well in testing. Easy to use the different modes and the display is easy to read.
Fisher F22 Weatherproof All-Purpose Metal Detector
  • The presets make it easy to sense what might have been detected and the PinPoint (PP) feature has pretty accurate depth perception.
  • If you are looking to get into metal detecting this is a fantastic unit. Very easy to figure out and understand.
  • While it doesn't include advanced features like ground-balancing, I expect that it'll be a while before I feel the need to upgrade.
  • I have found it reacts faster in relic mode than in coin mode. The depth gauge is fairly accurate.
  • The coil is key, in my opinion, and the F22 had a nice, lightweight, narrow coil that improves accuracy, especially discriminating between metals in certain modes.
LCD display without backlit
LCD screen with backlight
Audio Identification
3 tone & mutli
4-Tone Audio-ID
Target Depth Indicator
Digital Target ID
–4 to 44
Large 2-Digit, 1-99 Numeric
Accessories Included
Headphones, Skidplates, Environmental Cover, Coils
Water Resistance
Waterproof coil
Noice Cancel, 6 accessory coil options offer increased versatility, Threshold adjustment
Iron Identifier Icon, 20 Levels of Adjustable Volume, Non-Volatile Memory Saves Settings
What customers say about "Features"
Minelab X-TERRA 305 Universal Detector
  • The waterproof search coil will allow him to search for treasures along the beach shore.
  • I don’t have to worry if he gets the coil wet because it’s waterproof.
  • It is very waterproof, and I was able to use it in the water up to 2 feet up on the coil.
  • I used this detector on dry land and in water (the coil is waterproof) and that was good and without problems.
  • This i a great waterproof metal detector to start your quest for lost treasure!
Fisher F22 Weatherproof All-Purpose Metal Detector
  • It hits on targets even better that I expected and the display is quite accurate at identifying your find before digging.
  • Great display. Battery life is great. He has found a few coins on our property, along with buried metal.
  • I like the 9 segment read on the display rather than pictures of trash targets and coin values.
  • I love the new display, it's very light, easy to operate, has a GREAT 5 year warranty and the best part is that it is affordable.
  • The readout is clear and display is large.
4 AA
2 AA
Battery Indicator
Warranty / Certifications
Manufacturer warranty
3 year(s)
5 year(s)
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