Training Equipment

Inversion Tables
Best Inversion Tables
Inversion tables are a piece of training equipment created specifically for inversion table therapy, providing natural spine stretching and pain relief. Our inversion tables reviews bring the best inversion tables to your attention.
Exercise Bikes
Best Exercise Bikes for Effective Workouts at Home

"You can’t workout while sitting down", they say. Well, why not? The exercise bike is a great solution for getting your body in shape without leaving your home! And our review of the best exercise bikes will help you choose the one to pedal your way to health and shape!

Rowing Machines
Best Rowing Machines
Millions of people are suffering from cardiovascular diseases worldwide and if you care about your health, you should certainly perform regular exercises. A rowing machine is the best fitness equipment for this purpose! We have selected and reviewed 5 best rowing machines for you!
Best Treadmills
What's the best way to lose weight? Most people say it's jogging and running! And if for some reason you can't jog at your local park, you can start losing weight without leaving your home thanks to a treadmill. Read our brand-new review and start shaping your body!
Elliptical Machines
Best Elliptical Machines
Elliptical machines can simulate the physical loads of walking, running or hill climbing. They are perfect for a workout of the whole body, being much lighter on joints than treadmills. Hence, we offer you to choose one of the best elliptical machines available on the market. Just do it!
Bike Trainers
Best Bike Trainers
If you're training for a sport event or just trying to keep a regular riding schedule, an indoor bike trainer can be a valuable tool for you. We've reviewed 5 best indoor bike trainers that will help you keep fit and be healthy. So pick the one that suits you best!
Weight Benches
Best Weight Benches
Any home gym is not complete without a good workout bench. So, what is it about this exercise equipment that people around the world appreciate so much? Designed for a variety of exercises, a weight bench allows you to tone, strengthen, and sculpt your bicep, chest, ab, and back muscles. Here's a quick rundown of the best benches to consider when shopping around.
Smith Machines
Best Smith Machines
Are you dreaming about shredded body but don’t have time to visit a gym? Why not giving a Smith machine a try? Designed for personal use, this exercise equipment will make your dream come true in the comfort of your home. We’ve reviewed 5 best machines to help you make the right choice.
Home Gyms
Best Home Gyms for Full-body Workouts
No more crowds for a machine, no more people watching you, no more gym membership fees. That’s the beauty of a home gym! A complete multi gym can help you create the body you want in the comfort of your own home. We have selected only the best home gyms. So, make a pick and start training when you want and the way you want it!
Weight Belts
Best Weight Lifting Belts
Transform yourself from a fitness newbie to a gym pro with a supportive weight belt. Wearing this belt will help you increase your power, strength, and muscle growth. We have selected only the best weight lifting belts for this review to make your choice less tricky.
Gymnastic Bars
Best Gymnastics Bars for Home Use
Gymnastics bars are there to help your kid train and develop advanced motor skills. These are the best gymnastics bars that will be able to easily catch and hold your gymnast on hip circles, casts, kips, and more.
Best Barbells
If you are serious about growing your muscle strength and shaping your body, a barbell will become your best friend. This simple yet highly efficient piece of sports equipment will come in handy both at home and in the gym. And our selection of the best barbells will help you choose the right tool to start your barbell training.