Best Space Heaters to Make Your Home Cosy in the UK

Review & Comparison, Last Update December 30, 2020
Portable space heaters are used all over the world where the weather is not warm enough. They are used to create a comfortable atmosphere in a room, cottage, and so on. There are many types of room heaters, so we have selected and analyzed 5 best space heaters for you. ...Read more ...Read less
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Designated Heating Area
Ease of Use

The appliance features a tilting mechanism that enables directing the flow of the hot air as you see fit. Owing to this, you will be able to warm up the room quicker or to pinpoint the hot airflow to the spots that need warming up the most.


The power cable is rather short.


Benross industrial fan space heater can boast the output power of 3000 W, which is quite a lot for a house heater. With this in mind, it will be a perfect pick for heating medium and large-sized rooms. As a bonus, the housing of the device is reinforced with a splash-resistant (IPX4) casing.

detailed parameters
Designated Heating Area

3000 W, Stainless steel heating element, Large areas


Dual overheat protection, IPX4 water-proof housing

Ease of Use

2 heat settings, Fan mode, Adjustable thermostat, Adjustable heat angle, Carrying handle


2 years


The heater features a digital LED screen that will show the selected settings, as well as the ambient temperature inside the room.  The built-in thermostat, on the other hand, will keep that temperature stable at all times.


The housing stains easily.


Owing to its stylish design, this model will come to the liking of users who look for a compact appliance that won't take a lot of space in the room. However, since it's also a heater and a good one, it will keep you warm during colder months on top of looking cool.

detailed parameters
Designated Heating Area

1500 W, Ceramic heating element, Medium to large rooms


Overheat protection, Tip-over protection

Ease of Use

2 heat settings, Natural Wind mode, Auto mode (programmable thermostat, controlled), Oscillation mode, Digital control panel with an LCD, Carrying handle


1 year


The built-in timer enables setting the thermostat to automatically turn off the heater after 1-, 2-, or 3-hour intervals. Likewise, the standard heating mode features a 6-hour timer, which will come in handy in case you forget to turn off the appliance.


The carry handle could be a bit more convenient.


Aside from being quite effective in warming up small and medium-sized rooms, this heater model includes high-quality protection systems. So, even if you accidentally tip over the appliance, it won't get damaged or cause an accident, turning itself off automatically.

detailed parameters
Designated Heating Area

1200 W, Ceramic heating element, Small to medium rooms


Overheat protection, Tip-over protection, 6-hour auto power-off protection

Ease of Use

2 heat settings, 3-hour timer, Carrying handle


2 years


This model is exceptionally compact, making it a good option when free space in the room is rather limited. Moreover, the heater is light, which paired with an integrated carry handle enables carrying it around the house without too much of an effort.


Can produce a slight chemical smell during the first few runs.


MroTech heater is surprisingly quiet in operation. Once switched to the maximum heating mode, the noise produced by the fan doesn't exceed 42 dB. A perfect option for bedroom use and as a standard personal heater.

detailed parameters
Designated Heating Area

950 W, Ceramic heating element, Small to medium rooms


Overheat protection, Tip-over protection

Ease of Use

2 heat settings, Natural Wind mode, Oscillation mode, Digital control panel, Carrying handle


5 years


An advanced ceramic heating element implemented in this device will serve you for years to come. What is more, the appliance's housing is made of flame-retardant plastic that negates any risks stemming from overheating.


Can get quite noisy at the maximum heat setting.


If you want to heat up the air inside the room quickly, then this model will be the right pick. Despite its small size and relatively low weight, it can deliver a stream of hot air in under 2-3 seconds and warm up a small room in just 10 minutes.

detailed parameters
Designated Heating Area

1500 W, Ceramic heating element, Medium to large rooms


Overheat protection, Tip-over protection

Ease of Use

2 heat settings, Fan mode, Adjustable thermostat, Carrying handle


1 year


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Benross Industrial Fan

An Industrial-Grade Model for Home Use

This electric space heater model from Benross is an industrial-grade model that can serve as an excellent household appliance.

The heater included in the package comes already assembled, so you won’t have to put it together on your own. If we get into more detail about its build, the housing of the appliance features an IPX4 protection rating, which makes most of the heater’s body water-resistant. To be more precise, the appliance is resistant to liquid splashes of all sorts, which ensures safe operation of the heater when used indoors.

