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Robotic Pool Cleaners
Best Robotic Pool Cleaners

Many of us enjoy spending hot days in a swimming pool. Naturally, we want to keep them tidy, and the cleaning becomes a headache. Fortunately, we have robotic pool cleaners that can do this job for us. We have reviewed 5 best models to help you decide which one you need.

Best Pool Sweepers
Pool sweepers are suction-side vacuum cleaners that cost virtually pennies and automatically sweep pools without you helping them. The best pool sweepers can even match pressure-side models and robotic cleaners in speed and efficiency departments.
Portable hot tubs
Best Inflatable Hot Tubs
An inflatable hot tub gives you practically all advantages of a regular hot tub but without most of the drawbacks. They usually aren't as functional or spacious but the best inflatable hot tubs can definitely rival its traditional counterparts.