Food Preparation

Meat Grinders
Best Meat Grinders for Home-Made Mince and More

Those consumers who'd like to control what kind of meat or food goes into the stuffing and vary recipes according to their needs, opt for meat grinders. Meat grinders will not only let you produce the desired ground meat, but also keep your diet healthy. Choose the one to suit you best!

Hand Mixers
Best Hand Mixers for Easy Cooking
Sometimes it is not convenient to bake various dishes without a hand mixer that whisks, stirs, and beats food ingredients. But what device to choose? We have reviewed quite a number of hand mixers and made a shortlist of 5 best to help you make your pick.
Deep Fryers
Best Deep Fryers

If you crave for the delicious chips or other crispy fried foods, a deep fryer will be a great investment. Read our review of the best deep fryers available and choose one that suits your needs most.

Bread Makers
Best Bread Makers to Bake Bread at Home

Bread is delicious. The bread you've made yourself is even better. If you like baking and want to enjoy tasty bread or pastry, you need to get a bread maker. Check our brand-new comparison of 5 best bread machines.

Air Fryers
Best Air Fryers to Stick to Healthy Diet
Everyone knows that eating fried food on a regular basis can cause obesity and health problems, and yet, we still find it difficult to give up that habit. The good news is, with an air fryer, you have a chance to enjoy your favourite fried foods without the adverse effects of fats and oils since air fryers offer you a much safer way of making fried meals.
Pressure Cookers
Best Pressure Cookers to Prepare Healthy and Tasty Meals in no Time

The pressurised steam is used not only in the industry but also in a kitchen because it helps reduce the cooking time immensely. The appliances used for canning or extra-fast cooking are called pressure cookers and we have picked the most popular of them to help you get the right one.

Best Electric Pressure Cookers for Making Nutritious Meals
If you are looking for a fast and effective way to cook wholesome and delicious meals, an electric pressure cooker is the best choice you can make. Energy-efficient and functional, it will help to save you time and money, as well as preserve the nutritional value of foods.
Rice Cookers
Best Rice Cookers
A rice cooker can help you prepare perfect rice with a fluffy texture and amazing taste. The best rice cookers will let you achieve perfection and take all the strain out of the process of cooking rice (and not only)!
Stand Mixers
Best Stand Mixers

Save yourself the trouble of hand mixing ingredients. Hand over this messy work to a multitasking stand mixer. For this review, we have handpicked the most popular stand mixer as of today so that you could find a suitable model for your needs.

Slow Cooker
Best Slow Cookers for the Best Stews
Don’t fancy going out every evening to have a tea, but have no energy for cooking at home after a hard working day in the office? Then a slow cooker is definitely a solution for you. The food cooked in a slow cooker has a richer buffet of tastes.
Best Crock Pots for Easy and Healthy Cooking
Want to eat healthy and nutritious foods without a hassle of messy and time-taking cooking? Looking for an easy way to have your dinner ready when you come home after a hard working day? You need a crock pot. This compact kitchen appliance will let you eat freshly cooked meals every day without spending hours for the cooking process. Below, we’ve compared 5 top-selling models to help you choose the best crock pot for your kitchen arsenal.
Food Processors
Best Food Processors to Help You in the Kitchen

Have you ever registered how much time you spend on cooking? Would you like to change this routine? Not a problem! With the help of a food processor, you'll be able to handle most of the tasks with ease! Mixing, shredding, slicing - food processors can do these and much more. We've gathered for you the best food processors on this shortlist.

Best Mini Food Processors
When you need something smaller than a full-sized food chopper, there is no better device than a smaller version of it - a mini food processor. The working principle of a small food chopper is virtually the same, however, this type of kitchen appliance will save you a lot of time and money. So, if you'd like to be able to make a quick milkshake or fruit puree, take a look at these top models we have picked for our reviews.
Sandwich Makers
Best Sandwich Makers to Make Delicious Hot Sandwiches at Home

There's nothing like a sandwich to have a good start in the morning. And if you've been thinking about buying a sandwich maker, you've come to the right place. We've selected the top 5-rated models of sandwich makers in hope that you'll find here the best one for your needs.

Best Sandwich Toasters
Grilled cheese, toasted pastrami, patty melts...whatever your favourite kind of toasted sandwich is, you need a Sandwich Toaster in order to make it to perfection. Read on for our picks of the top 5 models and find the best sandwich toaster for your home!
Halogen Oven
Best Halogen Ovens
Are you one of those people who'd like to follow a healthy diet but hates spending hours cooking? With a halogen oven in your kitchen, both simple and dainty meals will be made in almost no time. Look through our review and pick the best halogen oven that will cater to your needs!
Popcorn Poppers
Best Popcorn Poppers
Popcorn is a quick and yummy treat for a large party or a pleasant chill-out with your loved ones. Are you raving about an unmatched popcorn flavour? Then simply choose one of the popcorn poppers reviewed below and make delicious popcorn at home.
Food Choppers
Best Onion Cutters
If you're tired of crying over onions while cooking, we recommend purchasing an onion cutter. With one of these best onion cutters at hand you'll not only stop tears but also make your life much easier.
Pizza Ovens
Best Pizza Ovens

Are you tired of waiting for your pizza to be delivered? If so, consider buying a pizza oven to make fantastic pizzas at home without any fuss. Check our best pizza ovens review and find the appliance that suits your preference!

Electric Burners
Best Electric Burners
Electric Burners are popular appliances used in different situations. It is great to have a portable burner at work, in your RV, for camping or even at home when you simply need some extra cooking plate. Wherever you are you can cook a fresh meal! Just choose the model to your liking!
Tortilla Presses
Best Tortilla Presses

Do you like spicy burritos and juicy tacos? Good news! Now you can make those scrumptious snacks and cook a lot more tortilla-based dishes at home. Just choose one of the tortilla presses reviewed below to make deliciously fresh and natural tortillas in the atmosphere of your own kitchen!

Multi Cooker
Best Multi Cookers
Cooking fast, cooking delicious, cooking healthy. If this sounds like your best cooking scenario, a multi-cooker will become your best kitchen helper since these appliances are perfect for this. This ingenious multi-functional kitchen appliance will bring your cooking experience to a new level even if your cooking skills are far from perfect.
Cheese Makers
Best Tofu Presses
A tofu press kit will let you drain the water and apply gradual pressure to a block of tofu to improve its texture and consistency. The best tofu press will allow you to do that and also prepare your very own tofu.
Soup Makers
Best Soup Makers
Do you enjoy eating soup, but find that it often takes too much time and effort to make it? If so, then you would help yourself quite a bit by using a soup maker. Read on for our reviews of the top 5 models and find the best soup maker for your kitchen!
Best Electric Ranges
If you love eating and cooking homemade meals, a high-quality electric range cooker is a must in your kitchen. Well-equipped for cooking any dish you can think of, the best electric ranges offer ample space for preparing meals for a whole family.