Best Space Heaters to Make Your Home Cosy in the UK

Review & Comparison, Last Update August 12, 2018
Portable space heaters are used all over the world where the weather is not warm enough. They are used to create a comfortable atmosphere in a room, cottage, and so on. There are many types of room heaters, so we have selected and analyzed 5 best of them for you. ...Read more ...Read less
BEST 2018
Heating Area

A digital timer allows you to set the heating time for 24 hours. When the time runs out, the heater turns off automatically. Soft caster wheels do not leave scratches on the floor and make it safe to move the heater around the house.


Emits rather loud clunks every now and then, which may be annoying at first. 


Though this heater requires more time to reach the maximum temperature, it maintains the warmth longer too, which makes it a practical and cost-effective solution for large rooms and dwellings.

detailed parameters
Heating Area

2500 W, Oil-filled radiator, For bedrooms and living rooms


Overheating protection, Anti-frost mode


LCD-screen, Room thermostat, Digital Timer, Carrying handles, Cord wrap, ECO, Soft rubberized transportation wheels


10 years

Emits infrared rays from both sides, covering larger surface and more objects in a room.
The wide infrared coverage is actually a good thing - just try not to place the heat-sensitive items under it.
This model can warm up a pretty large room in a matter of seconds without drying the air out. A solid product at a justified price.
detailed parameters
Heating Area

2500 W, Micathermic radiant heater, For average to large bedrooms or dining rooms


Overheating protection, Tip-over auto-off

Heat-resistant handles and 2 wheels for transportation, 1.8 m cable
2 years

Built-in Dust Filter makes the air in the room clean, which is important for health. Moreover, it is quick to access, which means you can easily remove and clean it to maximise the effect.


The maximum power of summer ventilation leaves more to be desired.


Because this is a ceramic heater, it almost doesn't dry the air. It's ideal for houses that have issues with humidity levels. Thanks to two mechanical regulators, it's very simple and convenient in use. 

detailed parameters
Heating Area

2000 W, Ceramic heater, For small spaces


Tip over protection switch


Anti-dust filter (Removable, washable), Adjustable room thermostat, Anti-frost, Summer ventilation


1 year


The design of this model allows you to mount it on a wall (mounting hardware not included) or place it on the floor (the pegs are included). The mounting process is easy.


Weak voltage drop protection.


The biggest merits of this space heater are its quiet operation and the ability to heat up quite a big room in a very short time. In addition, it has a very nice design which allows it to fit any interior perfectly. 

detailed parameters
Heating Area

2000 W, Convector heater, For medium-sized rooms


Tip over protection switch


Adjustable thermostat, Floor or wall-mounted placing


1 year

Can be placed vertically or horizontally. Can work as a fan without turning the heating element on.
The fan produces quiet still hearable white noise.
Versatile use of this model makes it stand out from the rest compact space fan heaters. Ideal for an office or your average bedroom.
detailed parameters
Heating Area
2000 W, Fan heater, For small spaces

Overheating protection, Anti-freeze protection

Works both in horizontal and vertical positions, 1.5 m cable, Carrying handle
1 year

De'Longhi TRDS41025E

A Fire Beast

If you're looking for a radiator heater that will be powerful enough to warm up moderate and big-sized rooms, we'd like you to consider the De'Longhi Dragon 4, one of the better options you can find on the market today. Designed with the user convenience and comfort in mind, it has everything you'd expect from a space heater.

Using two settings and built-in LCD screen you can program the De'Longhi Dragon 4 to run at a specific temperature for up to 24 hours, which is very convenient as you won't need to check on it all the time. Unfortunately, though, if a voltage jump takes place, the settings won't be saved and you'll have to adjust them once again.

In terms of operation, the De'Longhi Dragon 4 heats up very quickly and is able to effectively warm areas up to 75 square metres in size. Please keep note that on the first use it's recommended to leave the heater running for a couple hours so that the fumes from the oil go off. Be sure to do it in a well-conditioned room.

The advantage of the De'Longhi Dragon 4 being an oil radiator is that it keeps on emitting warmth for another half an hour or so after being turned off, which makes it a cost-effective solution. Plus, it has an ECO function using which you'll be able to save up to 7% on your annual electricity bill.

