Best Baby Bath Tubs for Safe and Enjoyable Baby Bathing in the UK

Review & Comparison, Last Update October 29, 2019
Giving your little one a bath is not an easy task. It can be either adorable or tricky. We mean that a good tub can make bathtime a lot easier for parents. That's why we have reviewed 5 best baby bath tubs for you. Read bath tub review and make your choice! ...Read more ...Read less
BEST 2019

Thanks to a built-in thermometer, you can precisely control the water temperature in the bath making the experience of your baby as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. 


A drain plug is located a bit inconveniently.


This anatomically shaped bathtub with a nice beige finish was designed to follow the natural curves of your child's and provide better support while bathing. A two-stage design enables its use both for a newborn and for an infant. The bath is available in white, blue, and pink colour options. 

detailed parameters

Convertible bath tub


Standard bath, Flat surface 


from 0 up to 15 months


Integrated support for newborns, Built-in thermometer, Well-balanced steady design


Easy drain plug, Storage areas along the top edges, Maximum water level indicator


This baby bath has three ergonomic positions, which makes it suitable for newborns, infants, and sitters. An excellent option for families who have several kids and for those looking for a bath that would grow together with their babies. 


Children over 6 months may feel uncomfortable in the bath due to its tapered shape. 


Fitted with a soft sling, this lovely Skip Hop tub has been designed to make the bath time both for you and for your child as fun and comfortable as possible. One of the best bathtubs for the first months of baby's life.

detailed parameters

Convertible bath tub


Standard bath, Fat surface 


from 0 up to 6+ months


Soft mesh sling for newborns with two ergonomic positions, Steady design, Non-slip interior texture


Swivel hook, Drain plug, Mesh sling is machine-washable on a delicate cycle


Though the Mamas & Papas 4548472 has no frills, it offers plenty of space for a child to enjoy the bath time. A safety support will keep your precious child securely in place preventing occasional slipping.


The bath might seem rather heavy. 


A sturdy and durable Mamas & Papas bathtub will perfectly fit both tiny newborns and fidgety 1-year sitters. Two support positions will give you confidence about your baby's safety and comfort while bathing. Two handy compartments along the edges provide a convenient storage area. The model is also offered in a baby bath set with a hooded towel.

detailed parameters

Convertible bath tub


Standard bath, Flat surface 


from 0  up to approximately 12 months


Integral support for newborns, Steady design with non-slip feet


Drain plug, Storage areas along top edges


An inflatable design provides the utmost comfort for your little one snugly supporting the baby in an anatomically correct position. The side walls are high enough to prevent water splashing.  


The set does not include a pump. 


Along with all the benefits of stationary models, the MTS Tiny Tots give you an advantage of exceptional portability. It's a perfect option both for home use and for travelling. A temperature indicator on the bottom will always show if the water is too hot. Let your kiddie bathe in comfort wherever you go. 

detailed parameters

Inflatable tub


Standard bath, Flat surface 


from 0 up to approximately 12 months


Back support for newborns, Water temperature indicator, Raised section for the support around the legs, Slip-resistant design


Plastic hook for drying and storing, Repair patch included 


An integrated seat-through on the bottom provides better hold. The model is represented in 8 colour designs to meet tastes of the most demanding customers.


The bottom is rather slippery and might require the use of an anti-slip rug. 


Made of highly durable, long-lasting and non-toxic premium-quality polypropylene, the Rotho Babydesign bathtub is absolutely safe for your little angel. This anatomically-designed bath has been developed for babies over six months who can confidently sit unassisted.

detailed parameters

Standard tub


Standard bath, Flat surface 


from 6 months to 4 years 


Integrated seat-trough for better hold, Steady design


Drain plug, Two places to set the soap 

Tega Baby TG-011

From a Newborn to a Toddler

One of the major issues all first-time mums and dads face is how to bathe their newborns. The answer to this question would be to use a baby bathtub that can provide due support and comfort for a little angel while giving his parents peace of mind. This is exactly what you get with the TG-011 bath tub produced by Tega Baby.

