Comparison of Cruiser Bikes for Relaxed Riding

Best Cruiser Bikes for Relaxed Riding

Riding a bike is so exciting! You can travel on it admiring the scenery and at the same time keeping fit, strengthening your nervous system. It is useful in many ways. Here we've reviewed 5 of the most popular cruiser bikes to help you decide which one is best suited for you. Make your choice and enjoy riding!

Comparison of Hybrid Bikes

Best Hybrid Bikes

If you can't decide which bicycle to buy for riding all around, pick a hybrid bike that can be used on all sorts of terrains and you won't go wrong. In our review of the best hybrid bikes, we’ve carefully selected 5 top-rated models to help you make your choice.
Comparison of BMX Bikes

Best BMX Bikes

Are you crazy about extreme riding and doing bike tricks? We've reviewed 5 exclusive bikes for exciting extreme riding. So, make up your mind and enjoy a thrilling riding experience!
Comparison of Folding Bikes

Best Folding Bikes

In modern environment people can't do without new means of transportation to navigate around the city quickly and comfortably, avoiding rush hours. Folding bikes are not a new idea on the market, yet extremely popular thanks to compact size. This article will help you choose the best one.

Comparison of Hardtail Mountain Bikes

Best Hardtail Mountain Bikes

Hardtail mountain bikes let you be more aggressive and attack challenging terrains than rigid bikes would allow yet cost less than even the least expensive full-suspension models, offering that perfect middle ground between price and performance.
Comparison of Adult Tricycles for Leisure Riding

Best Adult Tricycles for Leisure Riding

It doesn’t matter whether you want to try something new, have balancing problems or any other condition prohibiting you from riding a two-wheeled bike, a tricycle is a way to go. Keep reading our review of the best adult tricycles and choose one for a relaxed, comfortable, and safe riding experience.
Comparison of Commuter Bikes

Best Commuter Bikes

Commuter bikes allow you to commute with more comfort and confidence than most bikes and, from some perspectives, all cars. The best commuter bikes can do so much more than take you from point A to point B though, which are precisely the bikes you'll find within this selection.
Comparison of Touring Bikes

Best Touring Bikes

If you want to have a memorable and unusual adventure, you should try bicycle touring. And to make your journey fun and comfortable, you will need a nice touring bike. Look through our list of the best models and choose the one that really speaks to you.
Comparison of Single Speed Bikes

Best Single Speed Bikes

The fixed-gear bicycle is the grandfather of sophisticated bikes you see today. Before complicated derailleurs and freewheels, there was only one ever-spinning gear. So, if you’re interested in a unique riding experience that will let you relive the earliest glory days of biking history, get a single-speed/fixed-gear bike.
Comparison of Road Bikes

Best Road Bikes

Race like a Tour de France champion! Initially created for racing only, today road bikes are affordable for anyone. It is a healthy and environmentally friendly way to commute. Be an inspiration to everyone around, ride a road bicycle!