How to Choose a Home Security System

Last update October 22, 2020
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Feeling safe at home and knowing that your household is securely protected when you are away is essential for everybody. So, whether you have a bigger property or live is a smaller private house, a reliable domestic security system is surely worth considering. Yet, most of us have no idea where to start. Hence, if you are one of those who wonder how to build up a comprehensive and functional security system that will be on the guard of your home safety day and night, we are here to help. 

Home Security System Buying Guide

What features to consider when selecting a home security system

Many people regard a home security system as a few cameras installed around the house and bundled by some sort of controller unit. Though we cannot deny this, modern security systems have long become much more than that. Still built around a bunch of some basic components including motion cameras, multiple sensors, alarms sirens, keypads, and key fobs, today, the best home security systems are complete smart solutions with a whole number of added capabilities meant to make your home a safe and comfy place to live in. So, before jumping into a purchase of some sort of equipment, check what to look for to make sure you know what you need.

Basic Components

With each home security system, there is a starter kit or the set of basic components that make up a comprehensive safety solution. Thus, a hub unit is the system’s brain. It’s a kind of control spot that will link to all pieces of security equipment and connect to the internet to send notifications and that you will use to adjust the system settings. The rest of the equipment are door and window opening detectors, motion detectors, security cameras, key fobs, keypads, and padlocks. The number of these units depends on your household area and the number of potential entrance points it has.

Professional Support

Professional support or monitoring is something many homeowners disregard and for no good reason. Usually ensured by security system providers, this service undermines around-the-clock surveillance by the security specialist. In case of an alarm or alert, experts will immediately investigate the whole situation and take actions while without professional monitoring, you’ll be the only one responsible for processing security notifications.

System components

Mobile Apps

Nearly any contemporary hi-tech home security system has a special mobile app usually available for free to constantly keep an eye on the system operation and control it. In fact, an app gives you an opportunity to remotely observe what’s happening inside and outside your house using your smartphone. You’ll have a chance to instantly connect to any of the security cameras, receive prompt notifications in case of triggered alarms, remotely arm and disarm the whole system as well as access a detailed event log to be aware of everything.

Ease of Use

While providing the ultimate protection to your home, a security system should be easy to use and operate so that you could handle it without a hassle. Thus, all sounds and alerts need to be easy to grasp and intuitive. You need to know where the “panic” button is in case of emergency and how to rearm the whole system. In addition, apart from security notifications, the system should inform you about the power outage, low battery charge on the units, and any technical problems that might occur.

What else to look for in a home security system

Automation Capabilities

To make the full use of modern security systems functionality, choose the one that also provides smart home automation features. This way, you’ll be able to configure the alarm to automatically resist threats (like shutting down the water in the house at the first signs of leakage) or set up some automated routines to save time and money in the long run.


Starting with some specific set of equipment, you might want to expand your home security system over time by adding some new devices to it. For this reason, it is essential to get a system that allows for expansion and you need to check this aspect while choosing a security system for your home.


Though security systems are more about functionality than looks, it’s always nice to have a system that will blend with your interior and won’t stick out like a sore thumb. The majority of modern security systems are meant for neat installation to be less noticeable, with no hanging wires and cables.

Professionally vs DIY Installed Security Systems

Security system types

By and large, there are two types of home security systems that differ by the installation method and further maintenance. These are DIY and professionally installed systems, each of them having its peculiarities. DIY systems come as pre-packed kits you’ll have to install yourself that will certainly take you some time and effort, especially if the equipment needs cable and wire connections. Besides, DIY systems are mostly self-monitored via a free app you’ll have to download to your smart device. And though it looks quite convenient, in practice, you can easily miss the alert and, what is more important, fail to respond to the menace, especially if you are somewhere abroad.

Professionally installed systems, on the other hand, need no elbow grease from your side and offer professional 24/7 monitoring performed by trained specialists while you’ll still have mobile app monitoring option at your disposal. The only negative is an added cost for installation and monthly monitoring fee. However, this extra investment will pay off with a properly installed and fine-tuned system that won’t trigger false alarms and will never miss the intrusion at the same time. And you can rest assured all security notifications will be handled in a professional manner. In other words, a professionally installed and monitored security system is hands down more effective and reliable. So, if this is the kind of protective solution you seek for your home, a home security system from Ajax will surely catch your fancy.