Likewise, the durable metal casing combined with a carry handle on top makes it easier to carry the unit when you need it the most. This enables for simple transportation from room to room as well as for situations when you need a powerful heatwave in the form of a handheld heater device. On top of that, the total weight of the heater is just 3.6 kg, which also makes it easy to carry around.

When it comes to heating settings, this Benross heater features only two heating settings with 1500 kW and 3000 kW of output power respectively. As a bonus, the appliance can be used as a regular air fan, thanks to the additional fan mode that is also implemented into the heater aside from the regular heating settings. The 40-watt fan can process huge volumes of air, making this heater model a good option for use in summer.

Review of Benross Industrial Fan Space Heater

Powerful and Well-Protected

The protection means, on the other hand, include a double heating protection system that won’t let the appliance overheat in case the fan is turned off. Moreover, this model comes with a thermostat that will automatically disengage the heating element once the desired temperature is reached.

Although it is a great heater, there is one thing that we didn’t really appreciate and it is the length of the power cable. With only 1.5 metres of length, the cable is hardly convenient, meaning you'll probably have to use an extension cord. But other than this small quirk, there are no outright negative aspects of this model that may affect its performance. Moreover, the combination of a potent heating element and a powerful fan in the back of the appliance makes the heater good for home use since it’s capable of warming up large indoor areas pretty quickly.

All things considered, this model from Benross is one of the best space heaters based on its power and sheer heat output it can produce in a matter of seconds. Fairly light and easy to use, it proves that industrial-grade heaters can be used in home conditions to great effect.

Benross Industrial Fan Space Heater in the use
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Simple Controls

This COMLIFE heater is designed for household use but, this time around, it utilises something different from standard metal heating elements.

Right off the bat, the heating element of this electric heater is ceramic, which makes it less likely to malfunction or reach a critically hot temperature since its melting point is around 1000°C. In addition to that, the heater is equipped with protection systems that won’t let it get that hot in the first place. Similarly to other electrical appliances, there is a built-in thermostat in place that will shut down the heater when it gets too hot or when the desired temperature is exceeded.

As for the controls, the appliance features a simple set of buttons on the top side of the housing. With 5 buttons to choose from, you can switch the appliance on and off, increase or decrease the temperature, pick the required fan mode (hot, warm, or natural wind), as well as use the oscillation mode if a wider heating angle is needed. In order to set the desired temperature, we advise using the provided temperature control buttons on the top side of the appliance. Another thing that needs attention, however, is the digital LED screen that won’t show you the set temperature and will show the ambient temperature values instead.

Review of COMLIFE Ceramic Space Heater

A Great Middle-Ground Solution

Control aspects aside, let’s take a quick glance at the power modes of the model. This particular fan heater is slightly less powerful than the top product on our list, however, that doesn’t make it worse one bit. The first operational mode is capped at 600 watts and should be more suitable for use once the desired temperature in the room has been already reached. Alternatively, the main power mode is twice as powerful and can deliver up to 1200 watts of power to the heating element. It will come in handy for warming up larger rooms that are up to ~25 square metres in size. On top of all that, there is a regular fan mode that will produce a slight breeze inside the room or can act as an oscillator for the heating element.

It is worth noting that the natural wind mode consumes only 10 watts of power, which makes it quite energy-efficient. What is more, it is surprisingly powerful and that allows for using the heater as a standard fan during hot summer months.

Wrapping things up, this COMLIFE model will be a good pick for users who are searching for an electric heater that is both effective in warming up small-to-medium rooms and is easy to use at the same time.

COMLIFE Ceramic Space Heater in the use
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BASEIN Electric Heater Fan

A Great Alternative to Bulky Oil Heaters

What makes this heater model from BASEIN great is its high portability, which allows using it virtually anywhere in your house or a flat. That said, portability is not the only thing that makes it worthy of your attention, especially if you were searching for an efficient space heater.

First things first, let’s inspect the specifications of the device. Similarly to other products in our review, this one has only a few heating modes (two, to be precise). While the first one will be only useful at keeping the ambient temperature within the room stable due to its 600-watt power output, the second, more powerful one can deliver up to 1200 watts to the heating element. On top of that, this particular heater has a special 3-second warm-up function that produces a strong wave of heat almost instantly.

With an overall weight that barely reaches 1 kg, we can safely say that the appliance is lightweight. Moreover, it is equipped with a built-in plastic carry strap that makes carrying it around fairly easy, even with one hand.