This ergonomically-shaped bath tub has been designed with the age and anatomic peculiarities of baby development in mind. The tub has two integral positions allowing both a newborn baby and an infant child to feel comfortable in it. A slightly inclined back of the bath provides support to a child no matter whether he is lying in it or sitting while side supports and a leg stopper prevent a slippery baby from sliding down or turning over in the bath. When your child learns to sit unassisted, do not rush to move the bath to an attic. It has enough space to accommodate your child until he is about 15 months old.

While providing comfort to a child, the TG-011 bath tub ensures a comfortable bath time experience for his parents too. Thanks to a sturdy and reliable design of the bath, your child isn't going to encounter any trouble. Furthermore, the design of the bath allows placing it almost anywhere in your house so you can watch your baby while executing other chores. Along the edges of the tub top are special storage areas where you can place your baby's bathing essentials to keep them within easy reach and there's a handy drainage plug at the bottom of the bath which allows for quick and hassle-free water emptying.

Featuring a well-thought design and ensuring delightful bathing sessions for a baby, the Tega Baby TG-011 is a perfect choice for all caring parents.

Review of Tega Baby TG-011 Anatomical Comfort

Precise Water Temperature Control

When it comes to bathing babies, maintaining a comfortable water temperature is essentially important. The water shouldn't be hotter than 36 to 38 degrees Celsius to safely bathe a newborn. If you wonder how to check water temperature, you can either rely on your instincts immersing an elbow or wrist in water or use a thermometer, which we believe is a much better option. And if you haven't purchased a thermometer yet, you should be pleased to find out that the TG-011 bathtub comes with a built-in thermometer. Basically, this bath has all the features that most parents look out for when buying products for kids. You can be sure the TG-011 bathtub has been developed with your baby's comfort in mind.

Tega Baby TG-011 Anatomical Comfort in the use


Skip Hop 235465

Designed to Grow With Your Baby

The first months of your baby’s life are not only the most memorable and touching but also the most important since you start to build strong links with your little angel through visual and tactile contact. During this period of time, your baby needs constant help and care. And so do a lot of parents who have yet to prepare themselves for all those cares. According to forums, bathing a newborn is one of the chores young parents fear the worst. If you find yourself in the same category of people, we strongly recommend you to purchase the Skip Hop Moby Smart bath tub, forget all your worries, and bathe your child stress-free.

The biggest advantage of the Skip Hop Moby Smart bath tub is that it has been designed to grow with a baby through three major stages - newborn, infant, and sitter. Along with the bath, the package includes a double-mesh hammock with soft rounded edges to cradle a baby from head to toe, an infant sling to create a seat in the bath, and a cushioned seat to support a child that learns to sit. When your kid becomes a confident sitter, you can remove a sling and bathe him without additional support. The bath has a non-slip interior and is totally safe for a child.

Furthermore, the Skip Hop has many useful features that make its use more convenient. It has a start stopper for easy water drainage, a hidden hook for convenient storage of the bath, and quick-fasten sling clips. A great value in terms of money and convenience. If you're looking for the best bath tub to overcome your fear of bathing a newborn, you've found it. This is the only bath you'll need for quite a good while.

Review of Skip Hop 235465 Moby Smart Sling

Share Your Memorable Moments With Skip Hop

Established in 2003, Skip Hop started with the production of a super-functional and stylish diaper bag. Since then, the company has developed and realized a full range of baby essentials, from toys, playmats, bouncers and backpacks to tableware, utensils, bibs, bottles, and bathtime accessories. The distinguishing features of all its products are that they all look very attractive and that they are all smartly designed to cater to the needs of both parents and their children. Which is why we'd recommend all parents willing to reduce their daily cares and make the partnership a more pleasant experience to opt for the Skip Hop products and count on the quality that has been proven by thousands of happy parents.

Skip Hop 235465 Moby Smart Sling in the use

Additional Info



Mamas & Papas 4538472

Comfortable for a Baby and Convenient for a Parent

It doesn't matter what kind of product you buy for your child, all parents want it to be safe and convenient. Knowing that, Mamas & Papas has produced a bath that is perfect in this regard. With its own laboratory testing and verifying all products for compliance with safety standards, Mamas & Papas is one of those few companies customers eagerly put their trust in.

