Power Tools

Hammer Drills
Best Hammer Drills
It's impossible to imagine building or repairing a house without a hammer drill that combines 2 different actions - rotary drilling and hammering. Hammer drills bore holes even in the firmest concrete and brick walls. Having reviewed lots of these tools, we have shortlisted 5 best hammer drills!
Best Cordless Drills Any Handyman Must Have

A cordless drill is an irreplaceable helper of any handyman. The cordless drill is used for most jobs at summer cottages, in garages, and at home. This review will describe 5 best cordless drills and help you make a choice.

Best Power Drills
If you need a handy tool for boring, drilling or even screwdriving, check out the high-performance power drills from this review to make the right choice.
Best Belt Sanders

Renovating your furniture implies sanding wood, plastic and other surfaces at different angles. This process may be hard and time consuming. Belt sanders are power tools designed to significantly facilitate the process. In our review we examined the 5 best belt sander models available for purchase.

Best Orbital Sanders for Fast and Easy Sanding

Do you need to sand a wooden workpiece? Or polish a painted metal surface? No doubt, any handyman needs a special tool for these tasks and this tool is called an orbital sander. Below, we have selected the 5 top rated orbital sanders to help you choose the best helper for a variety of your DIY activities!

Best Circular Saws

Today, a lot of people deal with woodworking and a saw is an essential tool for it. Handsaws have been used for ages but the progress does not stand still. Circular saws help you cut different materials with the utmost accuracy. We have reviewed 5 best models to help you make the right choice.

Best Mitre Saws

How to make a precise angled cut? There are a few types of tools that can do this yet miter saws are considered to the best. We have reviewed the 5 best miter saws and hope that our guides and tips will help you find the right model!

Best Finish Nailers for Your Jobs

Do you procrastinate in your trim work because the old and inconvenient hammer discourages you? Are you thinking of how to drive nails easier and faster? A quality finish nailer will help! Don't miss a chance to select the best finish nailer and make woodworking much more efficient!

Best Nailers
You do not need a hammer to drive a nail into a certain material anymore! The leading manufacturers offer diverse nailers, making any construction and repairing works much easier and efficient. Our review is dedicated to the best available models of nailers!
Best Polishers

Most paint and maintenance tasks require use of a polisher. If you need one, consider our review of the best polishers and choose a suitable one to make all your detailing jobs an easy breezy process.

Electric Screwdrivers
Best Electric Screwdrivers

Screwdrivers, known for centuries, have become more useful today. Any craftsman will find a good screwdriver extremely helpful, and, of course, screwdrivers come in handy in daily life. We have carefully selected five best screwdrivers to meet your specific requirements.

Best Electric Screwdrivers for Home and Worksite
Screwdrivers are essential tools that every household should have. Without having one, doing repairs or even minor fixes won't be even possible. For this review, we've compiled the best 5 electric screwdrivers that can be found on the market so that you could find the best-suited one with the ergonomics and features you need. Do not hesitate to skip to the selection of our top-rated picks.
Best Planers to Achieve Great Results in Woodworking

Such an interesting occupation as wooden furniture production would be impossible without wood boards. Planers are the tools used for fabrication of wood boards of the required thickness. We’ve chosen the best electric planers and reviewed them to help you choose the right one!

Log Splitters
Best Log Splitters for Easy Logging

Split the time in half with one of the log splitters we've reviewed for you. Whether you're looking for an easy way to make a winter supply of firewood to heat your home or you need to handle logs on a regular basis, we've come with a great selection of log splitters to fit any needs and requirements.

Impact Driver
Best Impact Drivers for Professional and Home Use
Do you know which tool can easily drive long screws into hardwood and loosen over-torqued nuts or bolts? We do! It is an impact driver. Below, we’ve picked 5 top-selling models to help you choose the best impact driver for your large-scale repair and construction projects.
Plasma Cutters
Best Plasma Cutters
When it comes to tough-to-perform metal cutting projects, a plasma cutter is probably the most efficient solution. We suggest you consider 5 best plasma cutters reviewed for making the right choice.
Router Tables
Best Router Tables
Routers are one of the most helpful and versatile tools of woodcrafters around the world. Nonetheless, some models are pretty heavy and bulky, so they are mounted on special tables for convenience of use. We have selected the best router tables for your consideration and choice.

Power Grinders

Angle Grinders
Best Angle Grinders
Are you looking for a versatile tool for cutting and grinding metal, concrete, or tile? If so, you need an angle grinder! Our review of 5 best angle grinders is here to help you pick the right model for your needs.


Soldering & Welding

MIG Welders
Best MIG Welders

If you don’t need a powerful welder for large metal projects but still seek a device that would cope with all the work you’ve got, MIG welder is a great solution. It won’t rip you off and yet suit most home projects perfectly, delivering more power you’d even expect.