Product Comparison: AKASO EK7000 vs AKASO Brave 4

General Specifications
Brave 4
About the Product
AKASO EK7000 Sports Action Camera features ultra HD 4K video recording, 170° wide angle lens, 12MP, maximum recording format up to 4K 25fps & 2.7K 30fps.
AKASO Brave 4 action camera features ultra HD 4K 24fps & 2K 30fps video recording, 20MP. It's an amazing gift for your friends and family even yourself. Perfect for outdoor sports and underwater sports like cycling, motorcycling, skiing, diving, surfing, snorkelin and so on.
Key Specs
Effective Megapixels
12 MP
20 MP
Video Resolution
2160 p
2160 p
Maximum Depth Of Water Resistance
100 feet
130 feet
Size & Weight
1.5 in.
1.57 in.
2 in.
2.32 in.
0.9 in.
0.91 in.
2.25 oz.
5.6 oz.


AKASO Brave 4

What customers say about "Size & Weight"
AKASO EK7000 Action Camera (4K, WiFi, Waterproof)
  • Size and weight, this action cam is almost identical to a GoPro, other than a little thicker. Length and width is the same, with maybe a larger lens. Weight is very similar.
  • Not great but good for the size of the camera and the video quality.
  • It's a really decent and lightweight camera.
AKASO Brave 4 Action Camera
  • It is stylish, compact and suitable in shape/ size for its use. The charge for the batteries are good.
  • Its such a neat size and weight it's going to play a starring role in the upcoming wedding, for the dog's eye view of the proceedings!
  • It is a of a small size, so is easily transportable and manoeuvrable.
  • I am really impressed so far with the video quality, ease of set up and use and the compact size. It is ideal for travelling!
  • Easy to use camera, really handy size and great picture quality.
Display Type
Screen Size
2 in.
2 in.
What customers say about "Display"
AKASO EK7000 Action Camera (4K, WiFi, Waterproof)
  • It is easy to operate and has a LCD screen on its back. It feels sturdy and did not break when I dropped it.
  • The product is easy to use and the LCD screen makes filming/photographing much easier.
  • Easy to use and good size screen to see what you want to capture. Good product for price.
  • The LCD screen is terrible - I have to look at it at an angle to see the image properly. If I look at it dead on, it has that "off-angle" look LCD screens get when you look at them from a weird angle.
  • The interface is pretty nice. The LCD screen isn't the highest of quality, and does actually make the footage looks sub-par (more on quality of footage below), but it does the job fine.
AKASO Brave 4 Action Camera
  • The picture and video quality is unlike any other. It is easily viewed on the AKASO Brave 4 screen and is not pixelated. Highly recommend!!!
  • It also has a front facing screen showing battery life and recording status important if you are using it as a vlog camera.
  • The rear screen is clear and easy to view, 2 side buttons make scrolling through the various functions easy on the fly.
  • The screens are clear and easy to view and the buttons make scrolling through the various functions easy.
  • It is intuitive to use and the large screen on the back makes set up a breeze.
Video Formats
H.264, MPEG4
Image Stabilization
Digital Zoom
5 x
What customers say about "Video"
AKASO EK7000 Action Camera (4K, WiFi, Waterproof)
  • The options of the video format is great. I will start video more on 1080P at 60FPS for my snowboarding this Winter.
  • Video quality is fine in good lighting.
  • The quality of the photos and videos are good but don't expect the same quality you would get from a more expensive camera or those professional cameras.
  • The video is pretty grainy on mine as are the photos in any format, maybe mine is defective or something.
  • Lack of image stabilization was also a problem. Most videos turned out shaky even when I was trying to hold the camera as still as possible. My understanding is that higher end cameras from more premium brands fix this via automatic stabilization.
  • I was concerned about the lack of image stabilization but have not seen any issues with this.
  • First and foremost, there's no image stabilization, so your videos are always going to be shaky and there's nothing you can do.
AKASO Brave 4 Action Camera
  • I am very satisfied with the camera. The camera itself is very easy to use. The pictures and video are superb.
  • The image quality of both video and photos was excellent. I am very pleased overall.
  • The instructions are clear, they do take some getting used to as I keep pressing okay feather than the on/off to get to the menus or change from video to photo. The quality of the video is excellent.
  • Video picture quality: very good even at 19colours20p (with sharpness turned up), I don't have screens to display 2K or 4K.
  • Fantastic camera for the price. Takes great video and till pictures.
Wi-Fi Enabled
Water Resistant
Memory Card Compatibility
Micro SD
microSD Class 10
170° wide angle lens, Up to 90 min record time per 1050MAh battery, 4 Shooting modes: Video, Camera, Burst Shot, Time Lapse, Included accessory pack with splash-proof remote, 2 batteries and 15 mounting accessories
Edit and share video freely, No more budgets on batteries and mounting accessories, Wind noise reduction, Time-Lapse recording
What customers say about "Features"
AKASO EK7000 Action Camera (4K, WiFi, Waterproof)
  • The wi-fi function works great as well as the remote that came with the camera.
  • The Wi-Fi functionality is cool, but it's often leggy and unnecessary. Overall, these things are awesome and a fraction of the price of the top brand name.
  • Especially like the fact that it is water resistant because we wanted to use it while it sprinkled as well for our outdoor activities.
  • The wi-fi functionality is definitely on the camera, but when I try to pair it with the app it throws an error saying it's not compatible.
  • The only down side is I didn't realize it didn't come with a micro SD card so we had to get one before we could use the camera. Overall she is very happy with this camera.
AKASO Brave 4 Action Camera
  • The water proof enclosure keeps the cam dry in water. Recommended.
  • Seems to be well built with a great many options such as image size, video quality, burst mode etc..
  • It works brilliantly both under and above water and is great for video's and photo's. Glad we bought it.
  • Excellent Camera. Took it with me on holiday to Maldives to film some under water filming. The picture quality was amazing, really clear.
  • The underwater case is strong and clips on tightly,so no worries that the water will go in.
Other Information
69.99 $
Warranty / Certifications
Manufacturer Warranty
1 year(s)

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