Review of De'Longhi TRDS41025E Electronic Timer Oil Filled Radiator

Safety First

To prevent the heater from overheating, there is a built-in protection system that turns it off when it reaches the maximum temperature. The only downside of this feature is that when the heater turns itself off that way it makes a rather loud clunk sound which some users find annoying at first.

As for convenient features, this model has an anti-frost mode. Thanks to this feature, the heater can maintain the fixed temperature in a room which you don't use for a certain time.

While the De'Longhi TRDS41025E has many great features and protection, it's still important to remember about all hazards of using radiator heaters. Some of its parts may get pretty hot during use which is why be sure to use your heater with care.

In conclusion, the De'Longhi TRDS41025E is certainly one of the best oil heaters out there and we're not particularly surprised about it considering how many options and features it has and how effective and powerful its performance is.

De'Longhi TRDS41025E Electronic Timer Oil Filled Radiator in the use

Additional Info

User Manual     Manufacturer


Duronic HV101 Black Mica Panel 2.5KW

Modern Technologies for Sizzling Performance

The Duronic HV101 is an excellent example of a simple yet effective heater. The heating elements here are mica panels. The mica is a group of silicate minerals that started out being used in convectors not so long ago. This mica plates used for infrared heating. They don't burn the dust on them or dehumidify the air around. Instead, micathermic heaters warm up the objects with the invisible to human eye infrared rays. These objects, in turn, will gradually transfer the heat to the air. Because of this, HV101 create a perfect atmosphere in a bedroom, dinner room or on a balcony. No wonder, mica plates were originally implemented in health and space industries.

The finest thing about micathermic heaters is that they need less than a minute of work for you to feel the result. The room is starting to feel cozily warm so fast that you would want to stay in it forever as if a heavy comfy blanket were holding you down in a bed on a chilly winter morning.

Review of Duronic HV101 Black Mica Panel 2.5KW Radiant Convector Heater

Wide Panels with Wide Possibilities

Besides its incredible efficiency, the Duronic HV101 also boasts thought-out controls. The unit can juice out 2500 W. Still, you can easily reduce the energy consumption with the regulator down to 1.5 kW or 1 kW to save on the electricity bill. We recommend setting the power to the max for warming the room up. After that, set it to the medium or lower temperature to maintain the most comfortable for you. Also, use the lesser power in smaller rooms. As for the design, it has two perforated walls on the sides. Through them, you can see the unit in the center that emits the IR rays both ways. When compared side by side with a standard oil heater, this mica convector is incredibly light - only 5 kg. You can safely grab it by the heat-resisting plastic handle with a few fingers and roll it to another place with ease even while the unit is still hot. Don't be afraid to leave it on for the whole night, as there's an overheat safety feature that will turn it over too.

Overall, the Duronic HV101 is a lightweight and efficient heater that will bear your company on cold frosty evenings.

Duronic HV101 Black Mica Panel 2.5KW Radiant Convector Heater in the use


It's a shame that the Duronic HV101 has no timer to automatically turn on-off. A programmable plug switch is a perfect solution for this.

Detailed review of Duronic HV101 Black Mica Panel 2.5KW Radiant Convector Heater

Additional Info



Delonghi DCH6031

A Compact Furnace

The De’Longhi DCH6031 is a compact ceramic heater that is designed for small to medium-sized rooms. It is able to heat up a room in less than 15 minutes which is very quick compared to oil heaters.

Though the appearance of the heater isn't exactly what people are usually concerned about, it's still nice to have an appliance that looks sleek, modern, and stylish, and the De’Longhi DCH6031 definitely belongs on that list. Unlike most fan heaters, this one looks really cool.

The performance of the De’Longhi DCH6031 isn't to scoff at either. The heater has a thermostat which will turn it off immediately if it starts to overheat. If this happens, though, make sure not to switch the heater on for a few minutes and let it cool off.

This De’Longhi ceramic heater is reasonably quiet and doesn't seem to produce a lot of noise beside occasional clicks you might hear in case of overheating. It is a fairly portable device that can be compactly stored almost everywhere when you don't use it. Having said that, the manufacturer warns against placing it close to furniture and objects prone to inflammation. Also, it's not recommended to put it right under the socket since this may cause its overheating. Using extension leads is not recommended too, but if you need to, try to not overload its power limit.

