Comparison of Magnetic Blocks

Best Magnetic Blocks

Magnetic blocks let children build various simple and complex structures. The magnets inside these magnetic building blocks enable easy stacking and connecting and make sure that the structure does not come crumbling when accidentally dropped or tipped over.
Comparison of LEGO Technic Sets

Best LEGO Technic Sets

The LEGO Technic sets can bring a new life into your fascinating hobby. Sophisticated and highly functional, these sets are designed to impress you with the highest level of detail. To ease your search, we have included the best LEGO Technic sets in our shortlist.
Comparison of LEGO Sets

Best LEGO Sets

LEGO sets, especially big LEGO sets, aren't cheap. But that's because these sets are as fun as they're educational and beneficial for children and adults in more ways than one. With so many different options, there is always a set out there that your kid will fall in love with.
Comparison of LEGO Sets for Adults

Best LEGO Sets for Adults

LEGO sets for adults will let you put together the most detailed, intricate models. The best LEGO sets for adults can contain as many as 3-4 thousand pieces. These larger sets can be difficult to assemble but the reward is definitely worth the effort.
Comparison of LEGO Tables

Best LEGO Tables

Scattered toys can become annoying quite fast especially when it comes to LEGO pieces since they are small and hard. A good LEGO table can solve this issue without breaking a bank. Small and light, they not only provide storage room for toys but also serve as a playground for your kids. So, to help you pick the one that suits your needs and preferences, we have picked the most impressive LEGO tables available on the market today.