Home Guardian Pro

Professional System

Ajax Systems is backed by extensive experience and all the company products are developed with thorough attention to detail. So, to put it right from the very beginning, the Ajax home security system is a pro-grade wireless solution certified with Grade 2. Unlike many widely advertised DIY systems sold on Amazon and other similar sites, Ajax products are not fit for self-installation and are available only from the company authorized professional installer partners. At a glance, it might seem an issue since the Ajax system is self-sustained and looks pretty easy to install. On the other hand, though, the system installed by the experts will work like a charm from the very start and, what is more important, will be installed in a due manner. Not only will there be minimal chance of getting false security notifications but also all the system units will be mounted in unblocked areas and set in a proper sequence to closely follow existing penetration patterns. To paraphrase, the entire system will be optimized to meet your specific home needs. As such, it also connects to all most popular central monitoring systems via Contact ID/CIA protocols for around-the-day professional monitoring.

Multifold Protection for Your Dwelling

All-around protection

Ajax product range includes as many as 32 products coming in either black or white design to match any taste and interior. All devices look sleek and modern and are created to blend with any contemporary interior design. Providing 4 starter kits, the manufacturer has something to offer to any premise, be it a house, apartment, office, warehouse, or even production. Encompassing the main security and smart hubs with varying coverage range, one of those kits will make the core of your security system and can be further expanded depending on the intended use and the area you need to cover.

Thus, the basic kit contents depend on the chosen kit type and usually include a smart hub, motion detector (or combined with camera devices), opening detector, and a key fob to set up the initial line of protection. All detectors are extremely sensitive and responsive. Suitable for all types of doors and windows, opening detectors will immediately inform about the first signs of intrusion via a broken door or window while motion sensors will spot the intruders once they step to a protected territory and even capture a whole series of photos to send to you and the monitoring company. Apart from these pretty much standard devices, Ajax has a wide range of combination detectors and motion cameras as well as glass detectors to send broken glass notifications. And you are free to add as many of them as you need to further enhance your home protection system. At the same time, all detectors are pet-friendly and will not trigger alarms when spotting animals weighing less than 20 kg.

An Unbreakable Security Shield

Ajax offers reliable сonnection

As soon as you build your comprehensive home security system with Ajax devices and get it installed and configured by a professional, you can rest assured you’ve set up a reliable protective shield that will stay there and remain functional, no matter what. The folks behind Ajax did their best to ensure maximum independent and flawless security system operation, and they really succeeded at that.

First and foremost, all Ajax devices are wireless and feature battery backup, which means the system doesn’t care for blackouts. The hub backup battery will keep it operating up to 16 hours while the batteries on the devices are energy-efficient and can last up to 7 years before you need to replace them. To add more, the system allows for the integration of an extra 12V battery and other emergency power sources and will inform you about the need to replace batteries two months before the batteries run out of juice.

The next feature that makes Ajax a state-of-the-art system and cuts down the risk of any failures is several communication channels including Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and two GSM cards (depends on the hub model). They function in parallel to back each other and make sure you’ll get notifications in time. Besides, to maintain excellent communication security, the system uses its proprietary protocol called Jeweller that supports an operational range up to 2,000 m, detects jamming, encrypts transmitted data, and requires authentication to prevent spoofing. In addition, the hub operates on a proprietary virus-proof and crash-proof OS Malevich and in case of any malicious interference, the system switches to a free radio frequency and notifies users and the security company.

One Step Above the Others

Smart home system by Ajax

Covering all related home security points, the Ajax system has a few more aces down its sleeve. Offering a whole range of proprietary hubs capable of managing from 100 to 200 devices and able to connect up to two hundreds of users in multiple premises, it can be used as a base for building up a comprehensive smart home system. Given this and the Ajax smart home automation devices range, you can incorporate flood detectors, smoke and temperature detectors as well as smart sockets into a single system to protect your household from leakage and fire risks and to monitor power consumption. What’s more, all those units can be configured to follow certain automation scenarios to help you get the most out of your Ajax smart home system.

To conclude, the Ajax security and smart home system is one of the most comprehensive and well-designed solutions you can find on the modern market. Top-quality equipment will work without a hitch and with a great degree of independence. It is fully worth every penny you’ll pay for installation and will pay you off with flawless operation for many years to come.