For added convenience, the heater can produce a strong flow of hot air in the range of 0-70° in front of the main heating element, which will come in handy in case you need to warm up a larger area.

Review of BASEIN Electric Heater Fan Space Ceramic Heater

Great for Personal Use

Owing to a double protection system, the appliance won’t overheat or catch fire in case you leave it unattended. To add more, on top of the regular short-circuit and overheating protective functions, the heater features a special tip-over protection mechanism that will automatically turn off the device in case it falls on the side or rolls over. Thanks to this, you won’t have to worry about pets or children accidentally tipping the heater on the ground. To let you know that the appliance has been knocked over, it will emit a loud signal, which is rather handy.

As for other convenient features, this heating device features a special timer that allows setting a time-out period for the appliance. With three settings to pick from, you can set the heater to operate for 1, 2, or 3 hours straight. Once the time is up, it will automatically shut itself off. We should also mention that the basic heating mode features a timer as well, which is set to 6 hours by default. This is implemented as a secondary safety mechanism that works in conjunction with main overheating protection switches.

Finally, if a portable electric heater with a thermostat is what you were looking for, then this model from BASEIN will be right up your alley. Lightweight and extremely easy to use, it still boasts a significant power output, which ultimately makes it an optimal choice for small-to-medium rooms where every inch of free space matters.

BASEIN Electric Heater Fan Space Ceramic Heater in the use
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MroTech Personal

Compact and Effective

MroTech personal space heater is yet another appliance that is designed for home use. What makes it so special, then? Well, first of all, it is designed for smaller rooms, so if you need a heater for the bedroom, it will be an optimal pick for that role. Furthermore, the compact size of 17.6 x 15.1 x 23.4 cm makes it one of the smallest models included on our list. Likewise, the weight of the whole unit doesn’t exceed 1.1 kg, which ultimately makes it easier to carry from room to room, whenever needed.

Power-wise, the appliance has three modes, with only two of them responsible for heating. The main two settings are low heating (around 450 watts) and high heating modes (up to 950 watts), which together should be more than enough to keep you warm in a room that is no bigger than 15-20 square metres in size. Aside from the main heating element, the appliance also features a powerful air fan in the back of the casing. Thanks to this, the heat generated by the ceramic plate can be delivered in the form of a hot air stream carried.

The only aspect of this heater that we didn’t like, though, is that it has a specific chemical smell to it before you turn it on. That said, once it runs for more than a few hours, the smell will go away, just remember to use it in a well-ventilated room for the first time. We would also want to point out that you should never cover the heater or put any objects on top of it to prevent malfunctions of the device and avoid creating a potential fire hazard.

Review of MroTech Personal Space Heater

An Intuitive Design

Precautions out of the way, let’s dive into the safety features. Just like any other heater designed for house use, this model from MroTech has a tip-over and overheating protection systems that won’t let the appliance reach critical temperature and turn off the unit in case it was tipped. What is more, the heater itself is made of flame-retardant materials, so the housing is unlikely to deform due to excess heat.

In contrast with other home appliances featured on our list, this one has surprisingly few control options and just one visual indicator that can inform you that the device is turned on and running. The thing that we did appreciate, however, is that the main light will change its colour from red to blue once you turn off the heating and switch on the built-in fan.

To sum things up, this compact heater with a thermostat is an excellent choice for users that need a personal heater that won’t take a lot of space inside the room and will provide you with a warmth that you so desperately need during colder months of the year.

MroTech Personal Space Heater in the use
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Brightown Fan Heater Portable

Top Bargain

In case you have been browsing in hopes to find a good fan heater that is light, compact, yet still holds a punch, chances are, there are not a lot of good options to choose from. Fortunately, this Brightown fan heater combines all 3 qualities in one appliance, and at a reasonable price too.

Just like many other heaters that implement a fan alongside the heating element, this one features a regular fan function that will definitely come in handy in moving stale air inside the room during heatwaves and in the summer. The thing that makes it easier to carry around, aside from its relatively low weight, is the carry handle that is built into the housing.

We were surprised to find out that the maximum output power of this heater can reach 1500 watts, which is rather unusual for a fan model. The controls of the heater allow picking the desired power output using the dials on the top panel of the housing located underneath the carry handle. To be more specific, the first dial enables picking the heat output of 750 or 1500 watts as well as turning on the fan mode. The second dial, on the other hand, enables adjusting the fan’s speed, allowing you to both warm up a cold room and keep the ambient temperature in it stable once it reaches a comfortable level.