Like all other baby products produced by Mamas & Papas, the 4538472 bath is made of premium-quality materials that do not contain harmful or toxic components. It is beautifully built and ergonomically designed and it provides appropriate support for newborns and infants. You can be sure your child won't slip under water. Having fitted the bath with multiple supports, Mamas & Papas excluded the chances of slipping and tipping. More importantly, this bath has the right size to grow with your baby so you're unlikely to need to buy a new one for at least 12 months.

Other conveniences of this bath include its feather-light weight which allows for its easy moving, non-slip rubber feet which will stay firmly no matter where you place it, and, of course, two storage compartments where you can put your baby's toys, shampoo, soap or a washcloth.

Bathing your child in the Acqua Bambino bathtub you will experience nothing but pleasure. And be sure, your child will feel exactly the same.

Review of Mamas & Papas 4538472 Acqua Bambino

Inspired by Family

Started as a family business in 1981, in Mamas & Papas they use their own parenting experience and are getting inspired with real life to meet the needs and expectations of new parents. Designing their products in an eye on details rigorously trialling them in the lab, the company realises innovative ideas and creates unique products to add style and confidence to the parenthood. A baby birth changes everything and with a family, you start a new life. But it does not mean you should forget about your old life. With the right baby products at hand, like those from Mamas & Papas, you will enjoy being a parent.

Mamas & Papas 4538472 Acqua Bambino in the use

Additional Info



MTS Tiny Tots

Get the Benefit of Portability

Stay overnight at grandparents’, plan to spend a weekend in the country house, or schedule a family trip to the seaside and have no idea how to bathe your newborn or infant in a standard bathtub or, even worth, in a shower? An inflatable bath tub from Tiny Tots offers a perfect on-the-go solution for all your travelling needs. Think, you’ll need to buy a separate hard-side bath for home use? Forget it! This travel bath is ideal for regular home use as well. Despite its soft-side design, the Tiny Tots tub offers all the features and conveniences of hard-side models and stands out for the great benefit of portability.

Designed for infants aged 0 to 12 months, this model features an inclined back to provide due support for a newborn while a raised section on the bottom ensures extra support around the legs to avoid your little angel sliding into the water. The tub is large enough for a sitting baby to splash in comfort. One more distinguishing feature to mention is an extremely durable and puncture-resistant material the tub is made from allowing you to use the item even on the beach or in the yard as a small swimming pool for your tiny tot.

Speaking of conveniences, this inflatable bath comes complete with a drain plug for hassle-free emptying, a plastic hook for easy drying after use, and a handy temperature indicator for optimal bathing temperature control.

Smartly combining exceptional portability and versatility of use, the Tiny Tots bath will be highly appreciated by all keen travellers.

Review of MTS Tiny Tots Inflatable Baby Bath Tub Portable

Safety Prioritised

When it comes to baby products, safety is always the top priority for parents. The Tiny Tots bath tub is not an exception. The item is fitted with a number of features ensuring the utmost baby’s safety during bathing sessions and saving your peace of mind. A high-quality PVC material contains no phthalates and is absolutely safe for infants and for the environment. Along with the above-mentioned supportive back and the raised section on the bottom, a curved surface additionally enhances the slip-resistant design. Besides, the temperature indicator will let you know if the water is too hot and the temperature is higher than the optimal 36-38 degrees.

MTS Tiny Tots Inflatable Baby Bath Tub Portable in the use


Rotho Babydesign 20020 0103

A Real Find for Confident Sitters

A lot of parents face the situation when they suddenly find out that their little one has overgrown his bathtub for infants. But the child is still too small to bathe independently in a standard bath. No need to worry! You simply need a bigger baby bathtub like that from Rotho Babydesign. Not only will it let you have your kiddie controlled in a smaller space than an adult-size bath but it will also help you save on water since you won’t waste water filling a full bath for a little kid.

Made of top-quality recyclable polypropylene, the Rotho tub is robust, durable, and long-lasting. This model is designed for kiddies who can confidently sit unassisted and will easily accommodate a toddler up to 4 years old or even two smaller infants over 6 months. It is large and deep enough for a baby to comfortably sit, turn around, and play with toys. An integrated seat-through provides a better hold. A flat area at the end is convenient for placing toys, soap, sponges, and shampoos while a built-in drain plug ensures quick and easy water drainage. The only tiny drawback of this tub is that the bottom features no textured surface and might be a bit slippery. However, you can put a non-slip rug or discs to be 100% sure about your baby’s safety.