Review of Delonghi DCH6031 Ceramic Heater, 2000 W

Useful All Year Round

Now, let's move on to the safety features since these are one of the most important characteristics as far as any heater is concerned. The De'Longhi DCH6031 ceramic heater features overheating and tip-over protection, meaning if it ever gets too hot due to the obstruction of flowing air or non-operated motor, it will automatically switch off.

Another feature present in the De'Longhi DCH6031 is protection against freezing temperatures. With this option on, you can be sure that the temperature in the room won't drop below 0 degrees and will be fixed at 5 degrees. To activate this mode, all you need is to turn the thermostat dial at a minimum and switch mode selector in the third position. The only minor gripe about this feature is that sometimes, according to customers, the thermostat can be not highly accurate.

On a positive side, the DCH6031 can double as a fan so when the cold months are long gone you can use it to cool the room activating the summer ventilation setting. One of the other things we'd like to mention is that the heater has a built-in filter that cleans the air in the room, which contributes to a better atmosphere in your house.

To sum all of it up, the DCH6031 ceramic heater from DeLonghi is a good choice if you want to use it as the main source of heat or as a supplement to the centralized heating system.
Delonghi DCH6031 Ceramic Heater, 2000 W in the use

Additional Info

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Motionperformance Essentials MP Essentials

A Perfect Fit for the Job

Though not the most powerful, the Electrical Convector Heater from Motionperformance Essentials generates a sufficient amount of power and heat to warm any small to moderate-sized room. It works very fast and you'd feel its warmth in less than 10 minutes. 

With such outstanding performance and price tag like it comes with, the Electrical Convector Heater vividly stands out from the flow of similar models. The heater is surprisingly lightweight and at the same time well balanced and stable due to its sturdy legs. One of the things that might turn you off (although it shouldn't) is that the heater doesn't come fully assembled; you will need to attach the legs to its base. However, this process is very quick and straightforward and you'll not spend long on it. Alternatively, the Electrical Convector Heater can be mounted on a wall with the screws that come in the box. 

What you should also like about this heater is its simple yet very good-looking and aesthetic design making it a good match for any room and interior. It's well built and intuitive in use. There are only two switches which allow you to select the heat output you need. 

Review of Motionperformance Essentials MP Essentials Convector Heater

Simple yet Convenient

Even though convection heaters work noticeably slower than their radiant counterparts, they can sustain a high temperature longer and are more cost-effective in general. On top of that, if you put the device on a wall it will also help to heat the adjacent room. With regards to the MP Essentials Convector Heater, it's so compact you'll be able to place it anywhere in your house. Beside the remarkable heat output, this heater stands out with its quiet performance which makes it suitable for bedrooms.

Speaking of differences between convection and radiant heaters, one of the most important ones is that convectors are more economical and energy-efficient than radiant heaters, allowing you to save up to 10 percent on electricity bills. On the other hand, convection heaters are efficient only for small areas, which makes them unfit for people living in big houses. But if you're not looking for the most powerful heater the market has to offer you and what you need is a portable model capable of reaching high temperatures fast, the MP Essentials Convector Heater will not disappoint you.

Motionperformance Essentials MP Essentials Convector Heater in the use


Lloytron F2003WH

Whiff of Relief

This Lloytron fan heater is a very compact solution for a much-needed task of keeping ourselves warm during the cold seasons. It readily creates the comfort zones with its blowing fan. The working principle here is pretty basic: it sucks the cold air through the perforated holes and blows it out all warmed up. There are 3 modes to choose from plus the temperature regulating knob. The first more is ‘fan only’ without turning on the heating unit - just for ventilation, when you need a circulated air in your room. The other two are used for warming up and maintaining the temperature in the room at 1 kW or 2 kW.