Review of Brightown Fan Heater Portable Ceramic Space Heater

Simple and Reliable

In order to keep the ceramic heating element up and running, the adjustable thermostat will automatically turn the appliance off and back on as it operates. While it’s nothing really special, especially for a household heater, it will make a slight clicking noise when it turns off. Other than that and the sound of the fan blades spinning, the appliance operates in almost complete silence, which makes it an ideal pick for bedrooms and home offices.

Other safety aspects of the heater include tip-over protection and overheating safety features that ensure that the internal elements won’t get damaged. Conversely, the housing of this model is not splashproof, so we don’t advise using the appliance in bathrooms or close to water sources.

In the end, this small electric heater from Brightown proved to be an excellent appliance that can easily compete with more expensive heaters when it comes to heating effectiveness. Although it doesn’t have many bells and whistles to it, it is still easy to use and it provides exactly what you would expect from a heater, which makes it a good budget-friendly option in our book.

Brightown Fan Heater Portable Ceramic Space Heater in the use
Last updated price £22.99
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What Is a Space Heater?

As cold weather's coming, people start huddling up near fireplaces, in their beds or in electric blankets (if they have it, of course). Unfortunately, central heating is not always sufficient to effectively warm up big premises. Which is why if you live in a big flat or house, investing in a space heater can be the best solution. Being fitted with a powerful heating element, space heaters are able to warm up quite big living areas in a very short amount of time, bringing the maximum comfort to you and your family during the colder months. Of course, these heaters can be used not only at home. Due to their rather compact dimensions, you can set one in your office, garage, small store or workshop. In fact, you can place it anywhere if there's a power socket nearby. That being said, we'd recommend against placing a space heater in areas that leak air; otherwise you run a risk of ending up with an elevated electricity bill and huge heat losses.

While on the note of energy consumption, we recommend using a thermostat that can help reduce electricity waste by automatically adjusting the heat in accordance with the ambient temperature. While if you're looking to upgrade your old blanket, make sure to take a look at this comparison of duvets.

What Features to Compare

When you are about to choose a space heater, you need to consider some important features. There are many room heater reviews available online, and they are so different. However, we've tried round up the most important characteristics that are worth paying attention to when selecting one.

Heating Area

The first thing to consider when buying a space heater is how big of an area it can actually heat. This parameter is determined by the heating element, precisely its power, and the particular type of a heater you choose. Regarding the heating element, you'll need at least 10 Watts of power to effectively warm up an area of 1 square meter in size. The higher this value, the better. As for the types, space heaters fall into the following 5 types: oil radiators, fan heaters, radiant heaters, gas heaters (or catalytic combustion heaters), and infrared heaters. Which of these five to choose totally depends on your needs. For instance, if you want to buy a heater that could be used not only indoors but outdoors as well, consider infrared heater models. In case you need only a small thing to warm up your bedroom, look towards fan heaters. Big fan heaters, as it's easy to infer from the very name, are designed to heat bigger spaces like workshops, garages, warehouses, etc. The power of a space heater is directly linked with its type.


Another thing you should certainly pay attention to is the safety features. You don't want to incur trouble, especially if you have kids and pets, so it's vital to check if a model has tip-over protection which powers the heater down in case someone accidentally walks into it and an auto shut-off feature which turns the whole thing off if it starts to overheat.


Usability features are also quite important. Though you don't buy a heater (we hope) to take with you on your trips, you need to make sure that it offers you a convenient way of moving it. With that in mind, consider if the chosen space heater has a carry handle and wheels, allowing you to move it around your living area without burning your hands. Also, you may want to look at the appearance of a heater. Obviously, nice looks aren't what we usually buy a heater for, but given that it's going to be highly visible in a room, it'd still be more sensible to go for a nicer-looking option.

Did you know?

How to Make Your House More Energy Efficient

It is well known that space heaters cannot replace the main heat source and should be used only as an addition to the centralized heating system. Still, it's possible to maximize their heating effect without raising the electricity bill, following these simple steps.

  • First of all, you might consider insulating all doors and windows in your house to prevent the heat from escaping your rooms.
  • Secondly, you can use natural sources of heat such as sunlight. On sunny winter days, leave blinders and curtains open in the morning and afternoon and keep them closed at night. Additionally, you can put a carpet or a rug on the floor. You will be surprised to find out how much heat you'll be able to save!
  • In addition, you can enhance the effectiveness of your heater by removing furniture that stays in the way of the device and placing a sheet of tinfoil on the wall behind it so that it will reflect the heat towards you instead of heating the wall.
  • Also, don’t forget that space heaters are used to heat up rooms individually, so be sure to close all doors to the rooms you are not using often. Consider buying a fixed space heater dedicated for room you use most of the time and portable heaters for other rooms such as bedrooms and living rooms.