Featuring a convenient sturdy design and offered at an affordable price, the Rotho Babydesign tub will perfectly suit the needs of your baby from 6 months to 4 years. On top of that, the model is available in a variety of bright colour patterns to fit any taste and bathroom interior.

Review of Rotho Babydesign 20020 0103 BB Bath Tub

Keep Your Baby Bathing Accessories at Hand

Before bathing a kiddie, especially a newborn or an infant who cannot confidently sit yet, you should not only fill the baby tub but also prepare all bathing essentials to keep them within easy reach. The things you might need include:

  • No-tears baby shampoo
  • A gentle baby soap with some herbal extracts and natural oils
  • A soft washcloth to give your sweetie a soothing touch
  • A warm towel to wrap the baby in the ultimate comfort after bath
  • Several lovely rubber toys for even more excited bathing experience

Get prepared to make bath time fun for your kiddie and convenient for yourself.

Rotho Babydesign 20020 0103 BB Bath Tub in the use

Additional Info



What Is a Baby Bath Tub?

As a rule, an overwhelming majority of parents go into a tail-spin when they have to bath their newborn baby for the first time. A correct choice of a baby bath tub is vitally important for safe bathing. Having read best baby bath tubs review, you will easily choose the bath tub that will suit your baby best. The best baby bath tub will make hygienic procedures delightful for your little wonder and easy for you.

After bathing, children need a sound sleep. Read baby crib and baby swing reviews to learn how you can make your baby's life more comfortable!

Best Baby Bath Tubs

What Features to Compare

Type and Place of Use

First of all, take into consideration the type of a baby bath tub and its installation before purchasing it. Let's consider most popular models!

  • Standard bath tub is the most popular option for bathing your baby. There are a great variety of different size options, but note that the smallest tubs can be even put into a sink. Standard tubs are often shipped with a mesh or cloth sling for keeping a baby above the water. Moreover, some models enable parents to keep their baby in a slightly vertical position.
  • Convertible tub is extremely convenient in use due to the variety of adjustable removable elements such as mesh sling or removable baby bath tub seat, using which the bath may fit both newborns and toddlers. Convertible bath tubs are easy to use not only in a standard bath but also in a kitchen sink (if that's needed), which is another obvious advantage.
  • Foldable or inflatable bath tubs are great for small bathrooms since they can be folded for storage or transportation. Such models are excellent for taking to the beach or elsewhere. 
  • Bath seats / rings are great for babies who can sit but still need extra support.
  • Luxury tubs are the most expensive models in this range. They are "SPA salon centers for kids" with the number of useful features: a water stream system, handheld shower, etc. 

All baby bath tubs can be installed on different surfaces, including floors, tabletops and even sinks. However, regardless of the place of use, your child must be in your field of view.


Safety of your little one during bathing is a very important aspect. For example, if you need to bath a newborn, the tub should have a mesh sling for keeping a baby above the water or holding him in a semi-sitting position. If you want to purchase a best bath tub for a toddler, bear in mind that its interior surface mustn’t be slippery. Otherwise, your offspring may get soused in water. As for bath tub rings, they must feature special suction pads for a secure fixation. Furthermore, most baby bath tub models are equipped with an embedded thermometer or a safety disk which changes its color when the water is too hot. Therefore, your baby will never get burnt. It should be added that water temperature about 90º-100ºF is considered to be optimal. However, don't rely on thermometers only and make sure to check water yourself before bathing your child.


Not only should a bath tub be safe, it should also be convenient. For this reason, manufacturers equipped their products with a variety of additional features that include drain plugs, special storage compartments and many more. Such little thing like a drain plug will let you keep your bath cleaner by ridding of the used water while storage compartments will allow you to neatly arrange all essential items required during bathing - shampoo, soap, toys, oil, etc.

Did You Know?

How to Bathe Your Baby

Almost all first-time moms and dads face the fear of bathing their babies. However, if properly organised, bath time can be an exciting experience to share with your little one. Below, you’ll find some information you need to know to make tub time safe and healthy.

  1. The very first question that strikes every parent is how often to bathe their baby. Normally, a bath is an essential part of a daily bedtime routine. But when it comes to newly born babies, they do not need a bath every day and you can bathe them several times a week. Just thoroughly clean the genital area after diaper changes and regularly wash your kiddie’s face and skin folds. As your child gets older, you can increase bathing frequency.

