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Comparison of Jack Reacher Books

Best Jack Reacher Books

If you are a fan of detective and thriller stories, you may also enjoy Jack Reacher books by Lee Child. Known worldwide for their unusual plot twists, good language, and interesting characters, these novels are definitely a worthy read.
Comparison of True Crime Books

Best True Crime Books

If you love stories that are based on real events, true crime books should fit you to a tee. For our shortlist, we have selected the 5 best books that describe interesting stories with great suspense. So even if you are familiar with the crime, you still will be able to enjoy every page of these books.
Comparison of Thriller Books

Best Thriller Books

Want to give your brain some puzzles to work on? You've come to the right place. In our selection of the best thriller books, you'll surely find some good reads that will get you hooked from the first words and keep you fascinated to the back page, no matter if you are a book worm or just an occasional leisure reader.