Review of Lloytron F2003WH Fan Heater

Useful All Around

The thought-out concept of this heater’s housing brings several positive and practical qualities. It might not be obvious at first, but the relatively small device's size (25 x 12x 24 cm) certainly suggests mobility. At less than 1.5 kg, you can readily pick it up and bring to the kitchen while you are eating the dinner or put it in the doorway of a bathroom when you take the shower. Note, it’s not actually waterproof - keep away from where water splashes might land.

Another fantastic thing worth mentioning is that you can place it both vertically and horizontally – just make sure that the holes for air suction are not blocked by anything to prevent overheating. Even if such thing happens, there’s an auto-off feature if the device gets way too hot. By the way, its body is designed so that you couldn’t reach the heating elements inside – perfect solution for a family with a kid, pet or both.

When lying horizontally, the light warm breeze pleasantly washes over your feet and knees and provides you a pleasant feel in your muscles and bones while the hot air gradually rises up. The vertical stance, though, affords a more directed approach to point the flow where you want it the most.

After all, this Lloyd fan heater is a solid classical device, best suitable for small-to-average rooms and offices.

Lloytron F2003WH Fan Heater in the use

More Products to Consider

If your Lloytron space heater has taken on the only available socket in a room, consider buying a multi-plug adaptor to energize other electric appliances.

Detailed review of Lloytron F2003WH Fan Heater

Additional Info

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Lloytron F2003WH Fan Heater Review

What Is a Space Heater?

As cold weather is coming to the countries of the northern hemisphere, people start to huddle up near the fireplace or in their beds. And if the central heating is insufficient a space heater will be extremely useful. Of course, this handy appliance can be used everywhere - to heat up the air around your desk at work, warm up your room at home, make the air warmer in your cozy small store, warm up your garage or workshop, and so on. Keep in mind that people can never feel well if it is cold. Therefore, make sure to choose the space heater according to your needs. Today, there are lots of heaters on the market and we are going to review 5 best space heaters for relatively small areas.

We recommend using a thermostat to maintain a comfortable atmosphere in our place and save up some money. Additionally, you can turn your eyes at gas heaters and infrared heaters.

What Features to Compare

When you are about to choose a space heater, you need to consider some important features. There are many room heater reviews available online and they are so different. However, we have selected the most important features for you.

The first thing to pay attention to is the Heating Area every appliance is designed for. There are several important criteria that determine it - for example, the power of the heating element. The efficiency of the space heater depends on that. At least 100 Watts of power are required to provide a good heating for 1 square meter. In general, there are the following Types of space heaters: oil radiators, fan heaters, radiant heaters, gas heaters (or catalytic combustion heaters), and infrared heaters. You need to choose a space heater according to your needs. For instance, an infrared heater can be used not only indoors but also outdoors, whereas fan heater is perfect for small rooms or for heating the air around you. Big fan heaters are also used to heat workshops, garages, warehouses, etc. Remember that the Power every space heater yields depends on its type.

Another crucial feature is the Safety level every space heater provides: you need to be sure the appliance you set at home is not dangerous and unlikely to break into flame if ever being tipped over. The best space heaters feature an auto shut-off function to turn the unit automatically if you happen to leave it on. 

Finally, you need to consider the Usability of every space heater. Here you need to work out how easy it will be to use your appliance and whether it's mobile enough to move from one room to another. It'd be good to choose a heater with a timer option to be able to set the needed length of time during which you need a heater to operate.

Did you know?

How to Make Your House More Energy Efficient

It is well known that space heaters cannot replace the main heat source and should be used only as an addition to the centralized heating system. Still, it's possible to maximize their heating effect without raising the electricity bill, following these simple steps. First of all, you might consider insulating all doors and windows in your house to prevent the heat from escaping your rooms. Secondly, you can use natural sources of heat such as sunlight. On sunny winter days, leave blinders and curtains open in the morning and afternoon and keep them closed at night. Additionally, you can put a carpet or a rug on the floor. You will be surprised to find out how much heat you'll be able to save! In addition, you can enhance the effectiveness of your heater by removing furniture that stays in the way of the device and placing a sheet of tinfoil on the wall behind it so that it will reflect the heat towards you instead of heating the wall. Also, don’t forget that space heaters are used to heat up rooms individually, so be sure to close all doors to the rooms you are not using often. Consider buying a fixed space heater dedicated to the room you use most of the time and portable heaters for other rooms such as bedrooms and living rooms. Following these easy tips, you will be able to make your heating system more cost-effective.