  2. The answer to the question where to bathe your child is obvious. You should use a baby bath tub and our review on baby baths will help you choose the best one for your precious infant.

  3. Once you have a baby bath and all the necessary bath supplies at hand, including soap, a soft towel, a clean diaper and change clothes, get prepared to bathe your kid:

  • Make sure the room is comfortably warm to avoid your little one getting chilled.

  • Fill the water with about 6-8 cm of water for newborns and up to the waistline for little sitters.

  • Check the water temperature. It should not exceed 36-38 degrees Celsius.

  • Use only mild baby soaps and shampoos made with all-natural ingredients to prevent baby skin dryness and irritations.

  • While bathing a newborn, wipe him or her with a soft washcloth or sponge.

  • After a bath, wrap your little one in a hooded towel, pat him or her dry and apply some skin lotion if needed.

Safe Bathing Tips

To make tub time enjoyable and safe for your little angel, follow these useful bathing tips:

  • Place your baby in the bath tub in a proper way. Gradually slip the kiddie into the water starting with the feet and supporting the baby’s head and neck and letting him or her get used to the water. Avoid putting the child into the water too quickly.

  • Keep a full control over your infant’s safety by keeping at least one hand on your baby during bath time. Never leave your kiddie unsupervised, no matter if it’s a newborn or toddler.

  • Start washing your baby from head and face and gently move down the rest of the body. Always pour some water over the body to keep your child warm.

  • Use both hands to take your child out of the bath tub. Place one hand under the baby’s bottom and the other under kiddie’s head.

  • Immediately dry the infant with a soft towel making sure you thoroughly dried the area between the skin folds.


Q: Do I really need a baby bath tub?
A: A baby bathtub is on the must-have list of every parent-to-be. You’ll hardly feel confident bathing a newborn in a standard bath. It gives you less control over your child. You’ll have to bend over the bath and constantly support your baby’s head and neck for a proper anatomical position and to prevent your kiddie from slipping under the water. In several bathing sessions, you’ll end up with the strain in your back and hands and still won’t be sure about your kiddie’s safety during bath time. Baby bath tubs are normally ergonomically designed to provide due support for newborns leaving your hands free and safely holding your little one in place. Meanwhile, you can put the tub on the floor or on the countertop for more convenience while bathing a child.

Q: What is the best baby bath type?
A: Apart from your personal preferences, everything depends on a particular situation and the infant’s age. Thus, the most popular type is a convertible tub that commonly fits into a regular bath and suits babies from the first days after birth to the toddler age. Yet, if you are a keen traveller or live in a small apartment, you will definitely appreciate one of the inflatable tubs distinguished by portability and flexibility.

Q: A bathtub or a baby bath seat?
A: Bath seats are mainly meant for the newborns who cannot sit upright and need a reclined back support. However, the greatest danger is that a baby can easily tip over if you leave him or her at least for a minute and the biggest inconvenience is that infants quickly overgrow those seats and you’ll still have to look for a tub. An efficient and functional alternative is a two-stage baby bathtub or a model with a mesh sling, both suitable for newborns and kiddies up to 15+ months.

Q: Do I need a stand for the infant bathtub?
A: A tub stand is an optional accessory securely holding the bath tub and allowing you to elevate the tub to a convenient and comfortable height for bathing your little angel. It will come in useful for C-section moms who should avoid handling heavy items.

Q: Where is the best place to put a baby tub?
A: The main recommendation is to put your stand-alone baby bathtub where you'll have a full control over your child. It should be a safe place far from any sharp edges or areas it could fall from. Most often, the tubs are placed in a full-size tub or a shower base. However, there are many parents who prefer bathing their little ones in a kitchen sink, no matter how strange it might seem. And there is a lot of bathtubs models that are designed to fit into the sink.

Q: When a baby is ready to bathe in a full-size tub?
A: You can start the transition from the infant tub to a big one when you child can confidently sit without any assistance. That is not earlier than a kiddie is 6 months old. However, for better control during bath time, it is recommended to continue bathing babies in a small tub until toddler age when they can confidently sit and walk by themselves.


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