Comparison of  Tablets

Best Tablets

A tablet is a small computer. Lighter and more portable than a laptop yet almost as high performing. Quite a few tasks can be performed with a tablet today. And if you decided you need one, we are here to help you choose the best. So, tablet computers. Here we go!

Comparison of Android Tablets

Best Android Tablets

Looking for an electronic device that's bigger and more convenient than a smartphone but more mobile and compact than your laptop? Well, in that case, a tablet might just be a perfect choice for you. Look at our selection of 5 best Android tablets and take your pick.
Comparison of Tablets for Kids That Help Grow Smart

Best Tablets for Kids That Help Grow Smart

Have you ever noticed how curious children are about new things which surround them? If you have, you also should have noticed their interest in modern technologies. That's why we offer you to have a look at several models of tablets invented specially for kids.

Comparison of Windows Tablets

Best Windows Tablets

The tendency of making consumer digital devices more portable has manifested itself in so called tablet PCs. Many of these touchscreen-equipped compact devices run on Windows OS and are used as a full-fledged substitute for desktop PCs. We’ve reviewed 5 Windows tablets to provide you with the best options to choose from.
Comparison of 10 inch Android Tablets

Best 10 inch Android Tablets

An Android tablet is a mobile device that can easily replace your PC on the go. It is a convenient multifunctional gadget that will be equally suitable both for work and for entertainment purposes. Here is our list of best 10-inch tablets.
Comparison of 8 inch Tablets

Best 8 inch Tablets

An 8-inch tablet will suit all those who seek a functional device with small dimensions. It will be especially convenient if you travel a lot and plan to take a tablet with you on the go.
Comparison of Fusion5 Tablets

Best Fusion5 Tablets

Looking for a functional tablet for every-day use but you don't want to overpay for a famous brand name? If so, we recommend checking out these Fushion5 tablets that have pretty decent performance, yet come at an affordable price.