How to Use Space Heaters Safely

More than 20,000 fires occur each year due to improper use of portable heaters. Moreover, if you use a heater too often it can cause a carbon monoxide poisoning. If you don’t want to become a statistic be sure to always read the manufacturer’s installation instructions, manual and safety precautions thoroughly to avoid malfunction of the device. Always make sure to pull the actual plug instead of the cord when you want to unplug the heater. Do not overload the power socket and do not use other electrical devices in combination with a space heater. Never leave the device unattended and turn it off when you leave the house or go to bed. Do not neglect to check twice if the heater is turned off. Remember: safety should always come first!

Convection Heater vs Oil Radiator Heater

There are many different types of electric space heaters that serve the same purpose - which is keeping your house warm in winter. They all do it differently, however. Before picking a particular heater you need to ask yourself a question, “What do I need a heater for?”. It is important to understand that your lifestyle will determine if a particular type of heater suits you (or not). Convection heaters, for example, are best used as stationary sources of heat that keep a constant warm atmosphere in your room. The convection works in such a way that it circulates the cold breeze through the bottom and emits the warm air through the top. As a rule, they come without fans so there is no way for a heater to move the hot air. Ceiling fans are best suited for active people who rarely sit still and tend to move a lot around the house doing different household work.  Oil radiators work in a slightly different way. They contain a coil that heats the oil inside the heater and turns off automatically when it reaches the maximum temperature.  This allows the heater to slowly cool off after it has already been turned off. This feature makes them one of the most economical and practical solutions for people who seek a heater capable of providing the extended warmth. 


Q: Does the top of the heater get hot?
A: Yes, it does. You should never touch the heater when it is on with your bare hands or you might get them burned. Same goes for any other objects that are placed in proximity to the device. Try not to place flammable objects near it. That includes furniture, curtains, beddings. Keep them at least 1 meter away from the heater.

Q: Does the oil heater smell when in use?
A: When you turn the oil heater on for the first time it might emit a chemical smell. It's a normal reaction that comes from the process of the oil being heated inside the radiator. Which is exactly why manufacturers of oil heaters recommend running heaters for a couple hours with opened windows and doors so that this smell goes away. You might need to repeat this several times. To remove the smell completely, it's important to read and follow all the instructions provided by the manufacturer. And when in use, make sure to always air the room to prevent carbon monoxide from concentrating.

Q: Can I place the fan heater on my desk?
A: We do not recommend placing any kind of heaters on tables, desks, drawers, and anything that is above the ground level. In terms of safety measures, it is recommended to place the device on the floor. Since some parts of the heater can get hot, they can damage the surface of the desk or even burn it and leave unsightly stains.

Q: I have small children in my house, Is it safe for them to use the heater when I am not at home?
A: As it goes with any electrical devices you should not let kids use them without supervision. In case it's not possible, make sure to instruct them how to use the heater in a safe way. Fortunately, many heaters today have several security features like a tip-over switch, overheating protection, etc. Thanks to these, even if your child tips the heater over accidentally, it will not cause a fire.

Q: Air filter in my ceramic heater got dirty and it does not work properly anymore. Is there any way I can clean it?
A: Yes, you can actually clean the filter on your own! To do this, you will need to unplug the heater and let it cool. Then you will need to clean the air intake and the grille. Next, you'll need to remove the grille by gently pulling it outwards. Now you can put the filter back inside the heater. The cleaning is done. 

Q: Can I put the heater on the floor and use it to dry my clothes?
A: No, you can’t. The heater emits strong heat that can damage clothes and even set it on fire. To prevent that from happening, never put anything on top of the heater.

Q: Does the heater work quietly?
A: It depends on the type of heater you use. The oil heaters tend to make somewhat loud clicks when they reach a maximum temperature. This sound means that a thermostat inside the heater is working properly and turns the device off automatically to save electricity. Not only oil heaters emit noises. Any type of heater that has a metal construction may produce some noise during operation which is explained by the fact that metal tends to change its shape under the effect of heat.


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