Juicers & Blenders

Countertop Blenders
Best Countertop Blenders to Make Healthy Drinks
Serving delicious restaurant drinks, smoothies and low-fat desserts has become an easy task with the brand-new countertop blenders! These extremely useful devices are able to crush ice into snow and nuts into powder just in a few seconds. We present you the review of the most productive and efficient food blenders available on the market today.
Best Smoothie Makers for Healthy Eaters
In the modern world, wholesome food is becoming a priority for many people. And a smoothie is one of the attributes of a healthy diet. Our best smoothie makers review will help you make a step towards a healthy lifestyle. Go ahead!
Best Juicers

Juicers bring all the vitamins and nutrients from fruit and vegetables directly inside your body in liquid form. Fresh juices are useful, nourishing, hydrating and full of nutrients. Check the best Juicer we've selected for you to enjoy fresh healthy juice both in summer and winter.

Best Masticating Juicers for Maximum Juice Extraction
If you are into a healthy lifestyle and well-balanced diet, your daily menu for sure includes a freshly squeezed juice. Want to be able to turn almost any fruit or veg to a smoothie-like thick juice and keep maximum nutrients and vitamins in your fresh? Now it is possible with a masticating juicer. Below, we’ve reviewed 5 top-rated models available on the market to narrow down your choice and help you find the best masticating juicer for home use.
Hand Blenders
Best Hand Blenders to Cook With Ease
Do you want to make soup in just 30 seconds? Or a cocktail in 15 seconds? It's possible to do with one of the handheld blenders we offer in this review. Have a look at the comparison and take your pick!
Citrus Juicers
Best Citrus Juicers

Citrus juicers are useful kitchen appliances allowing you to easily squeeze juice from oranges, grapefruit, lemons, etc. Citrus fruit are known for their richness in vitamin C and are the best natural protection against flu and cold. So, go ahead and pick one of the best electric citrus juicers!