TV Accessories

Best TV-Remotes

If you’ve got at least 5 remotes in your place, you'll definitely estimate universal remote control that will let you switch between various devices and perform different tasks. Find the review of the best TV remote controls below and choose your best match!

TV Antennas
Best TV Antennas
A digital TV antenna provides high-quality reception of digital channels broadcasts. The best digital antenna can receive digital TV signals from all the stations. Read our digital antenna reviews to find the best TV antenna and enjoy your favourite programs and shows at awesome quality!
Best Indoor TV Aerials
While most antennas are just too bulky to install in your flat, indoor aerials are the perfect fit for small households. These lightweight and small-sized devices will do the job of receiving an HD TV signal just fine, if not better than some fully-fledged indoor TV aerial models. We’ve picked the 5 top models that are available today so you can find the one that suits your needs.
HDMI Switchers & Splitters
Best HDMI Switchers & Splitters
When your life becomes wired up, the best course of action is to make a pause and sort out the stuff around you. HDMI splitters and switches are the devices that may help you with this.
Best HDMI Switches
Do you need to connect several HDMI-using devices to your TV set or PC but there's just one input port? The best and most convenient way to do that is to use an HDMI switch box which lets you link several devices through one simple gadget.
TV Wall Mounts
Best TV Wall Mounts

If you have purchased LCD or LED TV you do not need bulky stands or pedestals for them. Clear your living space! The wide choice of articulating wall mounts will help you there. And we have some suggestions.

HDMI Cables
Best HDMI Cables
Do you like watching movies in the best image quality possible? Then, you need an HDMI cable! There is a huge number of such cables literally flooding the market of electronics. Have a look at our review and select the best HDMI cable!
Connectors & Adapters
Best HDMI Adapters
As technology marches on, devices get more and more sophisticated and one day you may find out that an HDMI cable you have doesn't fit new gadgets anymore. That is exactly when an HDMI adapter will come in handy.
Set-Top Boxes
Best Freesat Boxes
When regular satellite boxes become more and more expensive to keep one can’t help but wonder, “What are the other options?”. Fortunately, there is a solution - a Freesat receiver box. Affordable and available without any subscription fees, it will be a great alternative to a regular sat box.
Best Freeview Recorders
Do you wish to use the Freeview Play service for getting access to all of your favourite TV shows and channels, but lack the proper equipment? If so, then you need a Freeview recorder. Read on for our picks of the top 5 models and find the best Freeview recorder for your home entertainment system!
Signal Amplifiers
Best TV Signal Boosters for Improving Television Reception
Do you rely on terrestrial over-the-air television broadcasts for your entertainment needs, yet often find that the signal you receive is poor? Then what you need is a TV Signal Booster. Read on for our reviews of 5 of the top models and find the best TV Signal Booster for giving you the best quality reception!