Following these easy tips, you will be able to make your heating system more cost-effective.

How to Use Space Heaters Safely

More than 20,000 fires occur each year due to improper use of portable heaters. Moreover, if you use a heater too often it can cause a carbon monoxide poisoning. If you don’t want to become a statistic be sure to always read the manufacturer’s installation instructions, manual and safety precautions thoroughly to avoid malfunction of the device. Always make sure to pull the actual plug instead of the cord when you want to unplug the heater. Do not overload the power socket and do not use other electrical devices in combination with a space heater. Never leave the device unattended and turn it off when you leave the house or go to bed. Do not neglect to check twice if the heater is turned off. Remember: safety should always come first!

Convection Heater vs. Oil Radiator Heater

There are many different types of electric space heaters that serve the same purpose - which is keeping your house warm in winter. They all do it differently, however. Before picking a particular heater you need to ask yourself a question, “What do I need a heater for?”. It is important to understand that your lifestyle will determine if a particular type of heater suits you (or not).

Convection heaters, for example, are best used as stationary sources of heat that keep a constant warm atmosphere in your room. The convection works in such a way that it circulates the cold breeze through the bottom and emits the warm air through the top. As a rule, they come without fans so there is no way for a heater to move the hot air. Ceiling fans are best suited for active people who rarely sit still and tend to move a lot around the house doing different household work.

Oil radiators work in a slightly different way. They contain a coil that heats the oil inside the heater and turns off automatically when it reaches the maximum temperature. This allows the heater to slowly cool off after it has already been turned off. This feature makes them one of the most economical and practical solutions for people who seek a heater capable of providing extended warmth.


Q: Does the top of the heater get hot?

A: Yes, it does. You should never touch the heater when it is on with your bare hands or you might get them burned. Same goes for any other objects that are placed in proximity to the device. Try not to place flammable objects near it. That includes furniture, curtains, beddings. Keep them at least 1 meter away from the heater.

Q: Does the oil heater smell when in use?

A: When you turn the oil heater on for the first time it might emit a chemical smell. It's a normal reaction that comes from the process of the oil being heated inside the radiator. Which is exactly why manufacturers of oil heaters recommend running heaters for a couple hours with opened windows and doors so that this smell goes away. You might need to repeat this several times. To remove the smell completely, it's important to read and follow all the instructions provided by the manufacturer. And when in use, make sure to always air the room to prevent carbon monoxide from concentrating.

Q: Can I place the fan heater on my desk?

A: We do not recommend placing any kind of heaters on tables, desks, drawers, and anything that is above the ground level. In terms of safety measures, it is recommended to place the device on the floor. Since some parts of the heater can get hot, they can damage the surface of the desk or even burn it and leave unsightly stains.

Q: I have small children in my house, Is it safe for them to use the heater when I am not at home?

A: As it goes with any electrical devices you should not let kids use them without supervision. In case it's not possible, make sure to instruct them how to use the heater in a safe way. Fortunately, many heaters today have several security features like a tip-over switch, overheating protection, etc. Thanks to these, even if your child tips the heater over accidentally, it will not cause a fire.

Q: Air filter in my ceramic heater got dirty and it does not work properly anymore. Is there any way I can clean it?

A: Yes, you can actually clean the filter on your own! To do this, you will need to unplug the heater and let it cool. Then you will need to clean the air intake and the grille. Next, you'll need to remove the grille by gently pulling it outwards. Now you can put the filter back inside the heater. The cleaning is done.

Q: Can I put the heater on the floor and use it to dry my clothes?

A: No, you can’t. The heater emits strong heat that can damage clothes and even set it on fire. To prevent that from happening, never put anything on top of the heater.

Q: Does the heater work quietly?

A: It depends on the type of heater you use. The oil heaters tend to make somewhat loud clicks when they reach a maximum temperature. This sound means that a thermostat inside the heater is working properly and turns the device off automatically to save electricity. Not only oil heaters emit noises. Any type of heater that has a metal construction may produce some noise during operation which is explained by the fact that metal tends to change its shape under the effect of heat.


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