Patio, Lawn & Garden

Smart Sprinklers
Best Smart Sprinklers
If you wish to have a beautiful lawn near your house — start using high-tech smart sprinklers that will turn lawn care into a cakewalk! We have reviewed 5 best smart sprinklers to help you make the right choice.
Picnic Blankets
Best Picnic Blankets
Having BBQ outdoors with a picnic blanket will add comfort to your outings and protect you from the moisture and creepy insects. For this review we've picked 5 stylish models in a variety of colors and designs to fit any taste and budget.
Garden Furniture Sets
Best Garden Furniture Sets for Comfortable Lounging
If you love being outdoors and have made up your mind to create a little paradise of your own to enjoy romantic dinners under the stars, barbecue parties with your family and friends, or quiet moments reading a book, all you need is some inspiration, a beautiful view to look at, and a comfortable garden furniture set.

Insect & Pest Repellent

Best Rodent Traps

If you've got a mouse problem in your place, the best way to control the situation is to set a rodent trap. Catch or kill different pests like mice, rats, chipmunks, voles and nuisance animals. This review will help you choose the best trap available on sale and make your life easier.

Outdoor Tools

Metal Detectors
Best Metal Detectors

Not all the treasures and metal scrap can be seen with a naked eye as they are buried under the ground or water. Handheld metal detectors allow finding such metal objects by sweeping their detector probes over the ground. We have reviewed the 5 best models to help you make an optimal choice.

Best Secateurs for Delicate Pruning Tasks
No gardener arsenal is complete without a pair of razor-sharp secateurs. Though today you can find a variety of powered pruning tools, there is a great number of delicate works that require precise hand pruning. This is where secateurs will come in handy. In our review, we’ve selected 5 top-rated cordless secateurs to help you choose the best one for your needs.

Outdoor Decors

Fire Pits
Best Fire Pits to Enhance Your Backyard
There is hardly a better way to create a cosy vibe in your backyard than by adding a fire pit. Watching the flames dance is enchanting and calming. We've picked 5 fire pits that will offer you this wonderful pastime option.

Grow Appliances

Grow Lights
Best Grow Lights to Please Indoor Growers
It’s challenging to grow plants when there is not enough sunlight, but with one of the grow lights reviewed below, you’ll be able to grow beautiful flowers and herbs. Being able to create the maximum natural light, these devices will help you take care of your plants even in a flat.

Outdoor Storages

Storage Sheds
Best Garden Storages to Organize All Your Stuff
Garden tools, BBQ stuff, instruments, swimming pool gear... We have a lot of stuff we need to maintain and store properly! Thanks to outdoor storage sheds, the garden items won't rust and fade. Plus, you won't lose anything since all your tools will be neatly organized in one place.